5 Side Hustles To Make Extra Money In 2019 (No Surveys!)

5 Side Hustles To Make Extra Money In 2019 (No Surveys!)

– How’s it going today guys? Welcome back to the channel. Hope you’re having a great day so far. So in this video, we’re gonna be talking about my top five ideas for side jobs or side hustles you could potential start if you’re looking to make
some more money on the side. Now what I have found in
the last couple of years is that a lot of people are now starting their own side hustle. So a lot of people work
a job during the day. Maybe you’re working a nine to five but from five to nine p.m.,
you’re not doing that much. You’re sitting around watching Netflix and you’re thinking, you know what, I want to do something creative or I want to make some extra money or possibly you’re
somebody who’s in college or you’re a high school student and you want to make some money. You don’t necessarily want
to go get a part time job. I wanna talk about some
of the best opportunities for a side gig or a side hustle, whatever you want to call it. Now what you’re going to notice by having your own side hustle rather than going out and
working a job for somebody, you will likely be able to make more than just getting a job because what are your options as somebody who is a high school student or a college student? The options are pretty lousy. You can go work retail or fast food and those are gonna pay
close to minimum wage. And let’s say you work
a job during the day. If you want to get a part time job, the options really are not that great. So what we’re going to talk about is five different side hustles that might be more appealing to you. Coming in at number one on my list here is being a cleaner. Now before you let your ego get in the way and say oh my gosh, I’m not
going to clean for people, let me just tell you how
much money you can make by doing this. And I want to preface this by saying that most of these ideas for side hustles are tailored towards a wealthier person. So you’re going to try to help people who are wealthy because
they have the money to spend on convenience services
like a cleaning service. So I’m not telling you to go to places where people could obviously
not afford a cleaner, I’m talking about looking
at the area you live in, finding the wealthiest areas, finding the luxury apartment buildings and then advertising your services there if you’re allowed to do so. You want to go after a
wealthier client base because they can afford
these different services. Now the building I live in particular is the building where people
tend to have more money. It’s a middle to upper class building and a lot of us, including myself, don’t like to clean our own apartments. Now I pay a service online. I have somebody clean my
apartment once a month and I pay them about 150 bucks to do this but I’ve had people stop by, offering to clean my apartment
for around $35 per hour. Now obviously, that figure is going to be different based on where you live, but let’s say you can
make 10 to $15 an hour doing fast food or $35 an
hour cleaning an apartment or cleaning somebody’s house or cleaning an office or a church. You can make pretty decent
money being a cleaner. And on top of that, you’re probably going to get tips as well because it’s a service based business and when you are having a service done, you usually tip as a gratuity. So you could potentially
make 35 bucks an hour, plus tips, being a cleaner. Now how would you advertise your services? You could do flyers. You could simply get a couple of clients that you know and then have word of mouth. You could also, if you’re super ambitious, offer to do the first cleaning for free just to prove to people that hey, I’m going to do a good job and then going forward, you
charge that $35 per hour, but I believe the best way to grow this business is word of mouth. I’ve had a lot of people
in my building ask me, hey, who cleans your apartment? What’s their name? I want someone to clean it. ‘Cause I live on the
fifth floor of a building and I live in a small apartment and I don’t have a big vacuum cleaner and so when I need to clean my carpet, my options are not very good. I have a little Dust Buster but it’s just not getting the job done so there’s a lot of people
that are in my situation where they’d rather pay
someone to do the cleaning and pay somebody to bring
the vacuum cleaner in than for me to go through that myself. Okay, idea number two, again, is going to tie into richer clients and that is offering pet care services, whether it’s walking the dog, taking the dog out during the day, giving the dog a bath. Rich people tend to have
money for something like that for a convenience item. So again, let me use my
apartment building for example. I live on the fifth floor
of a building, like I said, and it’s pretty inconvenient to have to take your pet
out to go the bathroom and I obviously work from home and so coming in and out, I frequently see people rushing home to let the dog out to go pee
and then go back to work. Now, a lot of people, like
I said, who live here, have the money to spend on things that are going to make
their lives more convenient and I can guarantee that a lot of them would pay 20 bucks a day for someone to show up,
bring the dog out to pee and put ’em back in the apartment. So this is another option for making money is by simply advertising pet services and taking the dog out to use the bathroom or take the dog out and take it for a 10 minute walk and charge more or take the dog out,
walk it, give it a bath, socialize for an hour. A lot of people, especially a
higher wealth clientele base, would open their wallets
for a service like that and maybe you’re gonna send
