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I did Frugal February. I saved over $650
by simply being more mindful in the way that I was spending money. And that $650 is a lot of money and it went towards round three of
The $1,000 Project, where I am building up an investment portfolio that
pays passive income through dividends which is going to contribute towards
charity donations but also creating financial freedom and independence. Now, anyone can get on board with The $1,000 Project. So, I have linked
in the video description box below how to do this but also remember round four
of The $1,000 Project is starting up next month, so definitely get
on board straight away. Now, whilst I was doing Frugal February, I realized some
really powerful and important home truths about being frugal and I wanted
to share them with you in this video. So, here are the seven powerful truths about
being frugal and I guarantee after watching this video you’re going to want
to become more frugal yourself. Truth number one is that being frugal is just people who are poor, broke, and down on their luck. That is completely untrue.
Everyone from all different walks of life do frugal things. This includes
wealthy people. How do you think those wealthy people became wealthy? And how do
you think those wealthy people maintained their wealth? By being frugal
with their money, understanding where their money goes and not wasting it. So,
being frugal is nothing to be ashamed of and it is there for everyone no matter
what your financial circumstance is. Truth number two is being frugal gives
you choice. Those days where I took my lunch to work especially when I did this
for a couple of days in a row or even a couple of weeks in a row. It gave me some fantastic savings which I then had a choice as to how I wanted to use it. I
could decide whether I wanted to use it to buy a new top go for a really nice
meal and massage or even better put it towards my $1,000 project
account so I can do more investing but the point is when you are frugal with
money you free up money and you can decide where those savings want to go.
Truth number three is being frugal is empowering. When you learn to say no, to
say I’m not gonna buy that, actually I’m not going to upgrade, actually I’m not
gonna buy that and this it is an amazing feeling and a lot like exercise, when you
exercise a muscle it gets stronger. So, every time you say no, you actually
strengthen your power. Truth number four to being frugal is you
create a greater sense of awareness. You start to see through all those marketing
and sales tactics and messages that are conscious and subconscious, that are
constantly trying to encourage us to spend, to spend more, to upgrade and you
start to get perspective because you can step back and see this and then instead
of a marketing company or brand or service telling you what you need to buy,
you get that sense of awareness where you decide what you actually need to buy.
Truth number five when it comes to being frugal is you get greater satisfaction
when you do spend. You tend to take a lot greater care or a lot greater enjoyment
in spending that money. For example when I have saved up for a dress or lay buy a
dress and I can finally go and pick it up and bring it home. I am so excited
about that dress. I planned out all the different events and outfits that I’m
going to create with that item. I take care of it. I hang it up neatly when I
wear it. I’m careful not to make sure nothing catches on it. I don’t spill food
on it and when it comes home it gets neatly
put away or it gets cleaned quickly. You tend to take greater care and love with
those items and it means you get greater appreciation and greater satisfaction of
those items which is a beautiful thing. Truth number six that comes from being
frugal is you get an amazingly clear sense of clarity and focus when it comes
to your money. You know exactly where your money goes.
You know exactly what upcoming bills you’ve got when they’re due and how much
your bank account and your brain is not clouded and distracted and draining and
suffocated with excessive unnecessary expenses. You know that everything that
you pay for is what you genuinely love, value, and appreciate. And then the final
truth when it comes to being frugal is you have less attachment. I remember
doing Frugal February, I found this beautiful secondhand Victoria Beckham
dress. It was perfect. It would have gone with so many different outfits and I
could have worn it to so many different events and I couldn’t buy it because it
was Frugal February fair enough. But you know what? I wasn’t that sad. I wasn’t
obsessed with the consumerism, the materialism behind it. I know that there
will be plenty of other and maybe even better dresses out there that are just
around the corner. I didn’t let it drown me. I didn’t let it make me sad or
annoyed or frustrated. I accepted it and moved it on and that is a great feeling
of being in control of your emotions when it comes to spending money. Now, I
hope you can see that frugal is the new black. When you are frugal you have so
much more value in your life. You have a deeper sense of awareness and
understanding and you are on your own path to creating financial independence
and security for yourself. Now, as you guys know my money mantra is only buy what you love, value, and appreciate and I’m more than happy for this to be your
money mantra. Now, moving on to that giveaway. This giveaway is worth $250. Inside this amazing cool beach bag is two books. One of course of The $1,000 Project and Effie’s Zahos’ book which is literally only just
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perspectives at looking at money. Particularly around relationships and
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from being frugal because I would love to hear from you as to what you love the
most from being frugal but I also think this will really help inspire other
people to become more mindful in the way that they use and spend money. Now, I
really hope you enjoyed this video. Please feel free to share this video on
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  1. Wilma Uribe says:


