8 Money-Saving Food Hacks You Need To Try

8 Money-Saving Food Hacks You Need To Try


  1. Household Hacker says:

    What's up Notification Squad?
    Do you have any tips or tricks for saving money on groceries, snacks or food in general?

  2. puchinou says:

    Just go to the food bank if you're that money tight (like me)

  3. Amy Nguyen says:

    3:32 I have the exact same oven!

  4. ArticVikingChic says:

    One tip might be to look online for what sales are going on at that particular store and then adjust your grocery list accordingly, I can sometimes get away with only spending 10-15 dollars a week on groceries

  5. A King says:

    Brussle sprouts not collard greens😀

  6. Jane QC says:

    Am I the only one concerned with the amount of plastic in this blue apron box? is it recyclable or compostable at least?

  7. Small Floof says:

    One thing though, with grocery “grab the back” thing, if you don’t buy what’s in the front that’s not even expiry challenged and just grab the back ones, then the grocery store will waste more if customers don’t buy the older products. Maybe buy less and more frequently 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Gio Filippo says:

    Where was this video filmed your chicken is so cheap!!

  9. Super SwagMan says:

    I hope blueapron didn't tell you those were collard greens? try Brussel sprouts… just sayin

  10. cat sniffer says:

    Most folks do not know how to use the word hack thanks to IKEA.

  11. Ana Parada says:

    Greetings from the great state of Texas who in the heck has time fir all this garbage what a cheap nut case

  12. Ana Parada says:


  13. Ana Parada says:

    Greetings WHATBA weird secular nut case god find God. You have a scull on your stove what a weirdo stop all this sir. And the cooming crap

  14. Qiana Ross says:

    Agent those Brussels sprouts? Not collard greens

  15. Juan Garcia says:

    Firm breast

  16. Thomas says:

    Taco Shell Hack be like: don’t have ice? Freeze water!

  17. Centaursixtysix says:

    Is your grocery store a market 32?

  18. Malacki 655 says:

    I do all my grocery shopping online.Theres more bargains,you can get same day delivery for only a few dollars extra and there’s no hassle over finding a parking space,overfilling your trolley and all the noise.

  19. Keitron Wallace says:

    So I can't tell… Is this guy a troll?

  20. TheAutobotPower says:

    What about just buy the food you are sure are going to eat? no waste and full stomach.

  21. Cat Likers says:

    My mum does this with spring rolls but uses egg whites because it’s sticky (kinda)

  22. Graça G. says:

    1:02 of course the vacuum sealed one looks better when you smashed the other one on camera!

  23. Charlotte May says:

    This video has been brought to you by foodsaver vacuum sealer

  24. Let me Die says:

    That use of the wonton wrapper disgusts me.

  25. xerps says:

    i like most of your videos. this one is shit tho

  26. Charlene O'Neill says:

    Thank you for this video

  27. Blake Hendrickson says:

    My dude…..what kind of white person chicken tenders were those……

  28. ML LIM says:

    My grandmother can make wanton effortlessly. No wanton wrappers or anything, just raw food and flour

  29. B M says:

    Listening to the same 4 notes of that twinkle toe music is annoying asf.

  30. Jayme layaoen says:

    Brussel sprouts not collards… 😑

  31. cat sniffer says:





    cut with rough or heavy blows.

    "hack off the dead branches"

    synonyms: cut, chop, hew, lop, saw; slash

    "Stuart hacked the padlock off"


    use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.

    "they hacked into the bank's computer"



    a rough cut, blow, or stroke.

    "he was sure one of us was going to take a hack at him"



    an act of computer hacking.

  32. cat sniffer says:

    Lol at the"hacks"!

  33. mr 1000faces says:

    Stupid and useless hacks

  34. TheTripstraps says:

    no need to take new bags and vacuuum, use the same bag, close it with clip and its the same. in freezer it does not matter if there is tiny bit air in or vacuumed. we need to think about waste too. why take a new plastic bac if you already have one which the food is in originally. also, keeping leftovers, even better would be using plastic boxes which you wash after use, not throw away. also reuse plastic boxes you buy food from the shop. wash them and put other food in. no need to throw everything away, many package boxes can be reused, just take the small effort and wash it.its easier ro recycle water than plastic, at least at the moment

  35. Zion Nuby says:

    The stem thing is a myth, if you take it out or it falls out it naturally turns black because its exposed to light

  36. kmb3100 says:

    Liked just because of the skull… badass.

  37. Socorro Avila says:

    Healthy way to cook

  38. Rosemary Smith says:

    How is buying prepackaged food from an expensive meal delivery company like Blue Apron going to save money? It is not.

  39. MegaMiir says:

    That chicken though…

  40. Elena Kee says:

    Blue apron? 🙄

  41. Zap Gaming says:

    but the macandchees directions are on the back

  42. schlap dhlaph says:


  43. Ela says:

    3:07 As a mexican my recommendation is dont use the taco shells USE THE SOFT TORTILLAS AND REMOVE CHEESE

  44. Joyce says:

    vacuum pack leftovers all the time and also buy large pkgs of meat and do the same. My seal -a-meal saves me tons of money

  45. nicoleta dragomir says:


  46. Austin Silvan says:

    wonderful tips!

  47. rachel panda says:

    "they arr much healthier" you just f ing deep-fried them !!!!!

  48. Zachbot20 says:

    Yeah I just wanna say that first tip is a great way to make anyone who has to stock shelves fucking hate you. Be warned.

