7 Extremely Lazy Ways To Make More Money | The Financial Diet

7 Extremely Lazy Ways To Make More Money | The Financial Diet

Hey guys. It’s Chelsea from
The Financial Diet. And this week’s video is
brought to you by Wealthsimple. And today we’re talking about
some extremely lazy ways to make money right now. You can do these things
when you feel like it. And in some cases, you
may already be doing them, you’re just not
making money off them. Especially in times when
money might be super tight or you’re working
toward a specific goal, every little bit counts. And these little bits are
some of the laziest ways to make more money. So let’s get right into them. Number one is rent
out everything. It turns out there’s
basically no limit to the amount of things
that you can rent out, depending on how open
minded you’re willing to be. Enterprising individuals
have apparently rented out everything from their bathroom
during Mardi Gras, all the way to their old Halloween costumes. But some of the most common
and practical ways to do this are renting out your car
with services like Turo which have been around for
almost a decade, or an app like Getaround, which is
newer but growing quickly in places like LA and DC. In either case, how
much money you can make depends on the value of
your car and how often you want to rent it out. Getaround states that
their average user makes around $6,000 a
year, and Turo even has a little tool to help you
estimate how much money you could make with them. And even on the very low
end, it’s over $1,000 a year, which is enough to
fund a vacation. You just want to
make sure you totally understand the insurance
implications, which we will link you to more
info on in the description. If you have one, you can
also rent out a parking spot. This works very similarly
to renting out your car. And according to
one source, you can charge anywhere from
$15 to $35 a day in big cities like
New York, Philly, San Francisco, et cetera,
where parking is scarce, which could add up to more
than $3,000 in a year. And there are tons of
services to choose from, things like Curb
flip or Spot Hero. And you can also rent
out many household things that you’re just not
using all the time, things like outdoor equipment
like bikes or kayaks, which people apparently rent
from anywhere from $15 to $50 a day, or tech like
cameras and projectors. One easy rental site you
can check out is Zilock, but there are also
many smaller sites that are specific to
certain items, things like surfboards and paddles. We will link you to all of those
in the description as well. Number two is make an
investing piggy bank. When it comes to
making more money, there is simply no lazier way
of doing it than investing. But for so many
people, it can feel really complicated
and intimidating, and it’s easy to assume
that you need a lot of money to get started. Which by the way,
is extremely untrue. You can start with literally $1. And this failure to
take investing seriously costs us big time,
especially women. The wealth gap is even
starker than the pay gap. Women have about $0.32 for
every $1 of wealth a man has. And without that
nest egg, women are 80% more likely to live in
poverty after retirement. And even amongst millennials,
despite our increasing gender parity and things like education
and employment, only 53% of millennial women are
saving for retirement versus 71% of millennial men. So what do you do to combat
this, especially as a woman? You make what we call
an investing piggy bank. Not the kind that you’d
smash as a little kid, but an online place
to grow your money. You open up an
investment account, according to your needs, and
they take literally minutes to set up. You label it piggy bank,
and every extra dollar you come across goes
into that piggy bank. Of course, following our 80-20
rule of unexpected money, which is to say that 80%
goes to something smart, in this case, your
piggy bank, and 20% you get to spend as you like. Get an unexpected
reimbursement for something? Piggy bank. A big tax refund? Piggy bank. Card from grandma,
which for some reason still includes a check even
though you are definitely an adult? Piggy bank. Even challenging
yourself to shave off one bit of extra money
from a specific category in your budget can be extra
money for your piggy bank. If you challenge yourself to
do this for an entire year with all of your extra
or unexpected money, you will be shocked at
the kind of nest egg that you can save for yourself
in such a painless way. After that, you can make
this investment account a regular part of your budget. But this will help you get
the ball rolling, which is usually the hardest part. Treating investing as something
as un-scary, convenient, and routine as a
piggy bank makes it accessible for everyone. And there is no better
place for your piggy bank than Wealthsimple. Wealthsimple is an
online investing service that is as simple
and human as it gets. They’ll build you
a custom portfolio to fit your personal
needs, goals, and timeline. Just answer a few
simple questions about your financial
goals, and they’ll manage it for you on autopilot. Set it, forget it, let it go
to work in the background, and drown out the
noise along the way. They also offer a socially
responsible investing portfolio that invests in companies
that support gender diversity. You can set up
automatic deposits from your bank
account, as well as set up a smart savings
account with higher rates than big banks for your
