5 Best Passive Income Ideas 2017 That Aren’t Online Courses

5 Best Passive Income Ideas 2017 That Aren’t Online Courses

– You’re listening to
the Femtrepreneur Show and this is episode 46. In this episode, we’re talking about favorite passive income
streams for 2017 and beyond, specifically ideas that
are not online courses. (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Mariah. – And I’m Megan, and I’m excited that we’re talking about this, and we are kind of
flipping it a little bit since we’re not talking
about online courses. In this episode, we’re talking about other
options for passive income. If you missed last week’s episode, where we talked all about
what passive income is, if it’s an online course
or not, definitely go back and listen to that in
case you want to find out if we consider online
courses passive income. But for now we have, how many Mariah? Five different examples. – Yeah, we have five different
types of passive income that you can create, passive income streams
that aren’t online courses, and not the traditional
online course format, which I think we should all be thinking about having multiple income streams. And if you do sell online courses or you want that to be
your business model, I also want you to be thinking long term, thinking about the sort of
big picture of your business will be that you do have online courses that you maybe open a
couple times per year. But you also have smaller, what we call passive income products that you sell as well
that maybe are evergreen, they’re available on your website all the time for a smaller price point. And these to me are super, super passive because someone can
purchase it, download it, and use it right away. There’s no live calls involved, it’s not like a group program. So we’re really diving
into five examples of that, and then we have a couple of different actual examples
of people who are selling these types of products for each kind. So let’s dive in. – Yeah, oh before, I
need to correct myself. I said last week’s episode
is where we explained that. It was actually episode 44,
so it was two weeks ago. So, sorry about that,
but yeah, let’s dig in. So the first example we have
is a downloadable workbook or planning workbook. – Yes, so I have seen some really cool like printable workbooks
or printable planners that you can download, print out yourself, put them in a binder or some
people even just get them, what do you call it, like
spiral bound themselves. – Yeah. – And it’s something that you can download and use on your own time,
so it’s not actually getting the physical thing shipped to you. It’s just downloading the
PDF and then printing it and using it however you want to, right? So whether that’s a binder or spiral bound or just one page at a time. So I’ve seen some that are
like, how to outline your book or how to plan your budget
or your home renovation. Obviously there’s a lot
of printable day planners and things like that. But we have a couple specific
examples from some people that we love, some of our
favorite online entrepreneurs. (laughs) So Abby Lawson is super
cool, we’ve actually had her and her husband here
on the podcast before, and we’ll link to that in the show notes. But they sell these printable sheets, one is called the intentional life planner and one is called the
simplified printables. And I think you can buy
them together in a bundle. But basically the way
they’re kind of presented is all these different printable,
organizational sheets you can use for your life, right? So like keeping track of your calendar, keeping track of your finances, keeping track of your budget, all these different
printables that you can use to really manage your home and
your life and your business. And you can put them in a
binder, however you like, and sort of design it however you like. And they’re super cool,
definitely check them out. – Yeah, I love stuff like this. And I think before we even
dig any further in this topic, this is such a great example of just, you do a little work up front and you create this
downloadable PDF, most likely, and then people can just
download it endlessly. – Mhm. – It truly could become
this like really big product for your business that
is completely passive once you’ve uploaded it to
however they’re gonna buy it. And another example is Kelsey
Baldwin of Paper and Oats has an amazing Etsy
shop full of inspiration and different options, she
does business and personal. One of my favorites is
the baby keepsake journal. So it looked so cool, I’m not a mother, at least not yet, but when I have a baby, I know this kind of stuff would
be super interesting to me, and I thought it was a great
example of how this can be, no matter what niche
or industry you’re in, you can do these downloadable
workbooks or little PDF kits for whoever your ideal customer is. – And I think the important
thing to point out if you’re listening is that
most of these start out as something that the person created for themselves to use themselves, right. You might actually have something that you made for yourself, like a laundry tracker,
like you were talking about. Or any sort of
organizational piece of paper that you’ve made for yourself
for your personal use, you might already have this
that you can be selling. And I think for many, many
people that we talk to, they’re like, oh I just created this for my own personal use, I didn’t expect it to
become a whole business. And that’s really what can happen. So take some inventory of
what you’re currently using, whether you’ve created, we’re
gonna talk in a little bit about spreadsheets and
calculators and things like that, but if you’ve created something
for your own personal use, how could you make that available for sale and turn it into a passive income stream for something that you already made. – Yeah, it’s awesome, so number one is the
downloadable workbook, planning workbook, basically
like a big pack of PDFs. – Yeah, printables. – People can print and yeah printables. So number two is design templates, like Photoshop templates,
graphic templates, et cetera. – Yeah, if you’re a designer
and you’re listening, I really want you to think
