About Dental Implants : Dental Implant Costs

About Dental Implants : Dental Implant Costs

Now we come to the critical issue: cost. Finances.
Implant is not cheap. It’s an expensive product and unfortunately the companies that make
these implant products know that it’s an opportunity for them to make a big profit and so they’re
prices are high. And because their prices are high, we have to kind of pass that cost
onto the patient. But there are basically between fifty to a hundred legitimate companies
in the world that makes dental implants, and of that fifty to a hundred, maybe only ten
of these companies are going to be the one–we call it the Big Daddy–that will be around
for awhile. And why is it important in that sense? Well, the bottom line comes down to
it. Implant materials are parts. And these parts sometimes do break down, do have issues,
if you have an accident and one of the posts gets damaged, and we need to fix it. Well,
if this company is no longer in business, we have a hard time fixing this post, and
because of that, we don’t have any parts for it. And if you don’t have the parts for it,
either we leave that implant in there or we have to take that implant out and place a
different type of implant to fix it. And you can tell by doing so, it’s going to cost you
more money, and money probably not going to be the issue, it’s going to cause you more
pain. And so that’s what you don’t want. Also, material wise. As we talked about before,
that titanium, it’s just not titanium. There are different grades of titanium, and different
coating, different company makes different makes different type of implant with different
type of titanium with a special coating, or special bonding ability to help this implant
being successful. So, the bottom line is you should research it. Ideally, I think you should
stick with a larger company and the renowned company that’s been around, because they will
continue to have the parts if necessary, ten, twenty, thirty years down the road. While
many of the smaller companies, already in the last five years, you’ve seen them being
gobbled up by these other companies, and just kind of–they just kind of disappear. So,
it’s a very vicious market. In some way I kind of look at it like the semiconductor
company. These companies are here today, and next day these dot coms are all gone. Implants
are going to be exactly the same way. People are jumping in mainly to make a buck and you
have to careful what you get is not something that is temporary but it should be something
that is long term. You know, again, even though it’s three to four thousand, make sure you
know what the product is. Make sure you see the dentist open the package from a certain
company that you’ve looked at, not something that they just open a little–a blank piece
of Zip-lock and they just grab it out from there and they use it. It should come in a
sterile package. It’s basically, the environment of placing something in your mouth should
be sterile and should be clean, and it should be–kind of follow a hospital type environment.
Why do we do that? We want to ensure the material be clean and be safe. And that is really critical
because if it’s clean, success rate is high. If it’s dirty, and we don’t know where it’s
come from, it’s not sterilized, you just don’t know. And even if we put it in our own sterilizer,
it’s not the same. You want it to be manufacturer sterilized. You know the packaging is clean,
it has an expiration date on there. And some of these packaging companies, they basically
said you can keep this for ten or twenty years and it’ll still be sterile. Well, that is
just hogwash. It just doesn’t work that way. So, do your homework. I think it’s very important
that you know what you’re receiving. At our office, patient education is everything. I
want to patients to know exactly what they’re getting, and want the patients to know why
they’re getting that and they feel confident with it, and if they do, then we have a good
product and this will be successful.


  1. horstnele says:

    Lots of talk but no price mentioned!

  2. psychosavant says:

    Way to dance around the issue

  3. Godschildyes Brown says:


  4. Emmanuel Rivera says:

    how much will it costs in the philippines?

  5. hellicare08 says:

    @26noelito more or less 25k each tooth

  6. Ghost Banned says:

    @hellicare08 25.000 doller for 1 tooth ? wtf i can buy a a house for that in the Philippines.

  7. hellicare08 says:

    @Wazztheweasel no. lol. not dollar. i meant php. haha

  8. Ghost Banned says:

    @hellicare08 ow my bad, 😛

  9. Jon Boyoo says:

    Thank you for openness and honesty on this subject.

  10. Ruth Camera says:

    I live in Lompoc CA…. is there anything you can recommended in my area or the closest one.

  11. buckwheat40 says:

    what is your name? I need a dentist

  12. SD says:

    Looked at this to find out costs and listened to lecture on company cautions and quality of product caution. What are the costs involved and at least a ballpark total? This was a waste of time.

  13. clifton hamitlon says:

    can my insurance card cover this

  14. Mr Nice says:

    About £5,000 but that's in Thailand

  15. Corey Nichols says:

    You Know why they never wanna say what it cost…Nobody would show up

  16. chrissyspoor21 says:

    i have implants…love them

  17. John Joshua Costales says:

    its totally a critical issue cause you just talk a lot and where is the fuckin' price?

  18. John Joshua Costales says:

    how much it costs ? i also want to take of those

  19. chrissyspoor21 says:

    I paid $16,000 for a full set

  20. Christine Waters says:

    I want some background on the Dentist and the cost, plus phone numbers.