shorter term goals– your wedding, your
next adventure, or that handbag you need. The fees are much lower
than traditional investors, and TFD viewers get a $50 cash
bonus for getting started. Check them out
Wealthsimple.com/TFD, or use the link in
our description. You can get started
with literally $1 and it only takes a few minutes. No excuses. Number three is form
an Airbnb buddy system. Now, this is one of my
absolute favorite ways to earn a little bit extra
sneaky cash because it checks so many boxes. It’s low effort,
you get to buddy up with one who shares your
goal, you spend more time with friends, and you get
to use a system creatively. This is actually something
I did from time to time with my old studio
when I lived in Paris, and it’s something
that you and a friend can easily do if both of
your apartments, or rooms, are eligible to list on Airbnb– and you’re looking to
make a little extra cash. You simply pick the
time frame that you want, like one week a
month, one weekend a month, two weekends a month, et cetera. And during that time,
one of you rents out your place or your room
and stays with the buddy, and then you reverse it. And even if you choose to
just do this over the summer, let’s say, or in saving
up for a summer vacation– even in a short
period of time, It’s a way to literally
make potentially thousands of dollars while
getting to have slumber parties with your friends. This is especially effective if
you each have your own place, but it can also work
great if both of you have a decently sized
room in an in-demand area. Number four is be a Guinea pig. In other words,
be part of surveys and focus groups that
help researchers find out what consumers want. There are loads of
online destinations that make it simple to take
short, easy surveys for pay. A popular site for
this Surveyjunkie, which pays in either
gift cards or cash. The catch is that the range of
what these surveys pay is huge, so you want to make sure
to do your research. One frequent user
of Surveyjunkie from the blog,
Frugal for Less said, I found that you can make
anywhere from $5 to $12 an hour with Surveyjunkie. If you want to earn at a
rate closer to 12 per hour, stick to higher
paying surveys that can be completed in a
short amount of time. Another big site is
Swag Bucks, which doesn’t pay in cash
but rather in points that you can redeem for gift
cards for stores like Amazon. They also have a lot
more that you can do besides just taking surveys. For example, you can
watch videos for them. The same user we
just mentioned said, it’s a great method to spend
less than half an hour per day on the website and rake in about
10 to 20 extra dollars in gift cards. And while surveys are
definitely the easiest route, focus groups are definitely
the biggest bang for your buck. You can often make anywhere
between $100 and $200 an hour doing focus groups. To find focus
groups in your area, you can simply do a
search of focus groups plus your location. But you can also
do them from home. To avoid leaving your
house, you can check out the website Respondent,
where the average payout is about $140. The only catch is that you have
to qualify based on your job, demographics, et cetera. But it’s really worth checking
out for that extra easy money. Five is do a radical
decluttering. Something that I am a
huge fan of personally, and which we love to
talk about on TFD, is doing a radical declaring
in an area of your life. It could be your home, your
wardrobe, your social media, wherever. And when it comes
to those first two, getting rid of all of that stuff
that you no longer need or use frequently isn’t just about
freeing up space in your home or being more intentional about
the things you’re actually using. It’s also about making
money off of all that stuff you’re getting rid of. So go through your house
and sort the things that you’re getting rid of into
categories– things like tech, books, clothes, et
cetera, and challenge yourself to see how
many of those items you can resell for the
best possible price. Here’s where you can do
it for each category, and we’ll link you to
everything in the description. Thread up, Poshmark and local
thrift or consignment stores are great places to resell
clothes that you’re not using, but which are in good quality. Make sure, of course, to wash
iron and nicely photograph the items before you take
them in or list them online, because nothing will decrease
the value of a clothing item, even a really nice one,
more than it looking really sad and old and used. When it comes to
tech products, there are several excellent
websites which specialize in the reselling
of old tech products– things like cameras, phones,
computers, et cetera. Selling old
furniture, of course, can also be a great way to
not just declutter, but also potentially finance, the new,
better suited for your life furniture you might be getting. For example, in
our bedroom we’re about to change
back to a queen bed because Mark is, just frankly,
a giant who should not be sleeping in a full bed. And in order to do
that, we have to get rid of our dresser,
which we’re turning into a vertical wardrobe,
as well as obviously get the new bed. So we’re selling that dresser as
well, as that bed and mattress, to help finance
our new purchases. And when I switch over
to that vertical wardrobe from my current
closet dresser setup, it will be a great chance
to go through my clothes and be radically honest with
myself about what I could sell. Voila. And even books– especially