    Thank you! Your videos have taught me and inspired me to be more frugal and to take steps to financial independence. I am divorced and had to start with nothing at nearly 40, it has been a hard struggle, but your advice has helped.
    I feel more empowered and know I’m on the way to being independent! Thank you!!!!

  2. Hatter5150 says:

    I've been better about being frugal but I wondered if you wouldn't mind addressing this odd fear I have. I have a lot of debt and make good money and have been taking those slow steps towards learning to budget, getting out of debt, saving an emergency fund, etc until I realized my wonderful new job pays less than I thought and doesn't quite cover my monthly expenses. This made me turn to the idea of making money on the side. I've come up with a few good ideas and have taken first steps in that direction but for some reason, I'm afraid to make extra money. I have many good things I can sell and have sold a few items online but I feel this weird paralysis about selling more. I have a decent idea for an etsy shop and have gathered the materials (for very cheap) but am afraid set up the shop. I have a good idea for a blog and have even purchased the domain name and theme but I'm afraid to set it up. I've thought about driving for food delivery in my area but again, I'm scared of making extra money. Where does this feeling come from?

  3. SophieWildRobin says:

    I know you're thinking more consciously about waste and the environment, have you considered animal cruelty? For instance, Max factor are not a cruelty free brand. There are sooooo many amazing and affordable cruelty free skincare and makeup brands out there now, there's lots of choice and no one should be missing out on anything in particular and you know that no animals have been needlessly harmed for your product 🙂

  4. Erin Brooker says:

    Favourite part of being frugal is that it helps remove any unnecessary financial stress. It allows you choice and empowers 🙌🏻

  5. Diana Milosevska says:

    My way of being frugal is investing in a keep cup and still buying my morning coffee, saving the small amounts and deposit the loose change in my money box and keeping the environment clean too

  6. Notaburden 9 says:

    @notaburden9 and my favorite benefit is from being frugal is that I actually have money left over after each paycheck. I'm not using my credit card.

  7. Ami Wallis says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is the slow but steady build up of my $1000 project account and knowing where all of my money has gone over the last week!

  8. Aileen Gutierrez says:

    The best part about being frugal is not being wasteful and having only what you actually need and value in life! As per your motto, #LessButBetter 😉

  9. DMarieCosmeticJunkie says:

    First watching the debt amount go down then watching the savings go up!

  10. I love cake says:

    I love your videos. Just wondering if you will be doing any content videos on saving/preparing for baby, how to be frugal with purchases, tips a d tricks. Preparing finances for maternity leave? I HOPE YOU DO!

  11. FAB CHIC says:

    Being frugal, like my son said, is being cheap like my husband… lol… but otherwise we live in a beautiful house, that he built and we have savings!

  12. Leslie Lowrimore says:

    @leslieglow Practicing being frugal IS an exercise Canna! That is so true. Sometimes I fail, and I hate buyer remorse. I've been practicing the 'wait a day or sleep on it' idea before buying and almost always when I wait I don't even long for it anymore.

  13. amy .plusthree says:

    @amy.plusthree My favourite benefit to being frugal is that my whole mindset has changed as a result. I find i now appreciate the things i do own on a much more meaningful level and feel like i have all that i need 💖

  14. CHIARAZARD says:

    My favourite thing is the peace of mind that it brings!

