A rich man with a terminal illness takes his own life in the most thrilling way. | H Positive

A rich man with a terminal illness takes his own life in the most thrilling way. | H Positive

The wolf on top of the hill isn’t as hungry as the other wolves climbing it. But when the wolf on top is actually hungry, the food is always there. I lick the bones clean. These fools that sit and watch TV, letting their minds rot, working in some pathetic job just so they can spend two weeks of the year to sit by a pool and write postcards home to people they pretend to care about. These people will always finish last. To be remembered is the only thing that matters in life. So what are you supposed to say when someone stops the world that you are almost spinning and says you are going to die? They say that your life flashes before your eyes. A series of quick snapshots that define you throughout your life. What a miserable cliché. I know what you’d do. You’d lie down and die like a dog. There are places I could go. Count back from 5, close my eyes. Couldn’t that be enough? It’s too sterile. There’s no, huh… flair to it. When I die, I don’t want barbiturates in my blood. I want to try to live. Let’s just call in the architect. He built it for me but others will follow. This will be my legacy. 510m drop. 220mph. Terminal velocity. Inflicting 10g in force. Do you know what that does to the human body? Prolonged cerebral hypoxia. Pure euphoria, as the brain is starved of oxygen. Then, seven inversion loops. Truly put the nail in it, just as an insurance policy. What’s not to like? There are 7 billion people clogging up this planet. Most of them will outstay their welcome. Anyone with an ounce of good grace would be killing up to take this ride. But they will remember me as the first. A true pioneer. Have I made my mark on the world?


  1. Julie M says:

    Not to be nit picky, but if the roller coaster was newly built and he is the first passenger, why would his headrest looks so worn? It was distracting me from the experience.

  2. Jackson Percy says:

    That seems painfull imagine the impact in ur head. 4:17 I mean isn't the idea to die enjoying?

  3. Jackson Percy says:

    Who's cleaning it ? Cuz I can already see nosebleeds.

  4. Phoebe Jimenez says:

    He acting or is it real I'm stupid dorry

  5. Rocco Maiorana says:

    Is this real

  6. Lasagnut ;D says:

    Y'all know it's a short film right?

  7. Nash Heywood says:

    you are not the only one how did he make this

  8. Plush Perfect says:

    didn't the real roller coaster get shut down, or it never got built?

  9. CasualFizz says:

    If I had a terminal illness, I'd love to die like this.

  10. *•*-_Neo_-*•* says:

    Why does he look so small when he gets off the roller coaster

  11. Skirt skirt Skrr says:

    Is this real?

  12. Antonio Fascetto says:

    He clearly liked it!

  13. Randy # says:

    He looks like a level 100 mafia boss

  14. Terrence Park says:

    well I know what roller coaster I wanna go on!!!

  15. mister b says:

    this was made on Denis Daily's bday

  16. brooke honeykeys says:

    currently having nightmares oop

  17. The Dankery says:

    It’s a once in a lifetime experience

  18. Syed Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Who spent that much just to die??

  19. Anasia Banksbey says:


  20. Anasia Banksbey says:

    Did he really die orrrrrrr ????????????????

  21. Anasia Banksbey says:


  22. Lisa Josephsen says:

    Why wouldn't there be a stretcher ar the end? Dragging a dead body out of the seat? Seems undignified.

  23. Ian Phipps says:

    this video is the reason people think they will die on roller coaster. i hate this video.

  24. Ron Villejo says:

    What a deliciously sinister, frighteningly brilliant film!

  25. RTG 69 says:

    Just imagine getting on and having all the seats filled and being the only one to live

  26. The F.B.I says:

    Once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Im sorry.

  27. Cami Nugent says:

    Wait this didn’t actually-

    Did this actually happen???

  28. Jacob Hoffman says:


  29. Globglogabgalab says:

    That was depressing

  30. Fluf Dude says:

    Did he die?

  31. Russia19the91 Motherland says:

    Did he really die?

  32. Wyatt 1987 says:

    10g’s and 7 inversions to keep that g force. Crazy and creepy at the same time. I wouldn’t want to go out like this.

  33. DJ Sloth says:

    Why he make so much seats if he was gunna be the only one riding it

  34. Shorne 15x says:

    I don’t get how the coaster looks so real

  35. mark buckberg says:

    I wanna see Deadpool ride this

  36. Navi says:

    Where is the thing one signs so i can take this fkin ride? Serious as this video.

  37. cyber clone 2 says:

    What is the name of this floorless coaster?

  38. alexander smith says:

    There should be just one seat then

  39. W I L L O W N E W T S says:

    Imagine being the operator of this ride if it existed. It would be so hard because you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling like a murderer

  40. moda dunyam 01 says:

    Is it real video

  41. •pink panda Star• says:

    Did he actually die?

  42. Peter Thompson says:

    So this ride kills you?