  49. Dono says:

    ugh so much plastic waste

  50. Loralei Jessick says:

    Quite a few people are criticizing the avocado tip. Saying you are ruining the avocados for other people.

    IF you pick the stem and it's already brown then you aren't wasting anything. IT was bad to begin with. By damaging the fruit you're actually directing people away form it and to choose another avocado.

  51. Ms. Lee says:

    Excellent tips

  52. Bessie Staton says:

    I buy a gallon of milk and put one half in the refrigerator freezer it keep very well until I can use it . It is cheaper to buy large items and you do not need to shop too often for then if you can freeze some things and use them weeks later

  53. PUBG Pleb says:

    Bro I'm Mexican so I eat tacos with soft or as they say in Mexico normal tortillas

  54. S CT says:

    Blue Apron is not a saving hack, are you kidding!

  55. T P says:

    Holy guacamole hahaha

  56. Cheaper Ways NZ says:

    Great tips! My channel has a similar focus but I'm always on the lookout for inspiration to save money!!

  57. Cindy Desjardins says:


  58. Kimchi lady bug Sullivan Kim says:

    Why the blue apron?

  59. Kawanna Hardy says:

    The mozzarella stick hack is a really good one. 👍🏾

  60. Shirin says:

    ::smashes up the food in a regular bag::
    ::shows it next to a non-smashed-up piece of food in a vacuum bag::
    "Just take a look at the difference! Which would YOU prefer?" LMFAO

  61. Naija momlife [qmoves] says:

    I love shopping hacks

  62. countryboy92 says:

    Best money saving tip if you dont need it dont buy it

  63. Rafael E says:

    You mean taco shells are made from tortillias?

  64. Diane Ryals says:

    Collard greens!?!? LOL. Their Brussel Sprouts!!!

  65. Tide Pod Pad Thai says:

    or instead of a vacuum sealer you could suck the air out with a straw

  66. C says:

    This is more like 500 different hacks

  67. X says:

    Or suck the air out and quickly close it bitch

  68. Yndia Everywhere says:

    @ 6:21 cut up some collard greens that look like Brussels sprouts. 🤣

  69. Jacqueline Lyons says:

    Who eats frozen veggies they taste like water and all the proccessing removes all of the nutrition.

  70. Kat Brown says:


  71. Cassyanne says:

    Or you can use reusable tuperware and save the earth. Fuck.

  72. ッ「A N G Ē L 」 says:

    That poor chicken… ;-;

  73. Mr100Guy says:

    I just posted a new video on how to save 100$ in 20 minutes on food

  74. Dee Shiznittlebaum says:

    So get a food saver. Don’t go to store after smoking any weed. Don’t buy milk that has a close expiratiom. We all know that

  75. cat sniffer says:

    I have a suggestion, look up what hack means.

  76. Edward Varby says:

    I know that grocery store chain! 😀 I have some pumpkin seeds that mysteriously vacuum packed themselves. they'll have been refrigerated for a year this October.

  77. Tabitha Larson says:

    Found your video and channel while searching for saving money on groceries. Thank you for getting to the point and not talking too much like other videos! Loved and subscribed

  78. Cromagny says:

    The music in this video is painfully Horrible…

  79. Sarah Gatewood says:

    Video about money saving food hacks then talks about expensive Blue Apron a lot at the end. Disappointing.

  80. Mel Pie says:

    Wtf chicken breasts are not the same as chicken tenders 🙄

  81. Mint Slice says:

    LOL at 1:03 of course it looks better because you didn't smash it with your fist hahahahahahaha

  82. Mint Slice says:

    HAHAHAHA wtf is that shit @ 1:48

  83. Jennifer Martin says:

    I love your salt amd pepper shaker holder!

  84. Julian Martinez says:

    even t h i s is a lot. anyone else? 😦 i feel doomed

  85. Dee says:

    That dude threw that taco shell down in disgust at 3:42.

  86. Dee says:

    I think this narrator must know the dude at Bright Side. They both give some moronic tips and "hacks".

  87. b chang says:

    Money saving hack, buy different brands, even themoney value items and figure if there is a difference in taste and if you're willing to pay sometimes double or triple for items that taste almost or sometimes exactly the same. Don't just buy the biggest or expensive brands

  88. Johnny Richard says:

    What the fuck is this that's something u buy to package weed

  89. Wendi Watson says:

    The 10 top best "you tube channels" 😲🎉

  90. Zoey Sears says:


  91. Caleb Gonsalves says:

    Another tip to spending less cash at the grocer is to eye the seasonal produce of your region. They can come in cheaper and of higher quality.

  92. moises serrano says:

    One of the ways you can save money is drinking coffee black with no sugar or cream, drinking it black will suppress your appetite also be mindful don’t continue to drink the coffee if you cant you might throw up, but one cup or a LITTLE less will do if you can drink more go right ahead.

  93. John Giliberti says:

    The aluminum for the broccoli was inside out. The dull side is a non stick coating. The shiny side should never touch your food!

  94. Red Gaming says:

    Ew wtf u eating that chicken looked so wack and hardly cooked

  95. SXT Wellness Coaching says:

    Great video

  96. Kevin Patrick says:

    2:58 That's weird!

  97. Kevin Patrick says:

    Are you joking? I can't even afford the fancy ingredients you're using!

  98. m. j exploration says:

    Nothing new

  99. Sara Ferguson says:

    When you called Brussels sprouts "collard greens"😭😭

  100. The M Network says:

    I make my own chips. This is good stuff right here. Happy New Year

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