about how you can take things that you’ve already designed or how you could create
a sort of DIY version of your graphic design services and create a passive income
stream by offering templates. Of course it’s not gonna
be a custom design by you or a custom logo or a
custom WordPress theme that you’ve designed, but it can be something
that’s a template version that someone on a budget can
still have that experience of having something that’s
your style or your brand. So definitely think about Photoshop, website templates or themes
like WordPress themes, any sort of graphics, basically
any sort of design template. And we have a couple of examples for you. The first one is White Oak Creative. She sells blog post graphics that you can actually use for your blog, and it comes with like a Pinterest graphic and an Instagram graphic
and a Twitter graphic. And I think it even
comes with like mock ups or some kind of like … – It comes with like a mood board. Yeah she has a lot of stuff, and just in case you’re listening to this, we will have all the links
to all of the examples we’re mentioning in the blog
posts that accompanies this at the FemShow.com/46. So if you want like links
to all of these examples, we will have that in the blog post. But yeah this blog post graphics kit, she has several different styles as well, but they include a ton of stuff. So I definitely think if
you’re a designer out there, she would be a great
example of how you can take your custom design services and make them a little bit more accessible and bring in some passive income besides these one on one clients you
may be relying on right now. – Definitely, and I think some people sell like graphic templates that
are Photoshop templates, and some people sell
them as Canva templates, which is also super easy and accessible. – Yeah, so smart, and then
there’s also Creative Market, which, if you haven’t
heard of Creative Market, I’m sorry because you’re
gonna be obsessed. – I know. (laughs) – Basically it’s a really big marketplace, kinda similar to the concept of Etsy, but it’s all for creative products. Where you can find fonts to
download, graphic bundles, stock photos, WordPress themes, and so many other things,
and they do big sales or you can follow certain
artists on there, it’s amazing. – Yeah again, design wise,
if you’re a photographer, definitely you could be
selling stock photos, definitely something you
could sell again and again without any more work. Themes for WordPress or
yeah like some people design fonts from scratch which
sounds very difficult, but I know … – I’ve actually done it before. – Really? – Not like for sale,
but there was an iPad, there is an iPad app that
you can like download, create your own font
with your handwriting. – Oh my gosh! – So I did it once, and
I have it on my computer, but it’s not that great. The fonts out there that they like connect and there’s like different options. – Yeah like scripts and stuff. – Really impressive. And I do see a lot of people
using Etsy and Creative Market, like if you’re an artist and you want to sell these templates. I see people kind of do, they almost have three little shops. They have like their
website, then they have Etsy, and then they have Creative Market, and they sell on all of them. – It’s a great idea. – So, yeah, anyways, but
Creative Market is a great place to buy those if you’re
looking to buy some templates, but also if you want to sell
them, a great place as well. – This is a tiny tangent, but a lot of the things we’re
talking about right now is we’re focusing a lot on something that is very passive to deliver, right, passive to have it fulfilled. And have it be delivered to your customer and the process of buying
it is very passive. Something we can talk about
in another episode is like, well there’s all these different … Like when you do have your stuff on Etsy or on a marketplace like Creative Market, the traffic and the search
is also very passive. So getting traffic and stuff like that, that’s another component of it. But we can talk about that whole like system in another thing. But these are all such
good examples of things that are just like click, download, and your fulfillment is done. And you didn’t have to do anything. Okay so, our next example
of passive income product that is not an online
course is a copy template or what I call like a content template. Could be like copy scripts,
could be email scripts. Could be pitch scripts, right, some people sell like
here’s a bunch of pitches that you can use to either pitch the media or pitch your book or
pitch another blogger, pitch a sponsor, things like that. Could be a template of like
how to write your blogs about page or a template
for book proposals or a sales page template. One of our friends Courtney Johnston, who we’ve done webinars with and she has an amazing
like sales page framework that she’s come up with
that we use ourselves. She has a product called
the sales page kit, and it’s basically like a template that helps you write your sales
page, it’s so, so awesome. – I know, I love the framework
she has for that too. – She’s the best. – I know, and then our friend Maya Elias also has her content creation toolkit, which is just like this
amazing resource of … This could also maybe
some of it could go into the spreadsheet section,
which we’ll talk about later. But it’s just a combination
of like Google Docs and spreadsheets that
you can use and reference when you’re creating your content. – Yes, it’s awesome, she has like templates for filling in your blog posts and how to write things
for all your content, how to write your Youtube video scripts, like all that kind of stuff. We always include a lot
of like copy and scripts in our courses but I love the idea of, if you’re struggling to
figure out something to sell, like to me it’s just such a simple thing, and this is another example of you already have this probably. Like if this is part of what your job is or what your work already is and you’re writing things all the time, you probably already have
a template that you go from in your own processes