textbooks or technical books– are extremely resellable. There are several
different websites and ISO places that you
can sell these books. And getting different
payouts will just depend on the quality and
the reusability of the book. Number six is monetize
things you’re already doing. So here’s something you
may not have realized. That thing you were already
planning on doing in your life, like walking more, losing
weight, or cutting your hair, is something you can
make money off of. For things like weight loss,
there are really cool sites, like healthy wage, where you
can bet against your own weight loss goals. You earn real cash profits
if you hit the goals that you bet against. And it’s not just a
way to earn money, it’s also a great motivator
to stay true to those goals. And if you’re like me, who used
to have almost down to my butt length hair, and then went
super short because I wanted a new do, and you’re
looking to make some super easy extra money,
selling that long hair can be extremely valuable. And yes, you can also
donate your hair. But if you are really in need
of cash, this is a great option. There are calculators that will
show you about how much you could get for your hair. And just for fun, I
looked up how much I could have made when
I did my big chop. And since I have quite
thick hair that is red, and also has never
been dyed in my life, and I cut off quite
a lot of it, I could have earned $850 from
my hair, approximately. There are also great apps
which will help you make money while you shop, either
through cash back incentives, or for paying you to
be a secret shopper. And lastly, as we’re
always going on here at TFD about how you should be swapping
in walking for driving whenever possible, there is
a really cool app now that will pay
you to do just that. It’s an app called Sweatcoin,
and it literally pays you out for every step you take,
every move you make. Literally, it pays you. It pays you in it’s own coins,
which you can then trade in for things like gift
cards, workout equipment, classes, et cetera. Sweatcoin currently
has a 4.4 rating on the appstore with
over 20,000 reviews. And I’m actually
signing up for it myself, because as a New
Yorker who walks everywhere by default, I could
be making hella sweat coins without even trying. These are just a few examples. But the point is, figure out
what you’re already doing, and then figure out how
to make money off of it. And lastly, number
seven is pet sitting. Now, one of the things
that you’re never really prepared for
when you get a pet is how expensive slash
inconvenient pet sitting can be. And we’re fairly lucky in that
Mona is a very good traveler and small enough that we can
take her a lot of places. And my parents are
just a train away in Philly, where they can
often take her and sit her with their own dog. But recently, when we
were out of the country for nearly three weeks, we
had to pay for all that time in pet sitting. But it dawned on
me in that moment just how easy an income
pet sitting is, especially on the side. It’s even lower maintenance
than babysitting. And even if you don’t want
to use it just for income, you can also use pet sitting
as a way to travel for free. Trusted house sitters is
basically a site like Airbnb, where instead of paying someone
for their home, you house sit and pet sit for them
while they’re also away. And if you’re just looking
to make extra cash, there are great apps
and sites like Rover, that will allow you to do
it at your convenience. And you can either stay
in the person’s house, or bring the pet to your own. This can also be a great
way to see if you’re really ready to have a pet if
you’ve been considering it for a long time, or to
get the joy of an animal from time to time without
having to commit to one. It’s also one of
the few jobs where you can literally earn extra
money while you’re sleeping. Plus, you get to
cuddle with an animal. Whatever you decide
to do, remember that earning extra money doesn’t
have to be overly complicated, require you to learn new skills,
or even do things differently than you were probably
already doing them. You can make extra money
while still being super lazy. And you can tailor
your side incomes to the way you live your life. And remember that no
way to make more money is going to be lazier or
more rewarding than investing intelligently. And you can get started today
with just $1 at Wealthsimple. Visit Wealthsimple.com/TFD,
TFD followers will receive a special $50 cash bonus
when you open end fund a new account. As always, guys,
thanks for watching. And don’t forget to hit
the Subscribe button and to come back every
Tuesday and Thursday for new and awesome videos. Bye.


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  63. Chandni says:

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  92. Raleigh Flanagan says:

    I would like to point out that wage gap is not what you think it is. It is literally because it is averaging in the amount that men vs. women make without separating the stay at home moms, the vast amount of women in art related work, and the fact that men are more likely to go for the higher paying jobs involving math and science.

  93. Melanie S says:

    1,000 is not enough for a vacation.

  94. Melanie S says:

    None of those things listed actually work. The pet sitting but that's not a "lazy" way to make money.

  95. jalabi99 says:

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