6 Jar Wealth Management System, Secrets of Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker

6 Jar Wealth Management System, Secrets of Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker

everyone wants to become a millionaire
but we do not know how to become a millionaire We might make a loads of money
but at the end of the day we are always struggling to keep up to build up the
wealth According to the book by T. Harv Eker,
The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he says that it is the money management that
makes you rich, and if you mismanage your money, you will become poor. So the
problem is that you should keep your money in six different accounts. We call
this the six jar wealth management technique. The money is separated for daily expenses, financial freedom, financial education, long-term savings for larger
goals, expenses for short-term fun, and for charity. So he says that it does not
really matter whether you have one dollar or $1,000,000 to start with. You
can always manage your money. So we start with the first jar. The first jar
represents the account for daily necessities. We add 50% of our income, and this will
be used for the food, clothing, and all the bills to keep up with our daily activities. Now we move to the second Jar. This is
the money that is going to help us build Wealth. Rather than making money by working, we would invest the money into the bond, stocks, and other passive income sources.
This is where we actually walk towards the financial freedom and get out of the
rat race. We’ll use the ten percent of our income
into the financial freedom account. The next ten percent of our money will go into the
jar three. This will be for the financial education. We learn about how to manage
our money better, by studying the books going into the seminars, and taking the
training courses. By having a better understanding on the Wealth Management, we
will be able to protect and multiply the wealth. The fourth jar is for long term savings,
there can be some goals that cannot be achieved in short term. So
this can be either the vacations, or the expensive car you wanted to buy, or the
gifts to your close ones, or you might be saving the money for your children’s
education. The wealth management is not only about accumulating the wealth. Jar
number five is used for play. It means ten per cent of every income that you do is to
be spent. It is how you build self-discipline to control under-spending
or over-spending. You will be using this money for shopping, for your
leisure activities, and to make your life fulfilling. Finally the six jar is allocated to give the money away.
However poor or desperate we might be, there will always be a person who always
is in more desperate state than us.
You can always help people in need and donate to the charity.
If you follow this, you are certainly in the path of amassing wealth and becoming a millionaire. So start separating your account and embark on a journey to become a millionaire.


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    thank you, so helpful

  2. Ranganath Swamy says:

    plz use another voice ur ideas are good

  3. Jajalivinglavidaloca says:

    No jar for taxes?

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  5. Professional YouTube Commentator says:

    We give away 10%? Just make the play 20%. When I was poor no one gave me shit.

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