But if I’m not focusing on these four things,
I am not actually doing what I need to be doing to build the business I want to build,
to create the freedom I want to create, and be able to make the impact that I can make
by generating wealth that I can give back. How did I build a multimillion-dollar business
by the time I was 30? Well, I didn’t wake up every day at 5:00 a.m. I didn’t read book a day, and I definitely
did not meditate. Say what? I know. There’s a bunch of videos on the topic on
YouTube. I’ve watched a lot of them, and a lot of them
say, “You need to meditate every day. You need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. You need to read all day every day.” Here’s the thing though. Those are great habits of people who are already
rich, but if you’re trying to get rich, and you’re trying to make money and build your
business and build your empire, you just need to develop some very simple habits that will
help you get there. Yes, today, I meditate and I wake up … Well,
I still don’t really wake up early. I wake up like 7:00 to 8:00 each day, not
super early. And I do read more. But that’s because I’ve created the freedom
to be able to do that. But if you’re on your journey, give this video
a like because we’re going to dive into seven simple habits that you can be able to do right
now to get rich, because if everybody did those things … Wake up early, meditate,
read everyday, and that’s all it took … won’t we all be rich? Think about that for a second. Right? So, let’s get into some real habits that are
actually going to help you. Plus I’m going to share a really, really simple
but really, really important habit that one of the … Actually, the youngest female billionaire
in the world lives by. So stay tuned for that. Habit number one may seem obvious but it’s
not. Focus on the things that make you money first,
period, end of story. When you’re trying to build wealth, you need
to be focused on what’s actually driving revenue, not the things that are distractions because
everyone in the world can be distracted but not everybody in the world is actually capable
of building real wealth for themselves. So I’m going to show you something really
quickly. Every single day, I have four things on my
wall. That’s it, four. Those are the only four things that are my
main focuses for the day. Everything else, yes it’s important, but if
I’m not focusing on these four things, I’m not actually doing what I need to be doing
to build the business I want to build, to create the freedom I want to create, and be
able to make the impact that I can make by generating wealth that I can give back. So these are the four things. I want to book sales calls for my programs,
drive webinar traffic for my products, get testimonials because the more people who have
success with our programs, the more testimonials we have and the easier it is to sell which
at this point we have a lot of testimonials so it’s great. Product development, creating the best product
in the business, creating the best programs in the business. Four things, that’s it. That’s the only focus I have on a daily basis. If I’m focused on those four things every
day, I know I’m focused on the bottom line of my business. And let’s be honest, getting rich is cool
but I don’t give a flying F about having Lambo, living in a mansion, any of that-ish. What I care about is sustainability. I care about being able to have savings. I care about being able to invest in real
estate. I care about being able to give back to the
things and the causes that mean the most of you. I care about potentially taking care of my
family. Those are the things I care about, and those
four things are the things that will drive revenue in my business and they’re the only
four things that I’m focused on, on a daily basis. Whenever I get pulled away from them, I need
to ask myself, how is this getting me towards my goal of making X amount this year, or X
amount this month? And if it’s not, I’m not going to do it. Habit number two, you’re going to think I’m
crazy, delete your to-do list. I know you think I’m nuts. This is why, let me explain. Productivity is not profitable if it’s not
focused on the right things. So being productive is not always beneficial
if you’re focused on just getting a to-do list done, but the to-do list has nothing
to do with those four key goals that we just talked about that you need to be focused on
every day, to actually drive revenue and to actually make money and to actually get rich. Productivity isn’t profitable if you’re focused
on the wrong things. You can quote me on that. Put it in the comments below. Repeat it. Sing it from your, I don’t know, rooftop,
whatever you need to do. So, a to-do list can be a dangerous thing
and I’m the queen of this because if I have a to-do list, I need to cross out every single
thing on the list or else I’m not satisfied. And not everything on that list is actually
beneficial or helpful and sometimes it’s busy work. And sometimes other people could be doing
it so that I’m not spending my time on it. And I’m spending my time on the things that
are actually driving revenue and wealth in the business, for the team, for everything
that I need to be building that wealth for. Delete your to-do list and only focus on the
things that are actually going to be driving that revenue and pushing the needle forward,
i.e, if I need to get testimonials which I showed you as one of those key things, I’ll
send out emails and that will be one thing that I need to focus on for the day to my
clients or I’ll do a social media post but everything is done with intention. The moment that you stop having intention
for the things that you’re doing is the moment that you get into real trouble, and you just
start doing things to do them and that is not helpful. Other things like just posting to social media
