7 Rules of Investing For Beginners (start making money in your 20s)

7 Rules of Investing For Beginners (start making money in your 20s)


  1. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose says:

    Where are you in your investing journey?

  2. Passive Income Tom says:

    I've invested for over 20 years because someone in the Army told me to start investing. I started off investing with about $150 a month. Thanks for sharing this Jeff! 👍

  3. Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel says:

    Rule no 1 – never lose money.

    Rule no 2 – never forget rule 1


  4. CodeRevolution TV says:

    Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose provides huge value through the content he publishes. I follow also his advises when I create my own income sources! 🙂

  5. Kenneth C. Andino says:

    Great Content man! Been learning from you since 2 years ago! I became involved with PRIMERICA and learned I can invest into mutual funds for $25/mo. I’ve been doing that for the last 18 months. And increased it into $150/mo.

  6. GenExDividendInvestor says:

    I’m a little over 25 years into my investing journey, and I coincidentally have 25 stocks in my dividend growth portfolio. Now I focus on quality dividend companies, but the advice I’d tell my kids is just to invest in Vanguard broad market ETFs. :). Thanks for the vid!

  7. PlannerCraving With Sondie says:

    I am no where in my investing journey and I really need to start. I love your videos

  8. Bradford Taylor says:

    Who else is watching this in their 40s and wishing YouTube was a thing in the 90s??

  9. Star87 says:

    Loved, loved your YouTube video !! So much information and assurance as well looking into the future!

  10. Michelle Kueh says:

    Can you set up rules for beginners in their 40s Thank you
    I saw this on left corner of the screen Proverbs 12:15 way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.

  11. Nancy || Live With Less says:

    I love that board! And your content of course 😉😊👍

  12. Thepeps22 says:

    awsome vid love it, thank you

  13. Mary Temple says:

    Honestly, I'm pretty new to it. Not a complete newb, but maybe more advanced than a 101 class?

  14. Marl017 6 says:

    Loving the Wealth Board and scriptures. Valuable information as always.

  15. Ace Hardy says:


  16. Leon Money says:

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  17. oscar argueta says:

    I started now lol

  18. Brian Kittle says:

    My #1 rule of investing is to have a plan/strategy and stick with it.

  19. Darius Duffey says:

    Question. Is cash app a good place to start investing? Just seen that they have stocks and Bitcoin

  20. Squintillions says:

    So easy to start and start small now with brokerages going commission free on so many stocks and ETFs.

  21. s ga says:

    The word" hack" is way overused.

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