5 Things Wealthy People Invest In (Income Accelerators)

5 Things Wealthy People Invest In (Income Accelerators)

What’s going on y’all? Welcome back to Wealth Hacker Labs. I’m your host, Jeff Rose. Today we’re talking about five things that all wealthy people invest into. And these are things
that you can invest into, even if you don’t have a lot of money. We’re gonna find out what those
five things are right now. (upbeat electronic music) Welcome back to the
channel that is dedicated to teaching you new ways to grow wealth that is not taught to you in
schools or by your parents. And today we’re talking about what wealthy people are
investing their money into. What I love about what
these five things are these are five things that
anybody can put their money into. And what I really love
about these five things is that these are what I would
call income accelerators. So these are things if you put your money, if your invest your money into them, they will help you grow your income. They will help you grow your revenue that much faster, exponentially faster. Now the types of investments I’m talking about today are different
than your traditional type of investments. We’re not talking about real estate. We’re not talking about stocks and bonds or putting our money into private equity. What we’re talking about today are your
non-traditional investments that most people may think
as an expense or a cost. But when you start looking
at these as an investment, you can see the potential to 10 X or even 100 X your current
income or your current situation. Now you have to keep this in mind. Whenever I started my
wealth-building journey, I was flat broke. I didn’t really understand investing. I didn’t know how to invest. When I looked at wealthy people, I just didn’t fully understand
like how they even got there. You know, my parents
didn’t have any money. They both filed for bankruptcy. I didn’t have any
friends or family members that were considered rich. So when I looked at these people that had their huge yachts
and their private planes, that was a level of wealth that I fully couldn’t even comprehend. I didn’t even know like
what is the first step? Like what is the first thing that I need to do to begin my journey
to amass like 1/10 of the wealth that they have. And recognizing like I
don’t understand investing. Like what are some things I can do? What are some things I
can put my money into that allow me to change my mindset to allow me to start investing and growing as an individual and growing my wealth. So if you’re watching this
and you consider yourself to be flat broke, well
these are five investments that you can put your money into. So let’s go ahead and
start with number one. All right the first thing
that you can invest your money into is accelerated learning. How do you learn a new skill? How do you learn a new
trade that much faster? Wealthy people don’t
want to get rich slowly. They want to figure out a faster way, an accelerated way to make more money and make it that much faster. And one of the easiest ways
that you can do that is to accelerate your learning. How do you learn something faster than having to go through that
entire experience yourself? One of the easiest ways that
you can do that is read books. Reading books from
successful business leaders, successful entrepreneurs that
have already accomplished what you want to
accomplish, that is an easy, inexpensive way that you can
accelerate your learning. And it’s no surprise that
successful businessmen like Bill Gates and Warren
Buffett are avid book readers. These guys read tons of
books every single year and they still do. I’ve talked about countless
times on this channel about how reading books
has transformed my life. And over my shoulder is
actually the top 10 books that have heavily influenced my life, both personally and professionally. So I am a full advocate on reading books if you want to build and
accelerate your wealth. Now another way that you can
accelerate your learning is by buying an online course. And I know many critics
and haters out there say that an online course is
a complete waste of money because you can just do
a quick Google search and find all the information you need. Now the people that say that I’m guessing that if you had a chance to look at their balance sheet or
look at their net worth, there probably isn’t
anything to brag about. So don’t listen to those people. Personally I have invested
thousands of dollars into online courses all
because there was a subject, a topic that I wanted to
learn that much faster. And I don’t regret any of the money or any of the time that I
invested into these online courses because it has made me thousands
if not millions of dollars. The third thing that will
accelerate your learning is by investing into a conference. Is there a conference
that is in your space, in your niche that you want to connect with other people in your niche, that you want to expand your network? Maybe it’s a conference
that you can speak at to showcase your expertise and be considered a thought
leader in that conference. A conference that I have attended 9 out of the last 10 years is called FinCon. It’s the financial blogger conference. And when I say that conference
has made me millions, it has made me millions. I was able to connect with
other financial bloggers that showed me things that
I had no clue on how to do. I was able to meet new
advertising partners, new affiliate partners,
just new opportunities that I would never have discovered had I not attended the conference and got to know people in that space. All right the second thing
that you can invest your money into that can accelerate your
income is personal coaching. Now a coaching program or a personal coach like this is a concept
that was foreign to me. When I started my career
as a financial adviser, the top producer in my office, this guy was a million dollar producer, shared with me that over his
career he had hired not one, but two business coaches. And when he initially shared this with me, like I was like wait what? You’re paying somebody to coach you? Like I didn’t get it
and he used the analogy of Tiger Woods at the time the
greatest golfer in the world how he had hired several coaches to help him with his golf game. And even that analogy didn’t
really help me fully understand how the personal coach, how
the business coach can have that much impact on your career. But it wasn’t until I got further along in my career that I hit a sticking point where I fired my first business coach and then I finally got it. I finally saw how having somebody that can speak into your life, speak into your career,