  15. renee brown says:

    Love all your tips! So excited to read your next book. You can follow me @eenerb362 my favorite thing about being frugal is the excitement i get from saving a dollar… that dollar or 10 can make a huge impact on your saving especially on the investment accounts. I find myself ecstatic to tell people what i paid for any item.

  16. Bec A says:

    @becarthur42.2 being frugal for us means choices. We can choose to save money, spend our money on things (not necessarily physical things) that bring us joy, look for ways to reduce our waste by reusing, making, recycling and create wealth through paying off debt and creating passive income streams. Can't wait for the next $1000 project round and the new book 🙂

  17. Lucy Kingsbury says:

    @lucyk123 my favourite thing about being frugal is being able to save up and afford to buy one piece of clothing that I will love and use all the time, rather than lots of cheap pieces that eventually fall apart! Love your channel xx

  18. Han Bulban says:

    Can I be your sugar man-baby?

  19. Han Bulban says:

    This is very true most of the truly rich people I know are very frugal, drive an old used car live in a small home and wear same clothes for years.

  20. Steph Y says:

    My Instagram handle is @sgbg0819.
    I really like the idea of being in control of my finances. That I’m being frugal because I can’t “afford” it right now rather than not at all. It helps me prioritise and live a more meaningful life. I learn to be disciplined first with something tangible as in my money but really being frugal helps my mental health in more ways. It’s not just money now also how I perceive the more important things and being able to set aside those that aren’t. This spills out to my relationships those that are healthy and those that aren’t. My social habits again those that are healthy and those that aren’t. Ultimately being frugal has helped not only my bank account but also in all aspects of my being… mental, physical and emotional health.

    Canna, thank you for helping us become more savvy with money. Thanks for helping me realise that my finances don’t have to control the direction of my life rather that I can use my money as a tool to help walk on my own path.. More importantly, thanks for making the process fun and easy.


  21. Oana Floria says:

    @floriaoana my favourite thing about being frugal is that i waste less (money, energy, time, food and supplies) and helps my organizing style of living saty on track and not get side tracked by the "marketing traps". it's been a joy living since finding and watching your channel, for which I am grateful. thank you

  22. Mayra T says:

    Canna if I close a couple of my Credit Cards for a more reasonable APR CC to consolidate my debt. Is closing such good standing accounts effect my credit rating? Thank you

  23. Claire Ramsey says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is being able to have 'spare' money to give back to my parents (whether directly, or in gifts, gestures, paying for their meal at a restaurant etc) as they spent their time and money helping me get to where I am now.

  24. Tiffany Campbell says:

    my favorite benefit form being frugal is seeing the value in things. i am able to see the value in the things that i DO purchase while being frugal. i don't just purchase whatever whenever. i buy things with value that i know that i will be able to attain for a long time and things that are important to me and my frugal journey.

  25. K Effrett says:

    That I am setting myself up for an amazing life to go places I’ve dreamt of and think about and buy things so they mean more to me when I own them and for when I buy food that’s more extravagant than my normal day to day food that it becomes a memory and something to look forward to. By not buying everything I can (or can’t afford) and not doing everything I want to right now, I’m helping myself save and be excited for the future, instead of buying meaningless items or taking for granted the value of my money. I can’t wait till I own a home and I can’t wait for my dream holiday and I’m excited to keep living a life my past self helps me live.

  26. Linda Jakubowski says:

    I love being frugal it's a lifesyle i choose in order to reach my goals sooner.

  27. Hannah Best says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is being able to spend my money on things that really matter to me, rather than wasting money on impulse purchases or things I could live without.

  28. Lacey r_83 says:

    My favorite thing about being frugal is having the money in savings to go towards the things we really want in life – i.e. travel, retirement, saving up for quality items, etc. The peace of mind is so worth it!! To do this, we cut costs in our everyday lives by being a one-car family (we have done this for years), really stretching the groceries before payday and getting creative with meals to use up what we buy, having minimalist wardrobes, cutting out cable and unnecessary charges & fees, to name a few. It really does add up!

