$850/month VS $650/month Japanese Apartment Tour!

$850/month VS $650/month Japanese Apartment Tour!

Alright so here is my Genkan(front entrance) where you take off your shoes. And the shoe closet I guess you’d call it and my hat rack. Right next to it is just the toilet. This one has a separate toilet room so toilet by itself. And from the toilet room you come into the kitchen area. As you can see it’s not very clean or big but it does its job. Lots of space to put things So that’s gonna be a problem in my next apartment From the kitchen you see the living room area. Right now it’s messy, I’m hanging my laundry here because it’s not hot enough to hang it outside My TV, my kotatsu, my sofa, my sleeping dog… And here I guess is my bathroom area. My sink area and there’s also the washing machine here some boxes and this is the bath area This whole room is pretty much useless. The cat and dog hang out here, pretty empty, nothing going on. And this is my bedroom which is also really messy so sorry about that Got my bed and my books and my computer where I edit all my amazing videos. So it’s a pretty decent apartment. I like it a lot. It’s just really big and expensive. So that was the apartment tour of the apartment I’m leaving. Stay tuned for my upcoming apartment Alright so here’s my new apartment. Here’s the genkan area, shoe area for shoes and umbrellas Here, I think is the boiler room I guess. Yah, nothing really in there except the boiler. And then this is the bathroom. It’s a big step up but there’s the toilet, the sink and the shower all in one room So it’s a little tiny And next to the bathroom is a closet Pretty big I guess. Should be good. We go to the very very big, spacious living room. Lol Yup, that’s my living room. There you go. Right here. And then here is my super sized family style kitchen with sink and 1 electric burner. That’s about it. Next is my bedroom/living room That’s my apartment! And this is the closet. It’s actually pretty spacious. So I should be able to put a lot of stuff in here. Some room up there, and in the middle and on the bottom. I haven’t arranged anything yet. Tomorrow is when the moving company brings all my boxes and furniture. The balcony area is dark so you can’t really see but it’s not bad I guess. The view, there’s a building in front of me BUT if you look out you can kind of see out so it should be good I guess. Genkan, these are all the boxes I unpacked. Took awhile. Took about 5 hours. My new area, my hat rack, decorations and shoes. Then you walk in here and this is still the boiler room but now it has a whole bunch of boxes and storage. and my dogs crate. Here’s the bathroom. Looking a bit more bathroom-y My closet My closet has clothes and other stuff And this is my pet section. I put some of these things from like the dollar store so the floor wont get sticky or wet or anything from the food There’s Maple’s pee sheet in case he needs it, food, kitty litter for my cat There’s my cat sitting there as well Refrigerator, garbage can ,microwave and all that stuff And my tiny kitchen is now filled with stuff. Pretty much the only storage I have so there’s a lot of stuff in there. And then open up into the main room This side got a little thing where I keep my charging stuff. My bed is a little bit big in this room, along with my TV and DVDs My balcony out there. It’s really sunny so you can’t really see but there you go I have a lamp and a sofa and Maple. My bookshelf area and my computer and this closet has a lot of storage Without this closet my house would be completely messed up As you can see, from top to bottom it’s filled with stuff. School things, bags, toys and files and storage and suitcases… So this is my apartment. Get used to it because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to Thumbs Up if you like this video and share! Also subscribe to my videos because they’re awesome, Ozzy Awesome! Take care, I can’t do it with one hand but peace!


  1. DaveTrippin says:

    Cool looking place Oz. Looks like you've set it up really nice. All the fortune to you in the world and all that jazz.

  2. Maaike and Takeru says:

    You have a kotatsu ! Your new place is nice !

  3. Alan Va says:

    Very interesting, thanks for the tour Oz.

  4. C. Rmz. says:

    Thanks for the tour, Oz-man.

  5. click says:


  6. Jan inpan says:

    Looks great Ozzy! 🙂

  7. Toot says:

    Damn mate, you need to zoom out some. Lol

    Nice vid though.

  8. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    Looks really great!! but….NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!! (I sure hope you get that reference.)

  9. pedestrianme says:

    It's bright! very nice. I live in a "highly organized small space" too. If you live in the city, there's rarely another way.

  10. Olympic Gaming says:

    i thought my apt was small….looks nice though

  11. Gabby S says:

    Nice place!

  12. joseph llanas says:

    looks fancy not like old but apartment too small what if you got guest over and you taking a mean ass shit whole apartment will smell like shit lol.

  13. Kaygee79 says:

    Be careful not to bang your head on the sink when you're taking a dump!

  14. replyasmuchasyouwant indiansareinferior. says:

    in which city you are now.

  15. deltaforcedf says:

    Does you main living room have any windows?

  16. Miss Deegee says:

    Hey Ozz, nice tours.Hopefully someone already brought your a bread and salt, so this tradition means to have a happy living with enough food all the time in the new apartment. If not- well imagine I did 🙂 Have to add one thing, beeing a cat owner myself. Please please do not feed the cat next to the litter box, cat's do not like that at all. Choose a place elsewhere, please. Imagine you have to eat sitting on your toilet..-You'd not be amused, would you ? best of luck in your new home !

  17. カヴェンKavan says:

    Ozz nice apartment everything looks fantastic except for one thing its hunted! 2:55 looool

  18. Trauma says:

    Finally! Hi Maple! Hi cat idk tour name ???. Omg Oz that kitchen where the living room is at that's bad it's small it's useless it seems…..

  19. Trauma says:

    But I liked your bedroom nice . And the bathroom where everything you need in a bathroom is great in one room

  20. noirnegro says:

    The cat is king.

  21. MULLY says:

    Good thing you're not my size, man. Looks like a nice place though. Glad you found a place that takes pets.

  22. Andrew Howden says:

    great! another flat to mess up!!!!!????

  23. J D says:

    How much was this new apartment ?

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