70 Minutes of Social Media Strategy for Every Business in 2020 | Inside 4Ds

70 Minutes of Social Media Strategy for Every Business in 2020 | Inside 4Ds


  1. GaryVee says:

    1:10 – Introductions
    8:00 – Sometimes you just need a push
    10:20 – Scared to build a culture for the side hustle
    14:40 – Adapting to changes
    16:00 – Why I interrupt my guests
    19:10 – How to have peace of mind when delegating tasks
    21:30 – The problem with pandering to monetization and the algorithms
    27:00 – The difference between math and art
    32:30 – Condensing different value props into 1 message
    34:40 – How to make 100 pieces of content
    38:30 – Being spread too thin
    41:50 – Balancing sales and marketing
    48:10 – Dealing with the bleeding during the transition
    53:30 – How to build more relationships with influencers
    1:08:00 – The #1 flaw of wine library
    1:10:00 – How to leverage your square footage

    What is your favorite moment or quote fro this video?

  2. Alex Moen says:

    Oh, Gary. You often interrupt your podcast guests with side stories that have nothing to do with what you're both talking about only to have them come back around and finish the thought they originally started with. Is it sometimes pattern recognition? Yep. Is it sometimes not? Oh yeah. Don't trick yourself and think that doesn't happen a lot too. You're still providing value and that's why I still come around, but don't think that your interrupting is some strategic move all the time vs you liking noise and distraction and wanting to get your thoughts out there.

  3. PatrickAllenNL says:

    I suggest cutting the introductions because the audio is bad. Or pass around microphones

  4. Mr. Blunt says:

    The only guy where the width of his face is the same as its height.

  5. Carol Marsella Realtor says:

    Other people are inaudible. I thought y’all knew how to do video… WTW?

  6. Robert Vance says:

    Your genius thanks for video

  7. Riley Andersen says:

    Im curious if someone didnt catch the name on 15:35…. who got fired because of that one. lol…. guess no one because they didnt take down the video yet

  8. Shashank Rai says:

    Man , can’t hear other people’s questions. Those questions are equally Important

  9. Anton Wisbiski says:

    Wow this is one of the most valuable pieces I’ve seen. You are a really one Gary I love how you are building your company, truly you are so ahead of your time. Thank you

  10. iois says:


  11. David Lashlie says:

    Gary! Hey from NZ. Trying to get in on the text action, but it’s a no go! Got it hooked up for overseas numbers?

  12. Rochelle says:

    He got WhatsApp? The number ain't popping up in my WhatsApp. I'm all the way in Jamaica, I tried adding the plus sign and the 1 infront of the number but… I ain't seeing it.

  13. Matt N. says:

    $1000/month freedom dividend w/no strings attached helps creators have a foundation to launch from with much less stress/anxiety about basic needs or an unexpected $400 bill.  Joe Rogan: https://youtu.be/cTsEzmFamZ8

  14. Alex Cio says:

    Why does Gary always use 2go cups?
    Create some GaryVee mugs that you give to peopke after a talk, and keep a litte bit more sustainable.
    You have so much impact on so many people. Think also about the small actions! ?✌?

  15. The Wrestle Hub says:

    Amazing thanks for the inspiration im going to do a vid on these

  16. Élysée says:

    58:00 "HUMANS LIKE HUMANS" real secret of success. I call it the revenge of the nerds 🙂

  17. Jill Walls says:

    "83% of someone else is better than 100% of just you. The mistake people make when they delegate is having a subjective image in their mind of how it should look, and that is not the way to scale." -GV The game is that you let people do what you hired them to do. "When you focus all on monetization, you are limiting your upside." – GV "Text messaging is the most interesting platform emerging in the world." "What's App can make you go global. Do it all. No friction for consumption." – GV

  18. Languages with Andrew says:

    5:05 Gary starts picking his teeth and eating his own earwax.

  19. Online Games Kingdom says:

    He is the only person i know who is so comfortable in front of camera, that he even chews his nails:))))

  20. Jean Hansen says:

    I don't understand the baseball analogies rs. Tha's not popular in Brazil.

  21. Julie Parry-Jones says:

    Random question! Please can you give me your views on Network Marketing, have you ever got involved?

  22. Diy_Automotive says:

    Always great information and tons if ideas to take away from his videos.

  23. Cvisuali create visualize innovate says:

    So marketing is now just a personality hustle on social media is that all

  24. DJ Realty Solutions says:

    the time stamps are HUGE thanks

  25. Michael Balchaitis says:

    I love how excited GaryVee got while talking about the Furniture business.