  29. rebecca riddell says:

    @rebex0 realising you don’t need everything

  30. Sharron Motro says:


    My favourite thing about being frugal is saving money that allows me freedom of choice to use the money in many different ways. For me building a trading investment portfolio that generates some income and charity funds is exciting and I cannot wait to start the $1000 project in May my first time and get started in this new way of living 😃

  31. Trinidad Lara says:

    The best thing, beside saving money, is see the life with another perspective. Save the planet, not waist.

  32. Olivia Richards says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is being able to go away for a weekend with my partner, eat out and buy things we usually wouldn’t because we are so careful with our money! It’s such a reward and there is no guilt!

  33. sku says:

    #Frugal tip- Always pack snacks, go shopping after eating reasonably well, dressing well and with a list ( this helps sticking to what’s on the list). For activities with friends/ family over weekends – Offer suggestions like hike, eating in and watching Netflix instead of going to movies at the theater to save money. Small savings really do add up 🙂

    #Blessing: The sense of achievement buying a house and almost being done, paying down mortgage.Have been aggressively pursuing retirement and kids education fund goals. It’s amazing how consistent and timely savings can make lofty goals feel within reach in time. In a singular moment it can feel out of reach but when you look back – it feels inevitable when you pursue your goals with passion

  34. Ningate Wicole says:

    Frugality certainly gives you the ability to eliminate debt and gain peace of mind, but being frugal can be creative and fun. I enjoy stepping outside the box, reframing a problem and seeking alternative solutions. Frugality is not just about the numbers, but a challenge stretching our ability to adapt and grow.

  35. Tamika Wickham says:

    I don't always love being frugal but what I do love about being frugal is that our home deposit is gradually growing and we always have a great emergency fund which really takes alot of stress out of life.

  36. elikaa L says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is achieving my goal ( which is saving more money into my emergency account) earlier than I expected and watching the money growing little by little x

  37. elikaa L says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is achieving my goal ( which is saving more money into my emergency account) earlier than I expected and watching the money growing little by little x

  38. Simone Lippold says:


    My favourite thing about being frugal is the peace it brings my little family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 We have been able to spend more quality time together doing fun, free/ low cost activities.

  39. P Zingales says:


    My favourite thing about being frugal is the power and options it ha created for my life and my family.

  40. Gigi Zilly says:

    Good evening, on Instagram I am @lady.budget and I have just started my frugal lifestyle.
    I have a lot of debt so am learning how to save money as much as I can.
    Tonight I finally took on the meal prep message. I spent $40 and made seven dinners for $2.61 each. I racked up a fairly hefty debt at my works canteen and cannot believe how much cheaper this is.
    I’ve also started using my keep cups instead of letting them sit in my cupboard. I take a morning coffee with me in the car saving me $5.40. I make two coffees during the day at work as well as one for the road home or a cup of tea. I’m saving $10.80 in one day, that’s $54 a week or $2160 a year.
    It’s all these little swaps I’m learning to make that is saving me money in the long term.

  41. Amy Povey says:

    @amymedit my favourite frugal thing to do is I save an amount of my wage every fortnight into a savings account for my sons future. Ive completed this since the day he was born. He is four (4yrs). I am recently a single mum and I am so proud That I have done this little achievement. I still continue to do this practice 😀 🙏🏻

  42. Russel Jasmine says:

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  43. Groover James says:

    I clear my debt and all my old bills was paid off with the help of hackerhanyupinyin at Gmail,com
    Or text him on WhatsApp (937) 582-1364

  44. Amanda Martin says:

    @panda14244 I love being frugal because it is better for both the environment and my wallet. When I do buy something I do think about quality over quantity.

  45. MsGranvillegirl says:

    Living below my means has enabled me to start building investments for a secure financial future. Side note: I'm so glad I found your channel, my finances were always good, but I never invested my extra cash (it just sat there in my bank account). I made my first dividend last month thanks to you 🙂 @pollywhynot

  46. Jana Nguyen says:


    My favourite thing about being frugal is realising what you already have and maximising the uses out of it i.e. an appreciation for life

  47. Rebecca Ruhle says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is the joy it brings me knowing I've working towards my financial freedom! I love to reduce waste and my impact on the environment.

