7 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Rich

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Rich


  1. Dan Lok says:

    What is the biggest problem you’re facing
    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video
    and solve that problem for you.

  2. #1motivational world says:

    Hello Dan sir , I am from India I like your every video and you are inspiration for me . Can you support me? Because I want to become a YouTuber.

  3. Cristian Quintero says:

    Gracias por tan espectacular contenido, increíble que no se vuelva viral y las reproducciones sean tan bajas, ahora se va entendiendo más porqué hay tan pocos millonarios Gracias Dan, saludos desde Colombia.
    Thank you for such spectacular content, incredible that it does not go viral and the reproductions are so low, now I understand more why there are so few millionaires. Thanks Dan, greetings from Colombia.

  4. Zisham Zainuddin says:

    The most important thing in a man's life is his purpose of life . Without purpose of life , a man would become like a lost confused soul without any sense of direction . Purpose of life is doing something you passionate about . Everyone is different , some guy may love sports while some other guy may love playing music or writing . Don't worry …. when you do something you passionate about , the money will flow later .

  5. amine dj music says:

    You are the best 😙😙😙😙

  6. Candace Benjamin says:

    Thank you yen lang for bringing me to this YouTube site

  7. sanskruti barot says:

    In Hinduism money is signified by goddess Lakshmi. And it is said that she dwells with those who are wise, honest, hardworking, pure and even clean. In fact having poor hygiene is supposed to displease Lakshmi. Very true zen saying comes to my mind "the way you do one thing is the way you do everything." Poverty of mind causes poverty in life.

  8. lone warrior says:

    My parents taught me how to invest money and how to earn it when i was at least five. They taught me how to buy houses and to rent them out to make money to have a little side money while working at the schools. I also was in a work place program in high school where i learn how to fix cars, how to be a chief and how to make my own tables and everything out of wood. I also got a jobs offers from it that i was 6 students out of 300 who got offers because i put myself out there instead of hiding behind others. I got a offer from a company that makes shades for grapes farms around the world and i get paid only for the grape seasons and they help me look for a part time job for the rest of the year when the company doesn't need me

  9. Romnick Kenjuran says:

    Applying to be your apprentice

  10. Sumanth Krishnan says:

    Sir Dan,you are too much.wish I had met u 25 yrs back.

  11. Atithan Sinlapapriwan says:

    Every single point here is staggeringly true!

  12. Mayank Arora says:

    You've got my attention after this video

  13. Peter Fichna says:

    Thank you Sifu for all you are doing.

  14. Marisa Mendia says:

    Money is important imma nock u up if i dnt get it 🤣

  15. Tim Smith says:

    I lost my money now I'm doomed

  16. Słnfûl Àńgęł says:

    Am 16 and am working as a barman it is actually my first job and since i started it my mindset towards how you get money changed i met ppl rich ppl, self-made ppl and now am planning on becoming one of them. Even if i fail Pain and failure are the best teachers that life has to offer in my opinion.

  17. ShutUpCatProductions says:

    I’m gonna be broke!

  18. Darkslayer09 ' says:

    Dan I love all of your videos and TYSM for that!!

    Love from Philippines

  19. Aleyna Güneş says:

    Hi Sir Dan Lok have you ever been Turkey?😀

  20. Shąv GrímCïtý says:

    Did this man just give me all the secrets to wealth while distracting me by telling me I'll never get rich? Pure genius

  21. Rahailgin English teacher says:

    I really enjoy your all videos and I am so happy to find u

  22. Green Guy says:

    You be good teacher to childrens and all kind humans. You would be greet teacher of ti chi:) basicks.

  23. Afshaan Rayees says:

    Like the '' Rich dad poor dad'' Translated into 7 points.. 😊

  24. Learn English with Maya says:

    Hi Dan, can I make a video with you?

  25. JC's Fun World says:

    Whenever you pointed a finger to someone else, there are always other 3 fingers pointed at ourselves. True! 100% agree everything you said. Great stuffs.