  26. Jake Williams says:

    All this value ♥️ Thanks Gary

  27. Vollmer Visuals says:

    Good stuff @garyvee!

  28. Delusional Nithyananda Abuser says:

    Gary you guys gotta put mic’s by the people. It’s very difficult to hear what they’re saying when they talk…

  29. Abxenity says:

    GRAYVEE IS THE MANNNN I’ve taken all of Gary’s advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make a million I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. My first vlog is due to drop in 45 min. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out peace?

  30. Social Sensei says:

    Wow! Nice video 😀

  31. Tomas Snarskis says:

    Fuck me! Such a great content GV! ?????? especially when you have various businesses in conversation then you extract right answers ????❤️❤️??

  32. Core Development says:

    Much prefer the older 4ds format(camera angle etc)

  33. Sankey Vlogs says:

    Man yes!! Love it. This lines up with my big plans for 2020. Daily vlogs, starting t shirt business, starting ebay store, branding so much in the works!! YOU THE MAN GARY!!

  34. Joshy Trigueros says:


  35. FUTURE OUTFIT says:

    So good. Brad is the man now

  36. Luigi Rebollos says:

    Gary V > Pornhub
    For no but November

  37. DJ Dor Amsalem says:

    Who else had a mind change because of gary???

  38. Ralph Schneider says:

    yes. please better sound next session … or gary less loud … the two different loudness is realy anoying … thx … 🙂

  39. Kevin Leach says:

    Looking for a D-Rock in Edmonds, WA.

  40. Angie Austin says:

    Thank you Gary. Great content. Will use in my real estate biz ??

  41. ClientStreamz with Jobs Jarabo says:

    Got way, way lot of practical value here. Thanks, Gary! ?

  42. Epic Sharvenium - Book and Tech Reviews says:

    This is very useful as I am starting my YouTube channel ! Thank you ?

  43. superstarrr121 says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE.This Gary V guy owns a media company which soul objective is to get you to use platforms ( that he has a vested interest in). He uses motivational techniques instead of the used car salesman technique.
    This man is shameless. And a rodent. The absolute worst.

  44. Melanie Seal-Jones says:

    I’m grateful. I can’t believe how much information you pack in to your meeting! You will talk for 5 minutes and that could be a book all it’s own.

  45. GrowMap says:

    At 53 minutes there is a strategy about inviting a bunch of people to a presentation. Freelancers and very small businesses could do a less expensive version of that. And I believe it would be MORE effective and very inexpensive.

    Don't invite more people than you can meet for dinner. Then there is no room rent and less risk. And being a more intimate gathering of 1 to say 6 or 8 or 10, you can forge a closer relationship faster. They'll feel more important to you than if they're the audience of a presentation.

  46. Thomas Davies says:

    Steal Karen!

  47. Aaron Bishoff says:

    Can you mic your guests? As you’ve previously mention, people aren’t always watching YouTube videos. Sometimes just listening.

  48. Gregory Ranger says:

    So good

  49. MA77DUB X1 says:

    @58 min… DEEEEEEP.

  50. Antonio Quiacaín says:

    Dude you should post more short inspirational content, or informative short pieces of content on YouTube. In addition to what you’re uploading, maybe upload long vids Once a week or twice, the rest of the days fill it up with small videos, they’re easier to watch, and they get addictive, just like David dobriks vids. There’s so much content everywhere, having something short and simple to digest every day feels good, and makes you wonder what the long insightful vid of the week will be, and keeps you coming back

  51. Lens Composition says:

    My ADHD goes through the roof every time I watch a Gary Vee video. Amazing content though

  52. Austin K. says:

    Anyone else notice that the sound Gary makes with his tongue at 35:42 sounds just like a part of his audio tag?

  53. Judy S says:

    Super interesting but the audio is horrible. ?

  54. Janis Pavelsons says:

    Value right here. And for free. Gotta take notes.

  55. You Dunn Know TV says:

    I know you guys are putting lots of work in to these videos and I really do appreciate that we have free access to these information but it is really hard to listen to this when Gary is mic'd up but the rest of the room not. So when Gary speaks the audio is super loud but when people ask questions I can not hear so I put the volume up but then when Gary speaks its too much loud so I have to put the volume back down and then I could probably do this for the rest of the video and I probably will but its kinda annoying, just wanted to let you guys know, thanks anyway.