  48. Saeat Alyad says:

    Have you considered having a dinner or lunch in Sydney for 14 to 18 adults who pay & bid the highest $ amount for each seat so they can have lunch/dinner with you for 90-120 minutes and socialise and ask question and share their success stories while eating? and you can invest the profit from that lunch/dinner or if want can donate it to a charity like Guide Dogs NSW in Chatswood 😀

  49. Jodie B says:

    Another benefit I've discovered from being frugal is how much smarter I am being with my money. An example of which is I learned from you with the coffee body scrub idea. I don't have coffee at home. However we do have one where I work (it's REALLY GOOD coffee). I've taken to emptying the used coffee grains into a container and taking them home to make my own coffee body scrub, or even to use in my herb garden. My Instagram account is @freyja_fallon_fancy_frenchies.

  50. emiliec17 says:

    What's not to love about being frugal?! Being frugal has changed the way I think and feel about everything. When I do occasionally make special purchases they mean more. When I invest in shares I feel empowered. If I ever worry about my future I know I have the tools and resources to cope. Resilience, self-control and enjoyment, there's so many benefits!!

  51. Katie Zerafa says:

    @_katiieexo The best part of being frugal is learning how to budget before commencing Parental Leave which will reduce my fortnightly income for quite some time. It greats to start now as it's heaps with realising What is a need VS want.

  52. Tammi Ireland says:

    @tammi_ireland | My favourite benefit of being frugal is the sense of non-material self-satisfaction it gives me. I work in social media and it’s so easy to get swept up in the Instagram flash sales, but when I stop and make a mindful choice not to purchase, it gives me such a better inner feeling than any pearl earrings / linen bedsheets ever could. Love your work, CC!

  53. Catharina Grant says:

    My favorite thing is, as you said, you gain greater appreciation for what you have. My husband and I make a point if making all our meals during the week so that when we get a takeaway meal it feels special and a treat rather than something we have done out of convenience or because we are too lazy to cook

  54. Rachel Hagen says:

    The best thing about being frugal is that I saved up enough money to retire early and I walked away from a job that I did not like

  55. Anne Conroy says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is the simplicity. Our budget is simpler, our house is minimised and our daily lives are less stressful

  56. Alison Weatherley says:

    I am embracing a more frugal lifestyle to get back to basics of what I enjoy in life and to save for my own IVF journey hopefully starting later in the year!

  57. Emma Seears says:

    @seearsemma My favourite thing about being frugal is feeling like I have control over the family finances, that I can make a real difference in things that I decide to include in our life these choices affect my family’s health wellbeing and I like the idea that I will able to influence my children so that when they grow up they will be better prepared to go out into the world and also make choices.

  58. Stacey Pyle says:

    @_staceypyle my favourite thing about being frugal is having the money to say YES to the things we really love, value and appreciate. And I love the fact that saying NO now doesn’t me we can’t buy it or can’t afford it it means I’m CHOOSING not to because I value my money more.

  59. Brooke Brighs says:

    @sakiandeve I have a full time job and a side hustle, I love being frugal (not every month) so I can watch my bank balance grow. Then when we get to go on family holidays and make memories with our children and not have to worry about saying No to the kids.

  60. Danielle Barnes says:

    @deesavesdollars – my favourite thing about being frugal is the feeling of control I get and the excitement that comes from that!

  61. Nic Mortimer says:

    I love the sense of freedom of bein frugal and achievment. Teaching my girls theres other ways alternatives than buying things. Like re using glass jars for our chia puddings instead of buying more cluttering containers

  62. Kiki Petika says:

    @kikipetika My favourite thing about being frugal is being able to realize how wasteful I have been in the past and also to feel in control with my money, as I have been a compulsive shopper for years.

  63. Ebony Edwards says:

    @ebonynikita my favourite thing about being frugal is that it also motivates me to declutter and clean my home. It is so satisfying living in a clean and minimalistic environment.

  64. Anja Bitzer says:

    I think the aspekt I love the most is the health aspect. If I don‘t buy food for lunch I need to cook at home and this is more healthy. Also the stress about spending money reduces and gives more mental feedom.

