9 Things Poor People DO That Rich People DON’T

9 Things Poor People DO That Rich People DON’T

Do you want to be a millionaire or a
billionaire you may think the only thing that differentiates a poor person from a
rich person is working hard but according to many millionaires and
billionaires that’s just not the case after all there are many hard-working
janitors out there but there are some crucial things all poor people do that
rich people don’t today we’re going to look at those things and if you apply
them you could become rich in no time I’m Charlie and today we’re going to
look at nine things poor people do that rich people don’t but before we better
ourselves why not subscribe and press the notification bell – coming up first
we have a results versus time this one is crucial and it’s all about how you
get paid are you being paid based on your results or based on how much time
you spend working rich people get paid based on their results for example if
they perform better they’re paid more and if they perform badly they’re paid
less but for poor people it does not matter how they perform
it simply matters that they spend the time no matter how good or bad they
perform sadly poor people often don’t profit
from their own hard work instead their boss does the crucial thing here is rich
people own up to the risk of getting a bad result and by extension improving
the service or product that they’re selling this means all of the risk and
all of the profits are theirs so make sure whatever your work is it’s based on
results only when you’re actually effective positively or negatively by a
change and results can you actually improve yourself and that is the only
way you can really get rich so make sure you have a job where you’re paid based
on the results you get and not simply how much time you spend browsing
Facebook in the office next up we have books versus TV so this may be a cliche
one but hear me out because there’s many things people don’t realize about this
in the USA the average adult spends 5 hours per day watching TV or Netflix
that may not sound like much but that’s one thousand four hundred and sixty
hours per year and unfortunately when it comes to most TV shows
you won’t better yourself at all it’s often a humongous waste of time and your
sim just filling your mind with rubbish
instead rich people often prefer to read books now that’s not just because they
want to seem like galaxy brains reading books instead they gain crucial
information about how to run their businesses and personal lives and become
rich some of Bill Gates’s favorite books are business adventures by John Brooks
he also recommends how Asia works by Joe Studwell and change by design by Tim
Brown these are all books billionaires like Bill Gates and other rich people
all read and really recommend so instead of edging out for four hours a day on
Netflix read one of these books one piece of information in them could just
make you rich next up is investing a versus saving you may think that poor
people spend all their money while rich people save it but that’s actually a
common misconception instead it goes like this
poor people focus on saving and rich people focus on investing you barely
ever get rich by saving all the money you save actually goes down by two
percent every year cheat of inflation so that’s why you must invest your money
now you don’t have to become the wolf of Wall Street and play the stock market
instead sit down with a financial adviser who charges next to nothing then
simply put in a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars every year into an
investment fund this is super simple to do and it’s not only the 1% who can do
it in fact absolutely anyone can do it if they have an extra few hundred or
thousand dollars every year this will be a steady stream of passive income you
don’t need to do anything to make if you simply save your money it’s not doing
anything and is simply just waiting to be spent next up is blaming versus
responsibility talk to any rich person and they’ll say the number one thing
that helps them is taking responsibility when a rich person fails they take full
responsibility but when a poor person fails they often blame others for their
misfortunes multi-millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk says it’s a great strategy to
make sure you blame everything on yourself you may think this will make
you feel really bad but it actually does the opposite it allows you to not see
things carved in stone instead your mind is thinking about how you can change
everything which is a right mindset if you don’t learn from
your mistakes and blame everyone else then you can’t improve it simply closes
all doors and decreases your earning skills many billionaires say don’t use
cheap excuses like the economy’s bad or my boss doesn’t like me instead take
full accountability for your failures and use them to learn simply take every
single fail as an opportunity this will not only improve your mindset and
self-worth but also make you a ton of money in the long run if you’re not your
own boss of your own life and you’re not deciding your own destiny how can you
expect to ever improve and get rich coming up next is action versus
loitering so this is a key mindset of how rich people think think about this
do you have an action mentality or a lottery mentality poor people often
think that someone else or something else is going to make them rich they may
like to gamble for success and really think of life like a lottery nothing is
in their control and they may just get rich from random occurrences but rich
people take action as they have an action mentality they know they need to
make themselves rich no one is going to help them or do it for them rich people