  56. Fun Zone says:

    I think next time the team should have something like a microphone close to the audience so that we can get what they are saying, or probably a SUBTITLE…

  57. Jared Jacobson Law says:

    This showed up with a thumbs down automatically ???

  58. Startup Entrepreneurs says:

    Great advice. Would be great if the room mic volume could come up a bit on these videos when there's someone from the audience asking a question.

  59. Andrew Appel says:

    Hey DROCK! Love your work, but is there any chance you can move a shotgun mic closer to the Deep Divers? It's really hard to hear them.

  60. Mr. T says:

    Biblical shit gary

  61. I am THE ARCHITECT says:

    Very helpful information. Thank you

  62. Waldo Solano says:

    I faking love all your videos brother…

  63. Zealous Social says:

    You seriously need to give your guests a mic….hearing one side of a conversation doesn't give the full context to your answers.

  64. Neil van Zyl says:


  65. Emmanuel Mendez says:

    all just inspirational shit.. dont know how people find this interesting .. the guy who asks about culture… he just states the obvious.. well your thinking of it so thats good.. bruh how about tell him about the proper way of setting up a culture that works..

  66. enjoy people says:

    After falling for all the crap courses finally a system that makes real monnies right here: just Google without spaces PaidHomeEasy .com

  67. Ryno Botes says:

    Hi GaryVee team….is it at all possible to get more microphones closer to the guests??? I miss a lot of the questions and would love to have that as well….

    Other than that AWESOME that you can share these….they have helped me A LOT!!!

  68. gek doen says:

    37:56 did you guys also smile back at Gary, or is it just me?

  69. Jens Wegner says:

    And he really texts back? That would be super nice

  70. Juan Martín Viñas Visino says:

    did anyone listened the name of the agency around 3:23 ?

  71. Angie Austin says:

    When do you send out text? I texted you on your number.

  72. Leanne Peard says:

    Love your work Gary V, However, I am confused, I have been giving away content, both face to face and online for years and I am feeling like I am pounding the concrete and not getting any traction… thoughts?

  73. Witte Artistry says:

    This was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of value! Thank you Gary!

  74. GoatsFDツ says:


  75. ExplorerJust says:

    Hey Gary! A friend of mine suggested that I start following you to pick up some useful insights and tips with regards to making more effective use of social media. I have to admit that at first, I was sceptical, very sceptical; being blunt, 'another American famous on social media for doing nothing but telling people how to use social media'… but I was wrong. I started watching clips of your content, then entire videos and now I follow your social media accounts. Your videos are insightful and informative providing plenty of ideas, inspiration and calls to action. I've acted on a few and I have noticed a positive impact and I will act on more, one of the next being my 'elephant to swallow' – sorting out the motivation and direction of my YouTube channel. Thanks for what you do and keep doing it. @ExplorerJust 😉

  76. Caleb Schneider says:

    38:10 – WISCONSIN represent!!

  77. Caleb Schneider says:

    who else started cracking their fingers during this?

  78. lidija Nikolic says:

    Rai, we cant hear, but we can read. Push the button in a right corner for english cap.?

  79. Emmanuel Media Pro says:

    Future show, you should have wireless mic to give to those people asking the question will help your audio better bro. But awesome show.

  80. Korbinian Much says:

    I tried to listen to this in my car. No chance. Audio: Unintelligible.

  81. Grant Carlile says:

    Look at Journeyman's Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan – they use their second floor this way!

  82. MasterPain says:

    mmm yummy fingers…

  83. Douglas Jones says:

    Can’t hear the introductions.

  84. Brenton Norton says:

    Hahahaha that comment from 36:30–36:50 is one of my favorite Gary Analogies

  85. Steve DeLuca says:

    How much adderall does he eat per day ??

  86. Steve DeLuca says:

    I am just kidding , I wish I had his energy !!

  87. Steve DeLuca says:

    I love him , Wow !

  88. Purified Hustle says:

    This is honestly a dope perspective, Gary always has a good way of making new and actionable marketing strategies on the spot

  89. 涂强 says:

    Hi Gary, greetings from Beijing China. My name is Mike, I run a online shop, www.mewniche.com.
    I sell mainland chinese indie-designed & produced streetwear and streetart .
    I am trying to promote my shop through social media and sell to the asian demographic in north america.
    Can you tell me which ones of your videos I should dive right into?

  90. Touring Real Estate Broker says:

    Great vidio. How do we handle COPPA? On youtub. It will spill over to tiktok and other social media.