from a bird’s eye view and can share different things and different strategies
that you aren’t aware of, that you don’t even realize
that’s what you’re doing. Within three years of hiring
my first business coach, my revenue more than tripled, more than tripled in three years! Like had I not hired that coach, I’m sure I would have saw some growth. But to three X my revenue in
three years was mind-blowing. All right the third thing
that you can invest your money into is a mastermind group. Now the cool thing about
a mastermind group is that it may not be require a lot of money or any money at all initially. Especially if you’re
just trying to connect with other like-minded businessmen or women or entrepreneurs. Now the whole mastermind
concept is very similar to my business coaching experience where I didn’t fully understand the power of a mastermind group. But after attending several conferences and hearing other successful entrepreneurs that surrounded themselves
with like-minded peers and joined and formed
these mastermind groups, then I started to think okay,
maybe they’re onto something. Like if this somebody that
is making millions per year and they’re in a mastermind group, maybe there’s something here
that I need to be listening to. So after hearing this more
times than I could count, I joined my first mastermind group. And I saw it, I saw it
and realized it firsthand how valuable it was to have peers, people that were in the space, that were in the trenches with me that could speak into my
life and just have me look at things in a different way
and also challenge me to grow. So since that initial
mastermind group that I joined, I’ve been a part of three
different mastermind groups. And they have been amazing. They have been able to speak into my life and share the stuff that
most people just don’t get. They wouldn’t understand
what I’m going through as an entrepreneur, but
they do because they get it. So I wanna share just a fun example of how powerful a mastermind group can be. Earlier last year I started
my first mastermind group. And this is with a group of guys that are all successful businessmen. These guys are making good money, but they want to grow
personally and professionally. And one of the guys in my
mastermind group has been able to add over $300,000 in
reoccurring annual revenue. Let me say that again. He’s been able to add over $300,000 of recurring revenue every single year because of the advice,
because of the guidance of the other men in that mastermind group. And like that’s not even because of me. That’s because of the group of guys, these like-minded men
who are all committed to helping each other
grow that could speak into his life and challenge him to try something new and
because of that he added over $300,000 of recurring revenue. Amazing, like that is the
power of a mastermind group. The fourth thing that
you can invest your money into is a mentor, seeking
some sort of a mentorship from somebody that has accomplished or achieved success that
you would like to mirror. Now there is a variety of
ways that you can do this. And I think one of the best stories that I can share is by Todd Herman. I was able to sit down
with Todd for the podcast. I also recorded the video
and when Todd shared how he was able to seek out his mentor how he traveled to his place,
slept in this dingy motel, when he was flat broke all for nothing but because of that his career exploded. And he went on to coach Olympic champions. All because of him seeking out a mentor. Now if you’re not sure how to
actually seek out a mentor, you can check out another video where I share the things that you need to consider when you’re
trying to find a mentor. Be sure to watch that video ’cause it’ll give you some good tips in helping you find that
mentor that’s best for you. All right the fifth and final
thing that you can invest into and this one is a bit of a surprise, but that fifth and final
thing is relationships. How do you build relationships? Well you build relationships
by investing into other people. And you do this by implementing
what I call the VBA method. So what is the VBA method? The VBA method stands
for value before the ask. How do you give value
before you ask a favor, before you ask for advice, before you ask for something in return? And you do that by providing value. How do you provide value is that you serve that other person. You find out what do they need. How can you help them? How can you help them achieve success? How do you help them reach the next point or overcome whatever sticking
point that they are at? How you serve that other person is how you grow is because you give value. One of the things that I’ve been always
taught is the golden rule. It’s treat others how
you want to be treated. And knowing that and putting myself in those person’s shoes, having empathy for what they are going through. Because of that I go above and beyond for the people that are
in my close network. And I wanna make sure that I
can help out as much as I can. And because of that, because people see that I genuinely care, that
I’m willing to help out, they are willing to help out tenfold. I have so many examples
where I was willing to help out somebody else that
whenever I needed something in return, when I went for the ask, they were willing within
a heartbeat’s notice to help out because they
saw what I was willing to do for them. You provide value before the ask. Invest into those relationships so whenever you need something, if you need something, that person, those people, are willing to help. So as you can see, these are five things that anybody, even if you’re not wealthy, even if you’re beginning your journey of building your wealth that
you can invest your money into. And if you do, I assure you that your income will accelerate. Your revenue will accelerate. Your wealth-building will accelerate because you are investing into yourself. So which of these five do you know that you need to invest into right now? Whatever those are, if it’s
more than one, that’s fine. Share the one that you know right now that you need to invest your money into in the comments below. And if you got any
value out of this video, I would ask for the simple like, subscribe, share, all that good stuff. I wanna make sure that
I’m giving you the value and information and resources you need to accelerate your wealth-building. This is Jeff Rose reminding you that it’s your money, it’s your life, and only you can make it awesome! Peace! (mimics explosion)


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