  65. Sarah Houlahan says:

    @sarah.houlahan my favourite part about being frugal has been saving for our first home and going to Europe. Making our dollar go further for the future and beautiful experiences! 🤞💖

  66. Gilda Fashion Boutique says:

    @gildafashionboutique loving a minimalist lifestyle and only buying what I need, value and love.

  67. Courtney Plz says:

    The best things about being frugal
    – being debt free by not spending money on things I don’t need
    – minimising my environmental footprint
    – increasing my savings for house deposit and private school for my daughter

  68. Sally Wettenhall says:

    @sallymally is my handle. Fave thing currently about being frugal is the money i save is going towards my holiday in september. Long term frugal means i can go on a holiday every now and then, woo hoo!

  69. Harney Ketterer says:

    @harneyk9 My favourite part about being frugal is I now take my lunch to work and have stopped buying coffee everyday, so now at lunch time there is usually 5-6 of us “regulars” who have lunch together at work from different departments, and it’s always really fun – and some days we head out after lunch and grab a coffee together, which makes the coffee taste better because I don’t have every day and I have good company when I do ! This lunch time ritual can / has also turned around many a “bad day” at the office

  70. Laura Davini says:

    @lauralu my favorite thing about being frugal is exercising my willpower muscles and becoming a great financial role model for my son.

  71. Anna Cummins says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is showing my children that materialism is not the most important thing in life.

  72. M G says:

    @madigeorge92 My favourite benefit from being frugal is that it has allowed me the opportunity to be more mindful and more present. Instead of sitting in a cafe and ordering some food, I now prefer a homemade tea in a thermos on the beach while I watch the waves. I find this equally as satisfying as my old (expensive) habits ✨

  73. Angie Whiting says:

    @whitiangie My favorite part of being frugal is just knowing the bill's are paid, I dont have to worry about money, and I dont get guilty feelings for buying things I dont need! No shame!

  74. Guadalupe Ayala says:

    I had never heard the word frugal until I came across with your awesome videos. I start immediately being frugal and started paying more attention to where my money was going. Going frugal has also help save money that is now going to towards my debt because my plan is to payoff my debt by the end December 2019. You are my very favorite financial advisor. Thank you for everything you do for this community ♥️♥️♥️

  75. Tho Somnang Son says:

    My favorite thing about being frugal: I have the freedom to choose to spend my money on things that really matter to me & my family. IG @arcencielmaman

  76. Lynda O'Rourke says:

    The best part of being frugal for me has been a greater awareness of how much money I waste without even realizing it. It has changed my entire outlook on money & given me the opportunity to allow 5% of my savings to donate to my chosen charities.

  77. Brit Cooling says:

    Best thing about being frugal is getting to the next pay day and having money in my account that could have easily gone on a coffee or lunch. The eco factor is another massive one for me, being frugal is also being a conscious consumer!

  78. Kimberley McMahon-Coleman says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is watching our net worth increase!

  79. Karen Palmer says:

    @karen.palmer.photography Hey Canna, great video and congratulations on baby apple. For me being frugal has brought my dream of buying a house from a fantasy into something that is tangible and within reach. I used to look at my take home pay and convince myself there was no way I could save up the deposit needed on a home, but since I took control of my money and decided what was important to me, which luxuries I would allow myself and how much I would pay my future self, I am now half way there on a house deposit 🤗

  80. Sefurion says:

    @thehillssaver – I love being frugal as it is more than penny pinching- it’s focusing on simple pleasures such as family, diy and self care.

    A great alternative to our celebrity obsessed culture

  81. Remi Hill says:

    I love living a frugal life as it helps with my anxiety by having less clutter in my apartment and also giving me a sense of financial security by saving money only buying necessary items or items I love. Thank you Canna.

  82. Ash W. says:

    I love that I have changed the way I value one dollar and have made saving money a little game by consciously think before making a purchase. It’s like seeing how much I can save off my shopping list gives me a little win!

  83. claireh427 says:

    @msclaireharris my favourite thing about being frugal is that I have savings for emergencies. In the past week I’ve been able to pay for my obstetrician and my kid’s surgery without resorting to credit and without stress.