them a picture during the day of their dog and make their day. You’re gonna add all
of these other services and convenience things
and you’re gonna build that service and next thing you know, you’re gonna have people paying you $100 just to stop in and take
a peek at their dog. So there is a lot of money to be made when you go after the right client base. Okay, so idea number three is
going to be the only one here that’s an actual job but the reason why I’m recommending it is for the potential to earn tips and also the networking opportunities and that is to be either
a barista or a bartender. I’ve never personally
done either one of these but I’ve honestly thought
about getting a job at a coffee shop just because
I love going to coffee shops and I love meeting people and you are constantly meeting new people in these two social areas here. When people go to bars or
they’re going to coffee shops for meetings and whatnot. Now I believe you’re going to do better, as far as tips go, as a bartender, but it you’re looking for
networking opportunities, I think you’ll do better
working at a coffee shop because most people are going to a bar because they’re looking to unwind and forget about their work. Most people go to coffee shops because they’re looking
to meet other people for business relationships
and opportunities. So if you’re solely looking at this for networking opportunities,
I would look at a coffee shop. You’re also going to make some tips but probably not as much as a bartender. And if you’re mostly
looking to make money, I would look into being a bartender and you will do pretty well there if you’re good at what you
do and you’re friendly. I have a couple of
friends who are bartenders and they said they averaged
about 20 to $25 an hour, as far as their base
salary plus their tips. And the other good thing
about being a bartender is the fact that a lot
of those tips are cash and you’re just taking home that cash at the end of the night. Idea number four is
another service tailored towards a richer clientele base and that is to be a personal
or professional assistant. So again, consider people who are busy. They are working, maybe
nine to five, nine to six and they don’t have time
to go get their laundry or do their grocery shopping or these small little tasks that really help their life stay together or on the professional side, you could work for somebody and respond to emails for them, set up their calendar, set up appointments and basically just help them go through the day-to-day operations. Now obviously, like I said, this is going to be a service that is more tailored towards
a higher end clientele base, people who have the money to invest in making their life a little bit easier but I think you can do very
well as a personal assistant. If you were doing this eight hours a day, I could see this being something you’re making 100 bucks a
day as a personal assistant for somebody, if not more. And the other thing I
wanna throw out there, just to plant this seed in your mind, is possibly looking at being an assistant for somebody more so to learn from them rather than to make money. So think about a wealthy
person, for example. Maybe you wanna learn how
they got to be that wealthy. How did they make their money? You’re looking to be rich one day as well. Maybe they would be willing to mentor you in exchange for you helping them out with some day-to-day tasks and in my opinion, that’s
gonna be far more valuable than that 10 or 20 bucks an
hour that they’re gonna pay you just to be a personal assistant. So if you’re looking more long term, that might be a better approach. And then the fifth and
final idea I have here as far as a side hustle, an easy way to make money is
managing social media accounts. So I have somebody managing
my Instagram account as well as my Facebook account and I pay him on a weekly basis to do that because I am too busy
managing my YouTube channel to worry about Instagram and Facebook but I wanna have a
presence on these platforms and I’m only one person
at the end of the day so you can reach out to influencers. You can reach out to small businesses and help them with their
social media presence. Now if you guys are looking
to learn more about this, I have two video series
to point you towards. Number one, I did a couple
videos with Josue Peña. He talks about managing Instagram accounts and making money as an
Instagram marketing agency and then Kevin David talks
about how to run Facebook ads for businesses or influencers. Both of these are great
money making opportunities, in my opinion, so I’m gonna
link up those playlists down in the description below. But this is a pretty simple concept. Businesses and influencers are
too busy to run Facebook ads or to manage their social media presences so you do this for them and
they pay you on a weekly basis. Anyways guys, that’s gonna
wrap up this video here. These are my top five favorite side jobs or side hustles, ways
to make money outside of your traditional nine to five job. And you might find that maybe after you’re doing your
side hustle for awhile, you scale it up and it
becomes your full time gig. YouTube started out as my side hustle but now this is what I
do day in and day out. I’m a full time YouTuber
and online influencer, I guess you would call it. So you might find that’s the case where you start something on the side and it ends up being your main gig. But I thank you guys
for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you guys have any side
hustle ideas to share, please drop them in the
comments section below. But if not, I will see
you in the next video.


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