  91. Mrvvolf says:

    In case you don't already know, that 4D logo is a code and a half.
    Being in the 'vortex'
    If you're seeing this you're on the right path.

  92. Bobo Harp says:

    Get a Netflix show, everything you say inspires people and you speak the truth. You stay true to yourself and it works on every level, you give people of all ages hope and purpose. Keep on inspiring

  93. Jeff Rivera says:

    Love this but PLEASE mic your clients and guests so we can hear them.

  94. B2CyberSec says:

    #GaryVee can I write you txt also from Germany?
    Boris from B2CyberSec

  95. Rock Mercury says:

    Im glad you suggested the "Ask" content because I am launching a Ask show for my page along with my podcast! You are Epic Gary Vee

  96. Télé Dz says:

    the bible of network marketing businesses waw strategies and everything involved.

    potential prospects, motivate the spectators throughout generating leads and prospects online and involvement internet in network marketing
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  97. arakquin h8 says:

    Gary thank you for all you do. I'm starting from scratch and just learning from you. I need for figure out my niche. I need to figure that out. ?

  98. O TheHorror says:

    Gary suckin' da fuck out of his teeth lmao #CokeFreezeKing

  99. Kyu T Lee says:

    I cannot text you since I do not have an international cellphone.
    I am a United States citizen.
    I am in the Netherlands.
    My registered partner is Dutch.
    We on his income cannot afford to buy a international phone or its service.
    I am disabled and have been on Social Security disability since my late 20s due to Epilepsy which medications could only limit my seizures to 2 a month. Without medications I was going to die having up to 10 a day.
    I am in my 50s and I always wanted to start a website and do certain things but never could get my questions answered.

    My biggest downfall I think is over researching, analysing and education which has caused me to not take action.
    Your talks are always putting in the time to educate yourself….I put in at least 6 hours a day researching, analysing and educating myself.
    Even on things like laws, codes, taxes, licenses, international trade agreements, various social media platform operations.
    The second issue is even though I put in the time to try and learn another language I have a major block I have not been able to overcome due to my father slapping me in the mouth as a toddler whenever I tried to speak any other language besides English. My mother is South Korean decent and as a toddler I was in Elpaso. So Korean an Spanish were languages I was exposed to. I can learn and understand the language but to reply in it is like a big blank wall. Various therapy, hypnosis, etc has not broken that wall.
    My father also halted my independence and has the mindset that women are only to be "home, barefoot and pregnant"!

    How do I overcome these when I have spent years in therapy and trying various things that NEVER WORKED?
    Any suggestions?

    It is odd because if anyone I know, including attorneys I know. When their paralegals cannot find a law or precident they ask me it I can but they do not want to pay me for my skill. So I have stopped doing that legwork and tell them to get on the internet and look it up themselves.
    My sisters say I am the person similar to the movie: Desk Set (1957) with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Yet when I get the information for them they basically say: I do not need to pay you since it is readily available to everyone!!!!!! My own mother never supported me in anything I wanted to do growing up such as getting into realestate. Why? Because I had epilepsy and was not able to do ANYTHING.

    I had to leave the USA to get away from my own family to improve as much as I have.
    I now take less than half the seizure medications that USA doctors and specialists had me on.
    I can function without being constantly lethargic and having a perpetusl brain cloud.
    I learned so much more about my disability here than I ever did when in the USA.

    If we want a stronger healthier nation of citizens in the USA then FOODS WE CONSUME AS INDIVIDUALS IS A NECESSITY!!!
    Each individual may have different requirements and foods to avoid.

    I am a highschool graduate.
    I have self-educated ever since on things even while I was still in school.
    High school did not teach me trigonometry, a public library book and my interest in learning it did when I was 13.
    Highschool did not teach me how to type. I did by using a typing book from the public library when I was 10.
    Highschool did not teach me to sew. I learned by watching my mother make silk shirts fir men when I was 6.
    Highschool did not teach me how to cook. My grandmother did.
    I was not formally educated in AC and Refrigeration but studied on my own from a public library book at age 15.
    I was not formally trained to set tile, lay carpeting, paint, roofing, electrical, plumbing…..I learned how from my ex-husband Robert.
    I was not formally trained in law but helped someone study to pass the bar exam in their state.
    I was not formally trained in much much more but gained the education from the following resources:
    Public Libraries
    Books I purchased
    Visiting various USA government sites and some in the Netherlands
    Picking the brains of someone who knows how to do things I want to learn to do.

    I do those things daily!!!!

  100. Daniel Burenko says:

    Love you Gary! <3

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