5 Things You Should Always Tell Affluent Men!

5 Things You Should Always Tell Affluent Men!

A lot of you have asked me,
“Anna, what am I going to talk about with a rich man whenever I go on a date with him?”
Conversation topics are a big topic on its own and of course I’m here to educate you.
It’s definitely something that I teach about in-depth in my online finishing school.
For those of you who are new to my channel, I’m Anna and I teach women high
society skills and elegance. If you want to have this transformation just visit www.SchoolOfAffluence.com and sign up for my program.
So the first thing I want to say with conversation topics with affluent men, is that number one, it’s actually not fully your responsibility to take care of that..
Well okay, it depends… A man is the leader, so he’s the one who should be.. kind of moving things forward. If that makes sense.. So, it’s actually not really your
responsibility about the conversation and what topics that will be covered
during your dates, right? However, there’s a lot of men who are shy, who are very
laid-back and so on.. and with those, you really need to make a little bit more
effort if you are interested in the person and if you really want to seal the deal with him.
So that leads me on to my first and foremost, most important point.
The conversation topics depends on the man you’re with. Please remember ladies, I always say this,
not all affluent men are the same. You have to really be flexible and take everybody into account. For instance, there are these kind of egocentric talkers, plenty of them in high society for sure and usually they want to be the center
of attention and they want to carry the conversation and have monologues.. And then, you have the total opposite which may be a little more shy guy or the more reserved or more laid-back type of persona. So depending who attracts you..
and maybe, you actually are with the probably the most common type. The type that is somewhere in between.
So you have to strategize accordingly.
Depending on type and depending who you want and what character you have.
Because don’t forget, characters have to match right. One talker does usually don’t go well with
another talker.. Well, sometimes they do. But it’s better
to have a little bit of opposite attracts. So if you are with a talker, I definitely advise you to be leading the conversation forward in terms of questions because a talker loves to talk. But not only does this refers to the
talker, this actually refers to the average person in general. Everybody loves to talk about themselves.. everybody loves to answer questions and share something and tell a story. Majority of us do.. unless you are an introvert. So this strategy is very commonly used with majority of affluent men. You definitely want to be the girl who is number one, not interviewing. You don’t want to be putting him on the spot interviewing. So it’s very important that when you are
leading a conversation forward, be generally interested. Ask questions that you actually want to know answers of but make sure they’re not intrusive because
you are a sophisticated lady after all. So you want to act with good manners and etiquette and that is not to ask too direct questions, too personal questions, sensitive questions and of course, intrusive questions. Now, you probably wonder now but,
“Hey, Anna, what type of questions am I going to ask?” It’s actually not that difficult because we do want to avoid sensitive questions like I said.
Like things about money, work, family background.. I mean background, it depends..
There are some ques.. there are some questions that are absolutely appropriate. But you don’t want to like.. start digging into his material life.. and what he owns.. and who he knows and all that. But you do want to go general, especially in the beginning. If the person opens up, you can go a little bit more personal. But take it easy in the beginning, ask him where he likes to travel, where has he been lately.. Any particular interesting experiences that he could share or any recommendations of any sort.. Whether it is travel.. or restaurants.. or events.. or happenings in town…
Talk about food.. Talk about music, culture, events..
Talk about more personal things.. Whether.. what are some special memories to him, who are his friends and what does he do on his free time. Is he passionate about something.. is
he very active in a sport.. If yes, then ask more about that.
The point is not to ask one question and then move on to a total different question.. ..and then a total different question.
The point is, you ask, so what sports do you do and he says tennis and you start asking more about tennis.. ..and then maybe you share
something about tennis.. and then he says something .. ..and you follow up with another
question about that and that’s usually how a conversation naturally progresses. Without it feeling stiff and forced. However, if you are with a person who is not a talker, you are with a reserved-shy guy, the laid-back person.. ..then you might have to be the little entertainer and take over the show.. and that’s fine because there are plenty of women out there who are bubbly, with personality and love to talk. But.. what is it that actually makes a man
tick it is definitely positive things where women do not nag or go all
negative or complain or go drama. Men don’t like that so make sure you stay
avoid the whole area. Don’t be Little Miss complainer.. You want