  21. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    I had all on 5 lower denture. Cost A$11,700. 7 were removed and 5 implants screwed in. This took 2 and a half hours. So far so good.The denture was made too quickly and was installed 2 weeks later and was badly out of shape.I was not sure that I,as a lay person, could criticise and thus got a second opinion from a dental prosthetist.
    He confirmed my opinion and I

  22. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Continue from above.The dentist then made another denture and with some fine tuning over some 5 weeks I now have a comfortable denture.
    The cost of the materials could not be a major portion of the treatment.
    My guess would be about 5%.

  23. Just Us says:

    Here in ny. Looking for dental implants or dentures.. looking for a million dollar smile on a budget…

  24. nirmal chandra borah says:

    Technology definitely come up very quickly .But it seems to be very high in costing. As a result it is beyond the reach of common people even middle class.

  25. Sylvester Telecaster says:

    I just don't believe most of this. Of course I don't want some cheap fake titanium or low-grade titanium posts but I think if you can find a decent manufacturer then the cost of posts is maybe $20 each. As for cleaning them, well yes, they should be as clean as possible from the manufacturer I think it should also be up to the dentist.

  26. kenneth risner says:

    nice of him to him and haw and not answer the question

  27. Octavio Martinez says:


  28. Pua Live says:

    One friends dad done hs dental implants in the phillipines for 12grand altogether and it was for all his teeth, in nes Zealand it would of cost him nearly 50grand as it's like 5000 for one tooth implant. He made two trips in Philippines and it all cost him 12grand

  29. craig cull says:

    hey you Asian fuck after all you  4 minutes and 31 second vid never once did you give a price and they say white people are dumb. I think you should change the name of your video to Asian guy gives a bunch of bull shit and everything else other than a price

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    WTF! hey, I thought u said you will tell us the costs? I watched the whole video but you didn't mention how much does it cost here in Philippines. pissed off!

  31. stepback says:

    What a fucking dick. cost, its not cheap! Financial
    Then how much
    Yo never trust people like this run from them

  32. sandra torres says:

    i was waiting for him to tell me the price.helllloooooooo!!!!!

  33. Maria Torres says:

    I was told the cost for one implant is $4,000.

  34. Dentgap.com says:


  35. Brianvlog nava says:


  36. John o donoghue says:

    The ist thing you say in this video "Now we come to the critical issues,,,,,, Cost"
    You never mention the COST???

    You are a complete bullshit merchant !!

  37. X Miranda says:

    magbraces NA lang ako, mahal pala ng dental implant

  38. Nathalia Soto says:

    2:55 , he says "even though it's 3 – 4 thousand" .

  39. James berry says:

    i wouldnt even let this guy touch me , he couldnt just answer the simple question ,Fraud

  40. jak po says:

    EVen though this Dr didnt say even one implant cost….he is atleast honest about the procedure and whats behind the product…..basically the shit cost lots of money….but an honest Dentist….thanks Sir!!

  41. Anabella Valdez says:

    hahaha same here looking for the cost. ugh

  42. Michie Sanaani says:

    Q: How much?
    A: Pm sent

  43. Ethna Lee says:

    I am going to unsubscribe,i i just joined,all because you didn't tell the cost,to me it tells me that it cost alot,i do not trust you to be honest with your viewers..

  44. Mamba Llemit says:

    How much

  45. Michele Aldworth says:


  46. Dee de Watseyer says:

    Its runs about 3000. USD per tooth….and its not an instant procedures like crowns.

  47. moli sham says:

    Cost of mini implants. Where in malaysia doing mini implants

  48. Ruthshane Manaois says:

    I thougth i wastes my time for watching this.. He's not mentioning the price of implant 😡😡😡 here in taiwan 60,000nt dollars per tooth ! And it is 105,000,00 in philippines.. Very expensive ! 😭😭😭

  49. Sene M says:

    I got a quote here in Australia, I have to get top 4 front and 4 bottom front teeth replaced with implants which is 8 implants all up costs under 30k. That's 3 x more then my car bloody fuckers!

  50. Pure Black says:

    They say implants are high, they lie. Google replacement parts, then click the shopping button. I seen boxes of different items that were cheap, even the expensive kind. All of these doctor's lie.

  51. Christopher Schmidt says:

    I need two in plant . need more information about the position of the money around it

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  55. FaceDent Los Algodones says:

    It has become cost prohibitive for many to get dental work done in the USA and Canada. The complete implant procedure from start to finish is about $3,000. In Mexico the cost of a dental implant is around $700 for “non standard” (non-name brand) or $1,200 for the genuine Straumann or Noble Biocare. And that includes a ceramic crown!

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