    I'll pay you 2 million dollars to build it for me

  43. Life as a wannabe cheerleader - With comedy! says:

    Damn he looks so depressed

  44. 4 Heidegger Hands says:

    I really respect this person, this philosopher. Anyone can chatter – bloggers, streamers, observers … People always confuse worldview and philosophy. The concepts of your mind have no value only if they are not bought by a corporation – and this will be a victory for the concept of corporations. The philosophers of the past have always invented something – new types of chess, universal ethical laws, mathematical models or riddles. Many may not understand me and I will not prove it. I just see the work of the Mind.

  45. Memesworld :3 says:

    You must get a lot of airtime on the first hill

  46. Memesworld :3 says:

    Damn he must hella rich

  47. dying101666 says:

    what good is being remembered if you are not around to enjoy it?

  48. GoalieSull32 says:


  49. Hayden Cribb says:

    I’m so mad Im going to spit toothpaste on my mirror lol

  50. Soggy Bread says:

    he dead ass looks like piers Morgan 💀💀

  51. Mr. Big Body says:

    Homie you good?

  52. It’s your boi Joshie says:

    The thing is that it’s chilling to realize that this guy killed himself to make a video.

  53. Meden 72 says:

    Ride or die?… I’d rather ride AND die!

  54. Test ‘em All says:

    So this is real? Is it?

  55. Thunder_ turtles7 says:

    Is this real

  56. Charlie Kirby says:

    I can’t tell what coaster that is

  57. Silder says:

    Wait… that is 500 meters high?

  58. The Colin Show says:

    Am I the only one laughing at his face when he’s dying??

  59. Jack Benson says:

    Am just totally disbursed

  60. DEATH MARK says:

    Sooo is he like Dead or just good acting?

  61. MoparJon says:

    This guy legit scares me lol

  62. Cristina Alonso Gomez says:

    Ir is the coaster dragon khan

  63. Baseball Guy01 says:

    It can’t be that good…

    It’s a Floorless Coaster.

  64. Reinaldo Torres says:

    What a way to go! 😄❤🤗

  65. Tarantulas & Lhasa Apsos says:

    It’s oblivion at Alton Towers when he’s doing the climb! You can see the oblivion sign at the top centre of the shed as well when he gets the body out!

  66. Cahaya Bintang says:

    He has a very unique eye color

  67. Akka_ _Ayuso says:

    Esa montaña rusa esta en Madrid España

  68. PumkinPie O_o says:

    Now I’m having an existential crisis

  69. Mila Kudinova says:


  70. Omeleto says:

    Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more: http://sub2.omele.to


    It actually doesn't kill u I went on it and got off fine

  72. Kalyanavata Sundhararajan says:

    Iz rael?

  73. San1C Blu says:

    I would be having the time of my life on the coaster

  74. Hayley McMillan says:

    Can someone tell me if this is real

  75. sm1le fr1end BOY says:

    Oh GOD…. The g-force is coming.

  76. Fat Panda says:

    Surprised that you even did you’re routine

  77. Lauren Victoria says:


  78. AyeAre Official says:

    I think the real thing that killed him was the over the head restraints

  79. Vs Gzuz says:

    I see many comantarys who dont no its a roller coastor tot Cannes did

  80. Katie Koetze says:

    Did I just watch a man die

  81. aaron_ 33 says:

    Parque Warne Madrid (Spain) jajajaja

  82. OOF ? says:

    I’m gonna have nightmare

  83. 루비김 says:

    is he dead now?

  84. Evan Garcia says:

    A: he made a short film about commiting suicide or
    B: Omelette just pulled a fast one on us

  85. Sebastian Castro says:

    Why did Julijonas (the one who made the coaster) even do it like I would not want someone to do that I know he’s crazy and stuff like that but still I would decline, I can’t be thinking in my life, like I killed a man…..

  86. Suzzanne Nicholds says:

    Go do it for real idiot

  87. The Channel Of Random Videos says:

    What if this was an execution method for prisoners

  88. Andrew Cucchetti says:

    Guys this is called Euthanasia Coaster I rode it and survived somehow I am a madman

  89. Shrimp Nuggets Jr. says:

    did he actually do this roller coaster like in real life

  90. Coaster International says:

    I’m watching this before I go to a theme park😂😂😂

  91. jazztom86 says:

    why don't they build it in one of the countries in which euthanasia is legal?

  92. RK 2357 says:

    The tallest rollercoaster in the world is 139m tall
    It is 128mph fast.
    The highest level of g force ever inflicted by a rollercoaster is 6.3
    All of this we will never experience.
    For good reason

  93. Matthew Beattie says:

    All aboard the Euthaniser, keep your hands in the ride at all times

  94. Reyhana Dedic says:

    did the actor actually die ??

  95. Molly Besancon says:

    imagine the ride to the top

  96. Mister Everything!! says:

    Thing is he made it so that people with terminal illness could have a fun quick death

  97. Christopher Upton says:

    This looks like an ad for The Smiler.

  98. Emmy 11 says:

    Wow didn’t know B&M made the death coaster lol

  99. PropperComerdy says:

    Guy: do you know what that does to the brain?

    Me: no, tell me.

    Guy: prolonged surrebral hypoxia

    Me: still don’t know.

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