5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire – Grant Cardone Trains His Sales Team LIVE

5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire – Grant Cardone Trains His Sales Team LIVE


  1. oopalonga says:

    "get ur dad involved, get ur family members to buy cardone university. . . they are contributing to ur target not mine. . .i got mine. . .this whole thing is for u guys"

    so. . when ur employees sell a subscription to cardone university, u are saying u nor ur biz gets ANY of that money?

    classic salesman, making his own interest appear as tho it's the interest of others or in the interest of others. compelling pitch, definitely, but some of us see right thru it : )

    still like the video tho and got something from it : )

  2. future is everything says:

    I ain't chasing the past I know thats right!!

  3. JOE GHADDAR says:

    Lebanese have been doing this ..like forever…

  4. Didyne Hirwa says:

    I have always liked GC since day one! Look how he is excited and committed to teach HIS EMPLOYEES to be rich and become multimillionaire! I bet so very few bosses would do that for the sake of keeping their employees under their arms.

  5. Kweku Safori says:

    "real estate real estate real estate" !!!

  6. Jasmine Mershon says:

    Dang Grant! I'm not even at 4,000 a month! I am taking notes!

  7. Zachary Watson says:

    Is it bad if the biggest take away I got from this was do not have kids? Lol

  8. Akhil says:

    Seems like a despicable man. Such thinking is responsible for the moral decay in the country

  9. prototype2439 says:

    Outstanding video admire your sincerity! Sorry for sharing this site here PaidHomeEasy .Com (remove space) but it really has really helped me an awful lot and if it can benefit a minimum of one more person In my view it's worth it.

  10. April20 Ruezdrigo says:

    his sale team look like kids in acting school

  11. Cesar Gomez says:

    You don't need a degree to become a millionaire. True… Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc….

  12. Leon Brown says:

    Now you can easily recieve $_4215 on this page to explain enough to learn how to use the program

  13. TheJulianmc says:

    Holy shit this guy is the definition of sleazy salesman

  14. Rinas English says:

    He is obsessed with money.

    I wonder if there is anything other than money in his head?

  15. dinky19810 says:

    800+ years to double your money in the bank. Wow. I gotta start saving in my house, then invest when i reach 15k

  16. #Noname vids says:

    Wait what about the interest its around 50,000 a year on a million

  17. L S says:

    This is a reality check! Thank you GC!

  18. compton active says:

    Thanks for the knowledge

  19. Danish Canria says:

    ME: Alright, Grant Cardone, ….. this is ___________

  20. BetterYourself says:

    What he is saying is good and all, but… he failed to acknowledge the most important element in his $1,000,000 calculation. INVESTMENT RETURN!!! One million dollars getting a modest return of 5% will provide that $4,000 per month of passive income, indefinitely. Inflation will slowly eat at the total capital invested, but that can be supplemented with drawing down capital. This is plenty to last most peoples lives.

  21. koda k says:

    18 :11 don't be a little bitch

  22. Sean says:

    Your company better have some damn good compensation when you're talking with employees about becoming a millionaire lol

  23. Rohit Gupta says:

    Bitcoin is following this chart ?

  24. Noel Gonzalez says:

    Cash is shit

  25. Noel Gonzalez says:

    I invest 4k monthly to make ends meet from 2k – 6k ..my Bills 2k no car payments …I invest the rest..is a habit to invest too much but I know I'll get it back and more

  26. Eddie or Rolex says:

    Where I live, 4,000 a month is a very very very good lifestyle.

  27. Alexis Nassar says:

    Everyone wants to be rich the formula is easy but to apply the formula
    only the rich know it and they apply it everyday. I know this formula
    and I will reveal it to the whole world very soon.

  28. Alexis Nassar says:

    Everyone wants to be rich the formula is easy but to apply the formula
    only the rich know it and they apply it everyday. I know this formula
    and I will reveal it to the whole world very soon.

  29. Andres Barquero says:

    Thanks for sharing this. You are so passionate about this that the message permeates easily: trace a plan, chase that goal and if needed make corrections at the moment you need.

  30. FEELIII says:

    I wish you were free enough that I could really boooom but this talk helped a lot already. God bless you man! GC massive respect from #islamabad 40% and 10M

  31. Michael Robison says:

    This guy reminds me of a car salesman so much that I can't listen to his advice.

  32. Oliver Brooks says:

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    For guidance in forex market.

  33. A K says:

    Bad advice

  34. Tommy K. says:



    financial freedom is not last goal. it is something we have to fight about not only once. it wont last forever. i had my financial freedom for 10 years. i lost it and i am fighting for my 2nd one now. make 40 % of your income as investment is something not easy

  36. Jeffrey Hendrick says:

    This video was so informative, I'm only 16 years old and have big dreams of being a self made entrepreneur but i didn't know where to start and this totally changed my perspective I'm juss thankful that there are mentors that are willing to give a billion dollars worth of information for free, I had no choice but to taked advantage of this.

  37. hamzah zziwa says:

    Shit what I have learnt, schools only taught us how become slaves as Employees rich people don't work for any body and they don't have jobs but they rely on investments

  38. Gabriel Ribeiro says:

    The IRS gets 40%?? That's insane.

  39. Hahim Shariff says:

    Any money you donate without showing off will come back to you…guaranteed. Try it

  40. Ramiro Castillo says:

    you are going to be rich fot the freedom not materially

  41. Black Boy says:

    Not worrying about money means you have to create many sources of income. Never rely on one source

  42. RL Greenleaf says:

    This is awesome

  43. Нурлан А. says:


  44. CasualYoutuber says:

    on what to invest 1k $ per month?