  26. arnel camarin says:

    Done 100 video in 7 days and also your video is very nice

  27. Adumah Emmanuella says:

    I like u sir for always saying the truth 💯💯

  28. Austin Chikwapula says:

    Always motivated with your videos…

  29. Austin Chikwapula says:

    Always motivated with your videos…

  30. Ankur Joshi says:

    Dan lok I started reading rich Dad poor dad after knowing it's so important and I find it's a great book it tells about how to make money work for you it's so nice I red 60 pages till evening to night 10:o clock I changed all my habits of social media etc and I Wana be rich

  31. Jen Rhea says:

    Thank Heaven for Dan Lok. I wish I'd had access to this information early in life.

  32. Success KE Mantras says:

    Yes , we were brainwashed by family & media that rich are bad😆😆

  33. Safiqullah Khan says:

    U r best

  34. Marc Minicuci says:

    The Last point is the one that stands out for me the most with everyone around me. I feel sick everyday talking to people with such poor mindsets

  35. Raj Kumar Shaw says:


  36. Filip Delac says:

    One of the top videos Dan! Thanks!

  37. Andrew Garcia says:

    #3 was a big one for me. My parents aren't rich tbh they piss broke but act like they got money. That doesn't make sense to me. They don't have a single investment. They've always work for money and not let their money work for them. I just realized this like a week ago laying in bed thinking to myself how life would be if I was rich. I wish I would've seen your videos when I got my first job, but it's never to late right?

  38. Deevog says:

    Only a mind earns and makes you rich, and mind need Idea which clicks in your life

  39. HolyGamer PH says:

    School should taught us this way but all they wanted is to stay focused on academics more than the money..I'm 14 btw love from Philippines

  40. Sarunpat Sucsangdow says:

    Number 6,7 It'a for me 🥶🥶😔😔

  41. Zabi Spanta says:

    The Mainstream Media and advertisers want you to consume

  42. KaptainBasketball says:

    Good vid

  43. Alex Irimescu says:

    That JFK pen <3

  44. Mr. Shadez says:

    No wonder your class is always empty, 97% failed.

  45. Jacob Faro says:

    #2 is very accurate. One of the economics teacher I had couldn't tell me if money was capital or not.

  46. Jivanlal Bais says:

    Really dan sir you are my teacher guider and role model… Love from

  47. John Rey Frondozo says:

    The fact is not all people will become rich

  48. Rahoof Thommancheri says:

    Absolutely right

  49. Rohan Patil says:

    Absolutely correct….

  50. John Rey Frondozo says:

    Can I ask you sir is money your happiness?

  51. Harender Singh says:

    one of the best video i watched today

  52. Dingku Meitei says:

    Sir after watching your motivational videos… I become a stronger than you. If you can do it i can do it that

  53. Roderick Balenda says:

    Money makes the world go around.

  54. Roderick Balenda says:

    Thank you, for setting me free.

  55. Roderick Balenda says:


  56. José Cruz says:

    Dan Lok you are the boss, this reasons why don't will rich is true i'm going to try change my habits and mind about how see the money, thank you for all

  57. Ali The Gamer says:

    Money brings you many resources.

  58. lo sono re says:

    #one is true. its the law of attraction, but most people don't know about how real that is. i also like the one about parents because my parents never taught me anything and they told me only kids with rich parents get rich but i knew they were full of shit from an early age.

  59. ashespump TV says:

    my Professor is Rich and teaching is only a Hobby💪💪

  60. Daily Eastern Report says:

    dude your thoughts are just like me.

  61. Chriz Ñong Calibjo says:

    2019 nov. Thank you sir.

  62. Chandan Jha says:

    Thanks a lot for
    encouraged us.

  63. Matti Moshi says:

    Great video Dan, got me thinking about my future now.

  64. Dana White's double chin says:

    99% of reason why you wont get rich: your parents arent rich

  65. Jan Poonthong says:

    Hi Dan Lok,

    Is Photography a high-income skill

  66. Reach Sovan says:

    Say good bye to Netflix

  67. Abdullah Saqib says:

    8th reason, You did not read “Rich dad ,Poor dad “ book where i got all these 7 points and made a video which you don’t!

