5 Things That Make You Look Trashy!

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel. Today’s topic is a little
bit provocative in terms of, I usually do not use this word trashy, but I didn’t really know
what else to name this video. If you have any suggestions of
good words that describes trashy, but without having to use that word,
let me know in the comments below. But ultimately, what we want to talk about
are people or in our case, we are focusing on women because my
channel is all about helping women evolve and become the best version of
themselves. So in this case, we actually have to think about
women who are acting with poor, how do you say? Women being of poor quality?
No, you can’t say that. Women who are misbehaving, no. Women who act with lack of
class and manners? Well, yes, but there’s a bit more
than just that. Anyway, you all know what I tried to say
when I say trashy. But again, I don’t like that word and simply because
I almost feel like it’s a bit of a sexist word. And the reason for that
is when we say that somebody is trashy, usually, it’s connected to a woman.
We don’t often say that a man is trashy. Usually, a woman is trashy and that’s
what I don’t like about this word, and that’s why I don’t really use
this word on my channel or in general. So I would love if you can give me a
suggestion of another word for trashy. But anyway, in this case we will go for this because
I really want to go over some really key aspects of what is it exactly that
lowers the impression of somebody who really seems to lack class
and the correct behavior. I’m not doing this
video to offend anybody. I am making this video so maybe some
of you who have picked up certain bad habits can recognize them
and maybe correct them so that you have better success in life,
and better opportunity to reach your goals. So let’s go into number one
and for me, a trashy person, a trashy woman is somebody
who is always too much. And this being too much
can be in many areas. I know that we always think immediately
being too much in terms of character or dress too provocatively or
too much and yes, partly. I mean those things too, but the human psychology is wired in the
sense that whenever anything is of too much quantity, it bothers us. It becomes, I guess too much would be the right
expression for it, but we don’t like it. We seem to like when
things are more balanced, so if somebody’s wearing too much
makeup, showing too much breast, has too much attitude, has too many ticks, there are so many things
that can be too much. We get put off by that and what happens
is that these people might be absolutely wonderful. If we’re talking about a woman,
she might be beautiful, stunning and so on, but if
there’s much of things with her, then this woman doesn’t necessarily get
the man that she deserves or get the man she wants, or get the circle of friends
that she wants to be surrounded with. Obstacles occur and that’s why I’m making
this video for us to become a little bit more aware of things that might
be blocking us from own success. So number one is being too much. The number two is definitely
a neighbor to being too much, but here we’re talking more about being
an attention seeker. And of course, we’ve all met those attention
seekers and who knows? Maybe we’ve even been one in the past.
I know that in your 20s, it’s a very common age for
being an attention seeker, simply because it’s an age where we want
to be seen and we want to attract the best possible mate for us, and go on to adventures and
somehow do a self discovery. And it’s definitely an age where we
experiment a lot and we tend to want to somehow the center of attention
and stand out. But some people, they somehow either stay in that
phase or they overdue that phase. Again, talking about being too much.
For instance, there are some people, and oftentimes it’s actually
psychological thing. They really need, they crave, they’re obsessed with having
all eyes on them the entire time being the center of attention. If they go to
a room filled with people, they have to have the
attention of everybody. I think probably the worst is for
men when they feel like a woman is so desperate for their attention
that she’s willing to do anything, anything to be seen and to get the man’s
attention and to be asked out by the man or whatever it is
that she wants to achieve. And when women have this
desperation in them, it’s obvious attention seeking. Women
tend to go into the provocative mode, starting to dance sexual
on the dance floor, making out with their
girlfriend, dressing extremely, skimpy. That’s definitely a female
version to attention seeking. And it is very off putting to men. Definitely one of the most common things
that I’ve heard where men feel like, “She’s really beautiful, but
I don’t know, there’s just, it’s a bit too much, you know?” So ladies, it is so important that you are
able to regulate that. Some of us, we are naturally a little bit too much,
a little bit too flamboyant, a little bit too feminine,
provocative, sexy, whatever it is and we
really have to be aware. We really have to try and see ourselves
from the third person’s perspective. And as soon as we know that, Oh my gosh, I’m entering my role of letting out all
that energy where it becomes a bit too much and I become this person
who was a bit attention-seeking. When you can really be honest with
yourself and admit to yourself. So when you start working
with this self-awareness, that’s when you actually
can create change. The problem is that few people can actually
admit this to themselves because it is a hard thing to admit
that you are being too much, that you are being an attention-seeker.
Those are pretty harsh words, but if you can do it, Oh my God, you are in for a massive transformation
in your life. Number three, and I don’t want to make some
of you depress out there. But this one is a little bit trickier
to fix than number one and number two. I’m talking about if
you have bad taste. Now, bad taste definitely can make
any person out there trashy. If you have bad taste, then you
simply have bad taste. However, the bad news is that
majority of the times, bad taste is simply inherited. The people we surround ourselves with,
those are the people we end up mimicking. Those are the people we get inspired by. Those are the people that we
learn from. If for instance, you come from a less elegant household
where nobody was teaching you first of all manners and etiquette,
right? That’s a given, but also being role models for you in
terms of how to dress and what to do to yourself, and how to live your life
and how to keep your home, and so on. If you are brought up in an environment
where things are in chaos and you dress in the most shabby way, and the most strangest way and you do
certain things to yourself that maybe other people would stop and
look at you and think why. If you are born into that type
of environment, of course, you are going to have a higher chance
to inherit what I call a bad taste. because you haven’t seen anything else.