make an action plan with detailed steps to get what they want they do not rely
on chance and they have everything planned out they realize it’s their life
and they are the ones in control they are their own boss so if you think you
have a lottery mentality be honest and convert that to an action mentality
moving forward coming up next is learning versus knowing do you think you
know everything if so then you may be a poor person poor people think they know
it all but rich people realize that they don’t know much and a continuously
learning for example Bill Gates says he hasn’t accomplished anything in a day if
he hasn’t learned at least one thing now this isn’t just about acquiring facts
and knowledge instead rich people use this to improve themselves so they make
fewer mistakes and more money poor people may think they already are
perfect and don’t need to know more after all if they learn something new
that means they weren’t perfect before rich people actually despise becoming
perfect as that will limit their potential they always want to learn more
and improve themselves next up is spending versus investing
so I’ve already talked about saving versus investing and why you should
invest rather than saving but another thing that many poor people do that rich
people don’t is spend money now don’t get me wrong rich and poor people both
spend money but when rich people spend money they’re often investing and I’m
not talking about in stocks and shares for example if you’re buying an item of
clothing what does that say about you are you buying a two hundred dollar
t-shirt to impress other people you don’t even like or are you buying a good
quality shirt to impress a client that may make you more money the quality
shirt that will impress a client is an investment but spending money simply to
flex on Instagram is a waste of money for example some poor people may spend
money on Jordans or the latest iPhone they don’t really
need but take a look at how someone like Bill Gates dresses
he wears pretty basic clothing but it’s very durable and will last a long time
meaning it’s an investment this is also the case with things like technology be
buying the latest iPhone you don’t really need to flex or are you buying a
SmartWatch to help improve your activity thus investing in yourself you buying
that sports car you can’t afford to show off or you buying a durable car which
will get you from A to B and last for decades as an investment and finally on
the list we have good versus evil now I’m not saying that poor and rich people
are good or evil instead this is all about how you view the world versus
saying rich people believe poverty is the root
of all evil and poor people believe money is the root of all evil but if you
believe money is evil then why do you want it if you believe everyone who’s
made it has cheated or stolen their way to the top then that’s a bad mindset
instead realize that many rich people are actually good people you can’t judge
people just because they’ve made money or haven’t made money instead you should
only focus on yourself and what you’re doing remember the moment you start
comparing yourself to others is the moment you’ve lost so there we are guys
those are some things poor people do that rich people don’t apply some of
these to your life and you never know you could be a millionaire or
billionaire in no time now it’s time to make your opinion her vote in the poll
in the top right corner would you rather be rich and sad or poor and happy if you
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    #1 Results aka commission based employment.
    #2 Books v TV read only on productivity and not for relaxation.
    #3 Investing requires capital and if you do not have the capital, you cannot effectively invest. See point #1.
    #4 The blame game… a MAJORITY of the people I know that have millions all blame others when they get burned for something. Additionally, they always take credit for accomplishments even if they were not responsible.There are a few exceptions to this.
    #5 Action plan IS THE FIRST THING THAT IS TRULY FEASIBLE. Nearly every successful person I have talked to has this.
    #6 Learning is living. My partner says that I have a head for info. Am I rich? No. However, I know what it will take (and I am commenting here). I know of NO POOR OR MIDDLE-CLASS that think they know everything. ZERO. As for applying knowledge, it requires #'s 1, 3, and 5 above.
    #7 Investing v spending has the SAME RESPONSE AS #3 above. This could have been folded into that one easily. Investing requires a working capital to be able to do so. A majority of the US is living paycheck to paycheck and thus does not have the necessary capital to invest. And this eventually refers back to point #1 — commissioned based income supposedly required. As this point progresses, it is more about purchasing QUALITY over appearance. Well, no shit. As a whole, the US is all about what a person looks like (in both appearance and on paper) compared to what they are really like. (I am responding as it is playing pausing only to go back).
    #8 Good v evil… I see things in light of ethics. Money is not evil nor is it good. It is a way to measure the value of a good or service. Ostentatious display of wealth is, in my opinion, unethical when it is used to crow over those that have not gotten the same thing. Likewise, jealousy of those that have is unethical because it limits your own self worth and retards your ability to grow.

    The "poll" plays on the stereotypes. That is critically demeaning after this entire video. Money cannot buy happiness is true. However, the lack of money does not mean happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and satisfaction of one's situation.

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