to post to social media or just scrolling through your Instagram stories to scroll through
your Instagram stories. Those things are not going to make you rich. I hate to break it to you. Posting for the purpose of getting testimonials
or driving traffic to your conversion site or your product, those things, those will
make you rich. See? See what I’m doing here? [inaudible 00:05:47] heads together. Habit number three, and this is so vital and
so simple and it goes back to what I just said, plan your week and your day the night
before. Now, I might make a whole other video on this. Let me know in the comments if you want me
to but how I plan my week and how I plan my day is extremely intentional. And I need to see my whole week on a Sunday
or even sometimes I’ll do it on a Friday just to know what I have coming up the next week
so I don’t get distracted. Because if you just kind of take it day by
day, it’s so easy to get caught up in that busy work, in that stuff that’s not actually
making a difference. So plan your week ahead of time and block
out time for things like learning. Learning a new skill or a new task that’s
ultimately going to help you make money or build your business or your brand bigger so
you can make more money. Building things like sales, how are you going
to drive sales? Block out time in your calendar to actually
do that. Block out time in your calendar and make sure
that you have all those things covered. Plus for me, when I say get rich and the title
of this video is seven simple habits that will make you rich, I’m talking about rich,
yes, monetarily, but also if you’re rich just in finances, you’re not really rich because
there’s a lot of really sad people with a lot of money. So I also mean when you plan your week ahead
of time, make time for friends, block out that time. Block out time for exercise. Block out time for family. So that’s like a whole other can of worms
and a whole other video I could make. Let me know if you want me to make it because
I totally will. But most important thing is like taking audit
of your week on the Friday or the Sunday before. See everything you have coming up and see
how you can prioritize those top four things we discussed in habit number one or top three
things, whatever they may be so that they actually get done during the week. And you have time to have a whole life. Friends, family, exercise, whatever else because
it’s no fun to be sick and rich. You know? The youngest female billionaire in the world,
Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. She is the person who really owns habit number
three which is mindset. And she speaks about mindset being the most
important asset when it comes to being an entrepreneur. And mindset is to entrepreneurs as physical
strength and capacity is to athletes. It’s that important. You got to be working on it daily. A couple of habits that myself and I know
a lot of the people that I look up to and admire and some of the most wealthy people
in the entire world practice daily, gratitude. So every single morning, I in my head or writing
down, I’m writing down something that I’m grateful for and I usually come up with a
whole list. The more that you have gratitude for the things
around you even the little things, the more abundance you create because the more you’re
aware of what’s possible, because you’re actually taking notice of everything that’s good in
your life. So it’s simple. Just sit there and write down three things
you’re grateful for. Are you alive? Be grateful for that. Are you breathing? Be grateful for that. Are you healthy? Be grateful for that. All of those things count. And then the other part of that, at the end
of the day, I always give myself a pat on the back because as somebody who’s driven
as hell, it’s easy to forget to celebrate the wins and it’s easy to just have laser
focus on where you want to go and what you want to do. So I got into the practice about a year ago
of giving myself a pat on the back and saying, “You know what? You accomplished this today. Or you accomplished this, this week.” That’s amazing. And even if it’s a little thing, if you don’t
take time to celebrate those wins, you’ll end up sad and rich, which is not fun or just
sad. Who knows? The mindset piece is really, really important. And also cultivating confidence and making
sure that you’re taking in the right things to have a good mindset and also what I was
talking about in the previous habit is making sure that you’re not reactive and you’re being
intentional and you’re proactive about everything. That’s why planning your week ahead, planning
your day ahead is so important because it puts you in control, you in the driver’s seat
so you’re super confident in every move you make, in every decision and you know that
you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing to get rich. Mindset is key. Some of the things I’ll do is listen to audio
books on a daily basis when I’m in my car. That’s usually when I’m listening to. Listening to like a motivational playlist
when I go to the gym. Watching motivational videos on YouTube. There are so many. There are so many things that you can do to
feed your minds the right content so that you become the most confident version of yourself
because if you’re not confident on a daily basis, how in the world are you going to make
the impact that you want to make or generate the revenue what you want to generate. It’s just not possible. Mindset is freaking key. Oh, this is a goodie. Habit number five, do the things, don’t talk
about doing the things. Funny thing happens in social media where
people will talk and make claims about everything they’re going to do when they haven’t actually
done it, and may not ever do it. So I’m a big believer in doing the work, taking
the action and allowing your success to be the noise. And I know there’s a quote that says something
