A Bahamian banana farmer’s business destroyed by Hurricane Dorian

A Bahamian banana farmer’s business destroyed by Hurricane Dorian

It was rough, definitely it was rough. This is the first time I’ve ever come or
get so close to death. Like I was watching death in the eye,
with my two workers with me. Well, I was not too frightened for myself, because I can swim, but
they could not swim. So what we had to do,
I had to go up in the roof and lectured them a bit about swimming. I tied some styrofoam to their
chest to keep them afloat. I was expecting there would be water,
but not like that. We have never had that amount
of water in this area. I don’t think anybody had ever experienced
that type of hurricane in Grand Bahama. I’m going to lose all the banana plants, the plants and
all the other crops that I have there. I’m going to lose them because
of the salt in the ground. If right after the hurricane, we had
a good bit of rain water to flush it, that would have been different. But right now it’s a total loss. Now I can’t see what it’s
gonna be in two years, or where we are gonna be in two years. Or maybe later, where we are gonna be,
I really don’t know, I can’t tell. I haven’t made any decision right now, my mind is just blank. [BLANK_AUDIO]


  1. Gracie G says:

    I’m just so very sorry for your losses. This is a very good man and I’m praying for him at this time.

  2. the future the past says:

    I would have hurricane cut my trees, oh wait I did, I have a tree farm

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Please God, help this good man and his family.

  4. Jack ofalltrades says:

    The hurricane pounded the Bahamas, I can't imagine how the survivors felt.

  5. Just Russ says:

    Looks Like Baltimore to me

  6. discorperted says:

    Make the Bahamas Great Again
    Buy the BAhamas

  7. dark light says:

    banana for scale?

  8. Pinkie Love says:

    bananas so what. never eat them

  9. MyChilepepper says:

    You need to start composting business. I have to pay between $6 to $18 usd for a bag of raised bed compost. More for organic ones.

  10. Bob Smith says:

    Damm Russians

  11. Nick Thompson says:

    The US, I can understand making a political scene. The Bahamas, utterly devastated by this hurricane. My thoughts go out to them. If I was a richer man, I’d find some way to help. I can’t even imagine that kind of decimation, nor could anyone who’s never experienced a natural disaster like this one.

  12. Total Bullion says:

    I use to feel bad about this kind of stuff, until I found out it happens every year.

  13. Barry Matthews says:

    Poor Man…….lost about everything but his life !!! BUT HE/YOU can rebuild !!! Pray to our lord and savior Jesus Christ !!!

  14. Linda Wagner says:

    My heart goes out to this man and all Bahamians. God bless! Help is on the way.

  15. MikeyBroski says:

    Damn… life’s a bitch. Poor guy.

  16. jslugbug37 says:

    I too live below sea level,I know exactly how you feel hope the healing is quick, from the looks around these are not wealthy folks, I still have not recovered from ol harvey

  17. KiTT FOXXE says:

    They lost everything they owned and American Democrat liberals make fun of them

  18. Sandlin22 says:

    I like bananas

  19. The watchmans eyes says:

    This is so sad. I cant imagine what they must feel. Thank God you have good hard working helpful American neighbors. 🙏

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