You don’t know anything else. I mean certainly, you have access to internet and magazines
and you can see beautiful things there and so on. But if you are not fed with it in your
own environment then it’s really hard sometimes to make that
environment your own. Now there are exceptions but I’m talking
on a general level. The good thing, however, even though that
was a bit of bad news, the good news is it can be changed. It can be learned and you can definitely
reprogram yourself at any point in life. You can just start
again with self-awareness, again of searching for it, reaching
out for it, being aware of it, incorporating people who are perhaps
role models in this department. Maybe you can even attract
people with good taste. If you didn’t grow up in a
household with good taste, then you can definitely create a circle
of friends who have better taste and they can inspire you and teach you. Because all of this can be
taught. I mean, after all, I run an elite finishing school. This
is exactly the things I’m teaching. Number four, this really belongs to a lot of
women out there and you know, we also have them in high society. It’s not necessarily only in other type
of social classes. This is everywhere, but it doesn’t mean that every person in
the affluent society is necessarily an elegant person. Ladies, I’m talking about that some of the most, if we’re going to use the
word trashy in today’s video, one of the most trashy behaviors is
being somebody who cannot live without drama And I’m talking
about those who are like, you can almost see that
that’s what they live for. That’s like what they find
the most exciting in life. The people who love the drama,
we have of course a few silent ones. But oftentimes, this person likes
to be heard, is opinionated, really lives on gossiping and
especially malicious gossip, always like to talk about what
happened there, what happened here. You know all that drama, definitely
watches reality trash TV. If there is a physical fight, this person has definitely been involved
in at least one physical fight in her life. She has definitely
pulled out somebody extensions. She has definitely had a total catfights. But even if it wasn’t physical, this person is involved in drama on a
regular basis and always fighting with somebody. It’s almost seems
like drama seeks that person. Although what’s really happening is that
that person is seeking drama because that person cannot live without drama. So if you are somebody
and you’re realizing that, “Oh well actually yeah, there’s a lot of drama in my life.” Maybe it’s not just by accident and the more drama you fill your life, the more you’re actually procrastinating
from other things that are more productive, more fruitful, things that will actually take you
towards your goal. Because ultimately, being involved in drama is actually just
another way of procrastinating in your life You’re religiously
entertaining yourself with pointless, negative things that are doing
nothing than just dragging you down, keeping you on the bottom level of things. I don’t see any successful person
who is actually involved in drama. People who are successful, people
who are of a certain caliber, they don’t have time for that and they
don’t even want to feel their energy space or their head space
with such useless thing. I mean, if you think about it, you have X amount of energy
in your depot a day. Why? Why would you dedicate, let’s say 30% of it on some stuff that
doesn’t even make sense or won’t make sense in the future? We should
really be investing ourselves, our time in the things that matter,
in the things that take us forward in life, not things that are dragging
us back, holding us back, making ourselves just like
filled with all this trash. Today’s topic is trash, so here we go. No more drama. Make 2020 your most drama-free year
if you’re somebody who has the drama tendency. Lastly ladies and I am going to talk
about number five and it might be a little bit similar to drama, but you know,
it’s kind of the nature of it. I’m talking about that whenever
a person drinks too much, that person does become trashy.
And it doesn’t matter again, social class, where are you from,
what’s your name. It’s just the law of life. Certainly, a lot of us can behave under
the influence of alcohol, but only when we are on the
level of being just tipsy. As soon as we climb up to being wasted, that’s when little miss trashy is coming
out and making you regret things the next day. I mean, there’s a lot of physical and
chemical reasons to why that happens, but obviously ladies, we end up doing things that we
oftentimes are not proud of the next day. If we are wasted, I’m talking now, I’m not really talking about if we
had a few drinks or if we are tipsy. Some women really allow themselves to
get drunk and I’m talking really drunk. I must say though,
it happens to all of us, we all somehow end up drinking
too much once in a blue moon, especially if we haven’t eaten properly
or there’s been a really long night. But there are a certain types of women
who simply cannot drink and they have to get ridiculously drunk every time
they drink or majority of the times, to the point where they’re so wasted, they cannot behave properly and
they really behave in a very, very trashy way, and embarrass themselves. I think if you’re somebody
who have that tendency, you should definitely aim for an
alcohol-free 2020. Because really, if you are trying to elevate yourself
and you’re trying to reach a certain level, do we really want to be that person
or do we really want to reach the next level? The answer lays within you and only you
know what you should be doing to take yourself in your transformation, on your level up journey and just
really make your dream life happen. Only you can take that action and only
you know what’s really going to take you there, ladies. The point of the story
is exactly what I said in the beginning. It’s all about self-awareness.
Self-awareness, when you can be honest with yourself,
when you can really admit to yourself, “you know what? I did a mistake, I’m going to fix it.” How did I come
to all of these things and why am I so passionate about transformation?
Because certainly ladies, I have done my share of mistakes.
I wasn’t born picture perfect. I wasn’t the way I am today. This is something that I worked
on over years. But you know what? The thing that I was able to do is that
I was always able to admit to myself, but of having the courage of looking at
yourself from an honest perspective and say to yourself, “It’s not good, but I’m going to fix it.” That’s when you become a doer
and that’s when you pull yourself together, and that’s when
your life is going to start to happen. And that’s when you are going to
start having success in this journey. So ladies, I hope you have enjoyed this video and
I definitely encourage you to watch my next video where I talk even more, how you can make your
dream life happen in 2020.

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