like that but that’s really what I live by. Do the work in silence and let the success
be your noise because claiming you’re going to do something is not doing it and it’s taking
you away from actually doing the things that are actually going to make you rich in all
aspects of your life, give you abundance, and make real impact. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Habit number six, I think this is something
that most high performers practice and it’s something that changed the game for me when
I started doing it, block your time and protect the crap out of it. So when I mean when I say this is I kind of
mentioned it earlier but I block out my schedule on a weekly basis so that I fit in things
that make my whole happy, full and rich. Meaning time with friends, time with family,
time to exercise, time to eat healthy, time to read, time to do all of those things so
I actually know I need to do them. Otherwise, I would literally work all day
every day because I like it. And I’m crazy. But I need to block out that time so I’m actually
happy, and have a whole life. Blocking your time is really important and
then the other piece of this is protecting the crap out of your time. Saying no is so okay. You have to say yes a lot when you’re getting
started and you have to say yes to most of the opportunities that come your way. And I’ve been in your shoes where you want
to say yes to everything. But be cautious of the things you say yes
to and always go back to your main points, your main goals, the things that are actually
going to make you money, habit number one, most important. And if the thing that you’re being asked to
do or the opportunity that comes your way doesn’t align with those, then it probably
doesn’t need to be done because your time is your most valuable resource. You don’t get it back. It’s not renewable and at the end of your
life, I highly doubt you’re going to be sitting there wishing that you worked more. I think you’re going to be wishing that you
had more time to spend with your friends and your family and to do the things that actually
mattered to you. Your time is vital. Block it. Block your calendar for the things that you
want to accomplish on a weekly basis and also the things that just make you happy. I do a dance class every week. I block that in my calendar to make sure that
I actually do it because it allows me to be a happier, more confident, healthier version
of myself which then allows me to ultimately make more money and make a bigger impact. So, super, super important that you do that
and then also, just say no, and know that it’s okay to say no and being cautious of
how much you love yourself. And self-love and self-work is not a selfish
thing to do. It’s actually a really wonderful and abundant
thing to do because the more full you are, the more your cup is full, the more you can
give back to other people. Habit number seven kind of relates to habit
number one, monitor your money. I don’t know one person who has built a lot
of wealth who’s like, “I don’t really know. I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t really know what’s happening on a
daily basis. I don’t really know what’s going on in my
bank account.” And I can be honest with you and say that
I used to be the person who was like, “I don’t really know. I don’t really know what’s going on.” And then I had to get really smart about managing
my finances. And as the business has grown and we’ve brought
in multiple millions of revenue, I’ve had to be on top of my revenue and I wished that
I had started earlier. I wished that I had been mindful of what’s
coming in, what’s going out, and you should start from day one. And whether you have a business or not, be
checking your bank statements on a weekly, monthly, but weekly was even better, basis. And be cautious of what you’re spending. Again, the wealthiest people in the world
are not the people who are driving around in Lambo’s and flaunting their cash and making
it rain. That’s cool, but generally, the people who
are like ridiculously wealthy, i.e., let’s look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg. Dude wears pretty much the same thing every
day. Steve Jobs pretty much wears the same thing
every single day. Not a lot flash about them. So the people who are real wealthy generally
are pretty minimal and they’re very mindful of their money and they don’t really change
their spending habits no matter how much money they make. Now, it’s personal choice but you want to
make it rain, make it rain. And of course, you could have your moments
where you can be flashy but you have to be mindful of money if you actually want to create
more wealth in your life. Those are the seven simple habits. You can start doing these right now and let
me know in the comments which ones you’re going to start doing today because these will
start to make a huge difference for you. Let me know in the comments. Give this a like if it was helpful for you
and let me know if you want more videos like this or what kind of videos you want to see
on Fridays because I’m posting new videos every Friday. They’re little different than our [inaudible
00:15:24] videos and I am open to your thoughts on what kind of videos you want me to create. I hope this was helpful for you. I know that if I was you and I was just getting
started out, man, I would have loved to have seen a video like this. So I hope this was helpful and impactful for
you. Share it with someone who needs to hear it. Be sure to subscribe for new videos every
single week, Tuesdays and Fridays, and I will see you in the next one. Thank you so much for watching. Oh, wait, before I forget, make sure that
you take a screenshot, and tag me on Instagram @sunnylenarduzzi. Shoot this out on Instagram and let me know
what you thought of this video. Thanks, guys, see you soon. Bye. Happy Friday.


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