6 Reasons You’re Poor

6 Reasons You’re Poor

My name is Kris Krohn. I have made
millions of dollars in real estate and millions more to come. And today i’m
talking about the 6 reasons why you are poor. Now that sounds off a route,
doesn’t it? 6 reasons why you’re poor? Well, i mean, I don’t know if you’re
poor but i want you to understand I’m not talking about beggars or people on
food stamps or people that are homeless. I’m talking about middle-class America.
Middle-class America’s poor. We are so good at getting our college degrees,
getting into the workforce, making really good money and then absolutely spending
all of it and having nothing left to show. So, what I want to do is I actually
want to share with you the 6 reasons that actually makes people poor. And some
of these I bet you’re going to guess. But at least, the last one I know you’re not. So,
I’m challenging you right now. So, wait for the end of this video. Let me see if
you actually can figure this out. And then I’m going to share with you a
blueprint to make sure that you never have to be poor or middle class poor
ever single again. 6 reasons your poor. Numbers 1
through 6. Number 1, too much what? What would you guess? Too much car. Right?
I mean, we want really nice flashy rides. We want it. We want to own a beast. We’ve
got a we want a great fantastic car and we’re going to pay for it. A lot of us
are taking a lot of our discretionary income and it goes right out the door to
the car. Number 2 is not far behind wtih have too much what? With too much house.
Now, why… What do you think I mean by too much? Dude, we suck at saving. We hate
budgets. We want to spend it all. It’s like we pay our dues when we’re like…
When we’re young and in college and our college jobs to do poor treated like
we’re nothing’s and we get paid nothing. And then after college, we go and get a
real job and start making a lot more money and guess what? We want a nicer car,
we want a nicer house. And number 3 is blank splurging. That’s restaurant and
bars. Restaurant bars. The amount of money that we’re spending on food to just
splurge and live it up. And it’s all like eat drink and be merry. Have it all today.
I want it today and I definitely don’t want to delay gratification. That’s for
nerds and people that are like accountants or
something like that. Number 4. Dude, it is amazing what
people will actually spend on cable TV. So, the problem with cable TV and our TVs,
is that we can spend 2, 3 hundred dollars on our cable stations. And then
guess what? Then we feel like we have to like justify that we spend all that
money. So what do we do? Dude, I going to freaking go to all of the
TVs that I have in my house and then I’m going to have to actually use that stuff
right? So, we can spend all sorts of money on that. Number 5. This is where it
gets a little bit interesting. Your blank attitude. I deserve attitude. There’s
this entitlement that just says, “I can’t have all these things.” We are my
friend, the richest country in the world. We’re living truly like kings. It’s
amazing what we actually have today. And I don’t mind with this attitude of, “I
deserve it.” But only if you can understand it in relation to the bonus.
Have you guessed what the 6 one is? Most people won’t have. It says you have
a what? One of the biggest reasons why you’re poor is that you have a job. Dude, I
know someone’s going to hate me for that. I’m going to be hearing about it. I’m not
saying jobs are bad. In fact, some people love their jobs even though it’s very
few. It’s like less than 15% of people actually like what they do for a living.
But the reason why your job is up here on this list… And you’re not going to find
it on the internet on any other lists. It’s because you need to understand that
if you want financial freedom or you want to rise above being poor, you can’t
do that and have a job. Unless you’re very special person. Most people, you’ve
got to be in business for yourself. You got to be a business owner or you need
to make money work for you. For me, I didn’t know how to start a business so
all I knew how to do was copycat what wealthy people are doing with real
estate. Had 3 mentors that made so much money in real estate that I started
learning from them. And that’s how I got out of my job. While I had a job, at first
they’re paying you less than $20,000 a year. By the time I left us making over $130,000 a year. But I want you to understand
something. 50 grand a year, national average. 100
grand a year, 150 grand a year, 200 grand a year? That’s
middle-class poor. There’s nothing wrong with living check to check. There’s
thing wrong with being a great saver and in trying to barely have you know enough
acorns stored away for retirement. But what I’m talking about here is if you
want to actually get out of this rat race, then just evaluate for just a
moment. How much money are you spending on a car or a house or splurging on
clothes and restaurants and bars and cable? Walking around saying, “I want it
all now and I’m not waiting for it.” And then ultimately if you have a job… Now by
the way, if you become an investor, a real estate investor, you learn how to
actually create real money. Then, if you want to have that I deserve it, I’ve got
an attitude that says, “I get to have it all. I get to have everything.”
And I know that some people hate that belief. That’s really pompous. But the
reality is, dude, I believe that I can have a hot fit firm body. I believe that I can
have a rock star relationship with my wife and my kids and my family. I believe
that I can crush it in business and finances, I believe that I can crush it
personally with just you know my personal power and loving Who I am. I
believe that I can have it all. And that’s what I’m really working towards.
And so poor’s going to put a ceiling. And that’s the problem with a job. It is a
corporate glass ceiling that a lot of people don’t have the ability to really
break through. So, if you’re ready for your breakout, if you want to know how to
actually get yourself out of middle-class poverty, you have to start
doing things different. Being part of society’s plan, going to college, getting
a job working for someone else, all beautiful. But if you want to be free, if
you want to be financially free, you’re going to have to set your height sights
considerably higher than you have to do things different. And one of those things
is working with someone that’s made millions of dollars that I can show you
how to do that. It happens to be something that I love to do. Because this
year, I’m going to buy 250 homes. Building my net worth like crazy. But I’m also going
to select a small handful of people that I’m going to work closely with and help
them crush it as well. That might be you. And if you’re connected with that
statement then click the link in the description below and learn how you can
mentor with me and how I can actually help you make $5,000 in
the next 30 days. Let’s start with the bang. And actually let’s get you out
there freaking crushing and rocking it. For the rest of you out there, I hope you
enjoyed this video. Thank you sincerely for watching it. Give it a thumbs up if
you liked it. More importantly, if you’re not a subscriber, fix that right now and
always forward to seeing you on tomorrow.


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