to leave a positive impression.. So talk only about positive experience.. Share positive stories.. now stories really sell.. ..and they do because everybody likes to listen to a good story that is executed in a very good way.. Gather your best stories and practice how to tell them well.. .. and then you can just use them..
You know whenever you go on dates with different people and usually they work and people get curious.. But make sure..
These stories are what I call “grandparents approved”.. because you do not want to share, you know, that crazy story with that embarrassing horrible moments.. ..that really puts you in the worst life
possible and he starts questioning “what is he doing that with you” type of thing.. You do not want to go that way.. you just wanna keep it presentable..
You want to keep it elegant classy and so on.. So really choose stories that puts you in a good light without bragging.. But you know.. positive stories and interesting stories and fun experience.. ..some memorable things that you’ve been through that you think could be of interest to him.. But before I continue,
ladies, I have created a free cheat sheet.. 210 Places Where To Meet Affluent Men This cheat sheet is going to save you a headache and time if you do not know
where to go.. ..and spot those affluent men that are of high caliber.
Now it’s absolutely free and just go to www.millionaireplaces.com .. and get your free cheat sheet.
Now one of the very important things that you really must put into practice if you want to be part of high society and mingle with the rich..
That is, to stay updated with what’s happening in the world.. being well-read.. well-educated.. you know.. read about culture.. see things.. do things.. experience things.. so that you have things to talk about with affluent people. Rich men, they do not necessarily need to be overly impressed all the time and you don’t necessarily need to be a brainiac with every man that you meet. But there
are a lot of intelligent rich men who do like to have an intelligent woman to
have a conversation with.
Stay educated.. Always invest yourself mentally.. read the
news.. feed your brain.. do things.. .. experience things.. travel.. experience cultures..
enrich yourself.. If you do this, you will always have things to talk about and conversation will never be dull. Conversation only gets dull when
you stop evolving as a person.. When you just stop there and all you do is watch
Keeping Up with the Kardashians.. .. and of course you’re not gonna have anything to
talk about with the affluent society. But if you read the news and you participate
and you also actively listen in conversation with other affluent people, ..you will start building up a lot of stories.. a lot of insight.. a lot of things
to talk about. But one thing I want to say though with this .. Make sure to avoid this whole politics..
We don’t need to talk about brexit.. or global warming.. or you know, Trump..or this or that.. It’s.. it’s a little bit too much.
You want to keep it simple and you want to keep it. You don’t want to get into any heated
discussions and you know who knows maybe this man has a totally different opinion
than you.. .. and the last thing you want to do is start having a heated discussion with totally different opinions..
It’s not going to benefit you.. .. and ladies.. I’m teaching you this, not so that you become doormats,
but so that you benefit in your life and get the goals you want. Be strategic and
be clever. Now, lastly.. and this is a little tip of mine.
Read the online articles on pages like Psychology Today, Business Insider, Elite Daily.. ..and those type of easy to read.. easy to digest websites. They have a lot of kind of
medium to short articles on all kinds of interesting topics that are great
conversation starters. I usually absorb them quite a lot
because I just find them very entertaining and you know sometimes when
you don’t want to read anything intellectual you can just read something
like that.
You know how many times have I been in a situation where I really used
all these articles that I had read things that I remember, like these random
facts or these events that were unusual.. .. that I kind of reported back because
like we were talking about stories.. If you don’t have any of your own stories
to share, you can share other people’s stories and those are perhaps well, you
have read articles.
For instance, something can start with like.. “I must
tell you about this article that I read.. It was so interesting..”
This and this and this happened and they said this and.. .. this and this article and can you
believe it.. Like this is a very good conversation topic and people will find
you intriguing and interesting because you’re dropping these interesting things
that you have read and that you know.. .. and they will really build an opinion that
you are well-read and well-educated. And ladies, elegant women are well-read.. and are well educated.. we are classy.. We are sophisticated.. we are high caliber.. Just like the high caliber man that we want to attract. So I want you to really
invest in yourself and that’s why I created my online finishing school.. www.schoolofaffluence.com because transformation never stops.. and the more you invest in yourself ladies, the more results you will have on your journey, because like attracts like. Now, if you want to learn more about
conversation topics, I actually have another video on my You Tube channel called.. Five Things You Should Never Say To Rich People So please, go ahead and
watch that video and don’t forget to subscribe if you still haven’t. I will see you in the next video!


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