or in your own business. How could you give that, as a copywriter, how could you give a template to someone who can’t afford to
work with you one on one but still wants your style or wants your sort of
framework that they can use. – I also think that our … We have a product called webinar in a box. – Yeah. – Which I feel like could
loop under this category. Because it takes people … – It’s a content template. – But it walks people
through the entire process of creating their webinar
and like every slide. So you can definitely think
outside the box for this one, it doesn’t have to just
be like copy script, but I definitely think what you
said like a content template is a great way to frame this one. – Definitely. Okay cool, so our fourth example is spreadsheets,
calculators, and trackers. Okay so this is really, really cool. We’ve seen more people … I feel like I’ve seen more
people thinking to sell these, Megan, specifically since
you came out with yours. People are like oh my gosh, you can sell an Excel spreadsheet? And it’s like yeah, you can! – I know, people have been
doing it on Etsy for awhile. I think, so you work
with some amazing guys at Evolved Finance, who are amazing, and they have a thing, it is
like a course on Teachable, but the main product is a spreadsheet, and it’s called the 20 minute budget. They just have videos that kinda walk you through using the spreadsheets, but it’s all based on
their budget spreadsheet. So I think that’s a great example. Again, kind of outside of just
your typical business niche. – And some people create these
for Facebook ad management, like I’ve seen people
sell their own Facebook ad spreadsheets because it is something that’s pretty complicated to
set up yourself the first time. And if you’re managing
your Facebook ads yourself, it can be like a dashboard
that’s automatically inputting like your conversion rates
and things like that, so you can keep track of everything. Basically anything that
has the calculations already applied in the spreadsheet is what makes it super valuable, right? You’re not just creating
a spreadsheet template that people have to input
their own information and then they have to
figure it out themselves. The ones that Megan makes, they automatically are doing the math, like the calculations are already applied, the functions are already applied, so if you tweak one
number, everything else automatically changes and
updates based on that one change. And that’s why it’s so
valuable to purchase these and why people are happy to buy these. – Yeah, so I have some
spreadsheets I sell right now, at the time we’re recording
this, I have two that I sell. One of them is the most popular one is the annual quarterly and
weekly planning spreadsheet. In hindsight, I should’ve
come up with like a cool name for it, but
that’s what it’s always been. – You still could. – Yeah there’s time, but
for now, that summarizes. It’s something I made for myself to track and plan everything, cause I felt like I had too
many places where I was logging my goals and in the actual
reality of everything. So kinda combined everything in one place, and I started selling it,
and it like blew my mind. It’s an affordable product, and it blew my mind that
the power of passive income, and it’s still nice to just like, I get little check from
Gumroad every month and it’s like hey, I didn’t
really do anything for this. – Yeah! – I set it up, worked up front,
and now it just comes in. And if you want to know more about those, you can go to MeganMinns.com/spreadsheets, where I kinda walk you through them, and if you want to buy
them yourself, you can. But, it’s just a good
example if you’re thinking about doing spreadsheets of
how you could do that as well. But so both of those are really
more spreadsheet oriented, but you can definitely do calculators, like you talked about, where the calculations
automatically adjust. And then trackers, just
building out these things for people so they don’t have to worry about how to build it out themselves, and trial and error can really
save people so much time. – Like tracking, we have
internally at Femtrepreneur, we have like blog growth trackers, and we don’t even sell these, we could. But things that are like to
track our stats every month. We have different spreadsheets
available to track our email list, our
social media followers, and everything is being calculated, and then we can look at it on
graphs and things like that. I also think your example
of your spreadsheets is so cool because if anyone
hasn’t seen the video, you should definitely go to
MeganMinns.com/spreadsheets and watch it because
Megan specifically says, here’s what the spreadsheets look like, here’s a video of literally how they work, you are welcome to go and make your own, but if you just want to save the time, you can just buy them,
you know what I mean? So, I love how you’re so open about like, here, here’s everything,
here’s an entire video of every single thing that you would see when you buy this product. Of course you could go make it yourself. If you just want to save an hour and just like you’d rather
spend $12, just do it, you know. I think I love that way
that you’ve promoted those. I know that’s a little tangent, but I just really like how you’ve … It just goes to show … – Thank you. – That people are still happy to pay for the value of having it done. – Yeah and that was a big
learning lesson for me, cause when I was recording
the video, I was like, I’m showing too much, no
one’s gonna buy these, but like I might as well just be okay. It was kind of an experiment. And I did have a few
people comment and be like, thank you so much for
showing and saying that, because I do like to
make my own templates, so I went ahead and made my
own, but like thank you so much. And then 99% of the other
people were like, oh my gosh, it was $9, so it’s like
I’m totally gonna buy this because it would take an hour
or more to like recreate this instead of doing it. – Totally. – To me, that touches on
really all of these examples. If you’re ever wondering like
why would someone buy this? It’s not only, you know
in our design example, it’s more accessible than