  45. CasualYoutuber says:

    so wait, buy real estate and what rent full time or daily?

  46. julio mendoza says:

    He’s so rich but spelt income wrong . He put “incom” . He can’t spell but he knows money!!!!!

  47. Brandon Worthington says:

    Well I now am having an existential crisis and I feel like shit. Fuck that guy

  48. Toughlove R says:


  49. UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel says:

    Damn these guys must eat like the hulk. $900 on groceries?

  50. Naveed Akhoon says:

    lmk if any of you guys become rich

  51. Gary Davis says:

    He listed 4 points but this video is titled 5 steps – what is the 5th step (please recap the 5 steps) Thank you.

  52. David Gonzalez says:

    cash is KING 🤣

  53. Derek Shutes2.0 says:

    On point

  54. Ameen Awadallah says:

    I need the first vehicle. Have any room for me at the company ? I'm in south Florida

  55. k says:

    On point…wow.

  56. k says:

    Ive always paid those bastards lol

  57. MARVELLXDD says:

    I sat down and took notes … something my lectures never taught me…thanks G.C

  58. Kartik Uchil says:

    everyone who's taking notes is not really listening

  59. Tony says:

    Stop being what the poster in the back says not to be….

  60. Justice Khumalo says:

    Thats Uncle G. Keep up the good work my dwg 😊

  61. FN Anderson says:

    You think these fools would give away their secrets. Part of the reason their so successful is because how guarded they are when it comes to their true intent. And btw i just farted.

  62. Milan Dilan says:

    Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life ⬆️⬆️

  63. Elue Lord says:

    Bro I really want get rich.

  64. Chris Ballard says:

    Legend has it all those men are wearing the same shoes they had on in this video and have not spent money on anything only saving.

  65. Chris Trevino says:

    So where's the 5th step?

  66. Neris Nfor says:

    🙌🏾 word!! On point.

  67. Same Name says:

    Can you Help Me to Become a Milioner Dentist and How Much That can Cost me ?

  68. Preston Butler says:

    How do u pay yourself first? From your gross income?

  69. Paloma Healing says:

    I think you're my Life Coach right now!!💞💞💞and I'm 61 yrs old!!

  70. Frank D says:

    Why 40 percent?Why dont buy?

  71. jake hanzvik says:

    Dear grant,

    Go fuck your self bud.

  72. Big 1400 says:

    23:16 is gold

  73. David Gomez says:

    The man

  74. Promise Paye says:

    Hey Sir, Thanks for the advice, but can you teach me three tricks to endure struggle??

  75. GUYTON 912 says:

    2nd video in and I already love this asshole….
    Thanks 😊

  76. pax north says:

    This guy is a madman prophet whose getting you to see in higher dimensions. I love it.

  77. CarBoost says:

    make what you make in a year in 1 month.

  78. Google Account says:

    Did you just say you're spending $900.00 on groceries. Who the hell is he feeding, the army?

  79. SeeYaTv says:

    Things they dont teache you in school! Lets go!

  80. Joseph Abarado says:

    Thank you!

  81. Myrrhe Nazare says:

    Excellent 🙂

  82. Rottevich says:

    amazing inspiration. you should have a look at this guy as a day in the life of a student graduate, what next @​

  83. Mitja 23 says:

    You are walking in the inflation in USA with those numbers…

  84. nmotsa says:

    The only real rich in this world are the ones selling you these luxury items for example your watches, clothes, cars, planes.

  85. Igor Markovcic says:

    You are Good specher nothinh else

  86. Esoteric Fitness says:

    Income !!!

  87. Sajan Bajgain says:


  88. jay fox says:

    I wonder how much people are paying you to see you talk?

  89. Marshall Willis says:


  90. Esoteric Fitness says:

    man oh man, those skinny Slacks in & on the team, not sure if i can get used to seeing grown men, wear that tight of "Skinny Jean's / Skinny Slacks….ouccch

  91. Esoteric Fitness says:

    Grant 's dialogue is some real shiet , damn dog…

  92. Dimi says:

    I bet he owns bitcoin today.

  93. Charles Onwukwe Jr says:

    Hip Hop is everywhere…. smh but great vid.

  94. Kevin Bruns says:

    Cash is ????? King !!! Is useless dude !!!

  95. Elisee NGNAMBADJOKO says:

    Thumbs up if you watched it more than once!

  96. Robin Han says:

    I make 5000USD from this broker per week, http://broker.eternalwealthfx.com/introduce?iid=9B302O97&uid=29

  97. kay poly says:

    Now, how many of his employees earn 30,000 a month in order to be able to become a millionaire in 10 yrs? I'll wait.
    I live in Poland where most people working a job at the corporation earn between 3-6k in their local currency, that's roughly $1-1.5k a month, how am I supposed to save 40% of that in order to become a millionaire?
    Somebody please help me, but maybe because I am not an American so I find this difficult to understand:
    he says you make $30k
    pay 12k to the IRS, how much is that 40% on income tax? Am I correct?
    then live on 12k and save 6k? why do I have to live on 12k? what exactly am I buying per month to live on 12k?

  98. Lee Wayne Blue says:

    To hear someone say they can't live on 2 grand man I live on less lol!

  99. Ultimate Cultivator says:

    How do you loan money without having to pay back more than you borrowed for an apartment

  100. hans jean says:

    His rent is 3,000 lol wtf

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