  84. femmefitale says:

    Love the video, as always! My favourite frugal benefit is the double benefit of having less clutter and not wasting money on junk/impulse purchases!

  85. Ashlee Baily says:

    By being smart with b-paying my bills on a weekly basis when I get paid (which fits so much better into my cashflow – i never get a bill at the end of the month for anything!) I find I can supercharge my savings and travel often which is something I value so much!

  86. Elly Soyoun Kim says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is that I get to learn about my spending habit. After I started my frugal time, I realized that how I was used to having lunch outside, buying coffees twice a day and spending $1 or $2 here and there easily. Now I take my lunch and coffee from home and think twice before I purchase something.

    Canna, your book made me realize that money is not about how much more money you make but how you spend that money.

  87. Nadine S says:

    So many things I love about being frugal. The most rewarding thing for me has been sharing this amazing journey with my two children, who I am role modelling for every day. They now see more value in things, in money and in time. Together we are embracing the moments and memories that are really important to us and not the clutter or overspending. We have just started a new bank account for the $1000 project and the girls are watching, learning and contributing to it, helping me with new ideas and collecting all their recyclable items for the return and earn scheme. Thank you Canna for giving us so much inspiration!!

  88. Emily M says:

    I love challenging myself not to buy something that I don't really need. If I really want something, it's more satisfying to put money away and earn it instead of impulsively buying it!

  89. Kate Wholohan says:


    Control ! My fav thing is control of my money & making a conscious decision as to how I spend it.

  90. Nikki Montplaisir says:

    My Instagram handle is @anintrovertedbookworm and my favorite part about being frugal is two-fold. 1) I get to learn how to take more control over where my money goes instead of my money controlling me. 2) Being able to put more money toward debt

  91. Michelle Mcdermott says:

    Being frugal gives me such a great sense of accomplishment and empowers me to make better choices in my everyday life. It makes me think twice about what I am mindlessly spending my money on so I make better choices 😊

  92. alexrodrick says:

    I love being more mindful about the way I shop by using a wishlist. I started doing this after doing a wardrobe clearout and feeling extremely guilty seeing just how many things I had never worn and were still new with tags. Instead of buying things straight away (like I used to!) I add items to my wishlist. If an item stays on my wishlist for a while then it’s an indication to me that I actually do I love it! It makes me so much more careful with my spending and ensures I don’t get sucked in to buying things just because they’re on sale or have lots of hype on Instagram!

  93. Paris Hanson says:

    My favorite unexpected benefit from being frugal is being present and at peace! When I take the time to appreciate everything I already own (instead of constantly buying new things) I spend my day in gratitude and feel at peace instead of constantly wanting more!
    It’s also fun to find low cost and free activities for me and my partner for date nights and finding creative ways to fund our travel adventures!

    Ps. Thank you so much for your constant inspirational videos and post, i can’t say enough how much i love your channel and Instagram!!

  94. Brooke Elliott says:

    By being frugal, I now appreciate what I spend my money on, as I only purchase items that bring absolute value and joy into my life.

  95. Amanda Walls says:

    I love saving money by eating great food at home that I prepare! I love to cook.

  96. Aida Pardo says:

    My favourite thing about being frugal is that I appreciate more what I have

  97. Rachel Walters says:

    @rach.walters my favourite thing is the peace of mind it brings!

  98. heArt makes says:

    For me being frugal is mindfulness is having control and freedom about my choices, my money, my own work. Is a way of welth life!

  99. Karen Possemato says:

    @kposs99 I love the clarity of what’s important that being frugal provides: the hidden clarity of what you really want more of instead of the instant gratification that kind of tricks you into thinking you are gratified (for example: you really crave rest or some kind of comfort and you end up online shopping at work, which doesn’t really satisfy your craving for rest, it only gives you that short burst of dopamine, then you are right back where you started). Frugality is teaching me what I really value.

  100. Karen Dianne To Chip says:

    It is easier to let go of things when you sell it on preloved markets.

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