  68. Seeking For Anything says:

    Now i know why Very comedian, Entertainer and vlogger have million of views just because we loved to waste our time they consume us and only people watch your videos who wants to make him self counting in 3% people…..

  69. Ved Upadhye says:

    Rich are not evil ..they run this world…they have the power…and I personally believe money is everything. If you are rich you are a millionaire you are the king!👑

  70. the progressors says:

    Very nice… Thanks for making such nice things

  71. Никола Маринов says:

    "money isn't everything, but everything needs money".

  72. Lybil Zasomo says:

    Not only media number one the oligarchs,and they control the world'….

  73. Robby Bonfire says:

    My Jr. H S principal also was a referee for Philly Big Five BB games. He was a ref in a St. Joe’s – Georgetown game at the Palestra I attended. He used to call us “Kiddoes” in assembly. 

    “Poor 101” is what schools teach.

  74. evangeline guanzon b. says:


  75. Aftab Ali 314 says:

    Great sir

  76. Allah The Gratest says:

    Imal iko iz bosne?

  77. Seth Vanloozenoord says:

    1:05 drone by right shoulder

  78. Jee Promod says:

    Thanks sir

  79. Seth Reyers says:

    I dont even watch TV just do research and read books. So I guess at least I got that down!

  80. Jalal Sakib says:

    dude this has a net worth of $50 millionm dollars he rich!

  81. Tetro pt says:

    I’m a teenager and I’m the opposite in all of them

  82. Gatcha Uni-ve says:

    I wrote all the names of all those books in bookshelf.

  83. DuskTillDawn says:

    In school of my country, there are a few subjects that teach about financial education like economy and agriculture. Though the name is agriculture but the scope is huge. And there's a business topic on that subject to teach you about finance like a pro

  84. Jim NORRIS says:

    I'm rich an dont have a dime to my Name,
    I have a home an land that's payed off.
    I have lots of Food,good clean water.
    Yep I'm rich.
    Being Rich doesn't alway come in the form of money.

  85. Briloz Official says:

    Im 14 at this moment but when I was 12 I was addict more to his video but I dont know why I want to coment at the 3 time that I see this one that I feel that I just need money to change the world because without rich people theres no poor people and without them theres no rich people so I just want to said that world is like that and if you feel bad because you are not rich and that's why you see this types of video, please dont think more and do business!!!! I'm just waiting to get 16 at least

  86. Eddie Najera says:

    Idk why but when he said “oh money isn’t everything” I thought it was so funny

  87. lenex macbokz says:

    Boss Danlok teach me how to be a leader

  88. Nadia Oulahri says:


  89. Dr Zorek says:

    This guy is harsh but it’s reality so respect for this man

  90. Dr Zorek says:

    I liked that he said money isn’t everything but money is very important

  91. AIB Company says:

    Thank you sir

  92. Caesar says:

    [email protected] being rich, you're just flesh and bones like everyone else.

  93. Govind pawar says:

    U hv crazy knowledge sir…I'm your big fan🙏🙏🙏

  94. Jetski 15 says:

    I disagree with #3 I came from a family that didn’t have much money and since I was little until I got a job my mom taught me the value of a dollar and to save caught life comes at u hard in an unexpected way financially , my mom always said the sweat u make from ur forehead is the way food will get in ur mouth

  95. Baki sama says:

    I depending on Allah only. Ya Rabb make me rich in ,faith, wealth , health and wisdom. Ameen

  96. Kaushik Dwivedi says:

    Am an teen in india and i am doing both College and job.
    How can make money work for me pls help

  97. Geo Gaming says:

    5:27 👆👆👆😂😂😂

  98. Geoffrey Harris says:

    The only thing I needed to have done better over the last 17 years was to have taken better care of my money.

  99. Davis2Nguyen says:

    #8 You wasted it all on Dan Lok's products

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