maybe one on one work with you. But also with all of
these, they save time. People want the shortcut, people
want someone to guide them. And if they can really
affordably buy that from you and have your guidance instantly, and feel confident that
they’re doing it the right way, I think that’s why these
products are so successful because they’re not usually too expensive, people can kind of test it out. But they’re still getting that guidance that they’re looking for and answers those
questions that they have. – Yeah, absolutely, such a good point. Well, we have our fifth
passive income product is a technical tutorial. So this is basically where
you show screen share videos. You create screen share
videos of you step by step, like literally what your mouse is doing, setting up something technical,
just some easy to follow, what we call over the
shoulder type videos, where it’s as if someone is
there with you watching you fill things out on your computer screen. And these are really easy to deliver. Again, this is something
either people can download them and just have the video files or you could host this in a course site. But it’s not the same
as like a big program where there’s a lot of like follow-up and usually there’s not like a community or something like that,
this is just really simple. – Yeah. – So, we have an example. We have a convert kit training that’s like a little mini class. That we don’t actually
sell publicly right now, but we do have that and that’s
just a good example of like Megan made screen share videos
of how to set up convert kit. Another really good example
is Learn Scrivener Fast, which I know we’ve talked
about before in other podcasts, and I’ve talked about a lot cause it’s just such a successful example of someone who took a software product and just made screen share videos. And they’re like, this
is kinda complicated, there’s a bit of a learning
curve to learning Scrivener, which is a software for
writers to write their books. And he just made screen
share videos and sold them and has made hundreds
of thousands of dollars if not more doing that, which is awesome. (laughs) – So impressive, I feel
like it was one of … I don’t remember when that course … – It was a while ago. – When that training came out. – It blew my mind! Yeah, it’s totally like
one of the first examples of someone being like, did
you know you could make money? There’s another one, there was another one that’s like how to use Evernote. And there was this course that made millions of dollars or something about how to just use Evernote
to its fullest potential. And it’s like one of those examples that when you first hear
about it you’re like no way, and then that really opens
your mind to what’s possible. – Yeah, and we have a product
called website in a box, which to me is completely under this category of a tech tutorial. It is hosted on a course
site since it is video dense. But it really is tech tutorials
where I guide you through step by step creating a
website that will convert in Squarespace, and we do
this with webinar pages, and sales pages, and we’re gonna have more different pages coming soon as well. But this is just a great example
where I’m sharing my screen and I am just guiding you step by step through creating this
template in Squarespace. So, you can check that
out at websiteinabox.co if you want to learn more, little plug. – It gets the best reviews,
website in a box is always, people are like oh my god
this is so dead simple, cause it is, you’ve made it so easy, because it literally is
like Megan is walking you through step by step how to do everything. – Yeah, but I think when
we first created it, we kinda kept calling it a course. And we were looking at it afterwards, and we’re like, it’s not a course. This is a product, this is a tech training that we’re guiding you
through creating something. It’s not like eight
modules where I teach you. – It’s like you just do it in
an hour and then it’s done. – Yeah, so I love this, and I definitely think
any industry and niche, you could be one of the first
to do a tech tutorial product in your industry, I mean pretty much any industry could use
this type of training. – So, so true. Alright well, we have,
if you’re interested in sort of the nitty gritty
of how all this stuff works, we talked a little bit about the delivery of these being very passive,
but if you want to know what tech systems we actually
use to deliver these, we’ve hinted at some of them. But if you want to know
what technical systems, like what payment process
or what delivery software you need to actually make
these processes automated and passive so that it
truly is passive income, check out our passive income
systems and tools guide that goes along with this episode so that you can see
exactly how it’ll connect everything up so that
everything is seamless and you don’t have to do anything once you get this set up on your website. – Yeah and you can go
to the FemShow.com/46 to download the passive
income systems and tools guide and to also see examples, get links to everything
we mentioned today, and read the blog post that
accompanies this episode. So again, that is the FemShow.com/46. And if you want to discuss
this episode with us and our amazing community
of online entrepreneurs, make sure you join our free Facebook Group at the FemShow.com/community. – And if you liked this episode, please subscribe to the
Femtrepreneur Show on iTunes, and leave us a rating and a review, cause we’ll love you forever. If you’re watching this on Youtube, please leave a comment
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more awesome episodes. If you have a question
that you want us to answer live on the show and you want
us to give you a shout out, then go to the FemShow.com
and submit your questions. And we will see you next week. This morning, Matt was like, oh, is it the season
for your summer moo moo. (laughs) – I was gonna compliment. – I love this shirt, it’s
just like a really cool shirt. And Matt was like I see,
it’s the season of the … It’s not even a dress,
it’s just a T-shirt. – Does he know what a moo moo is? – Yeah, I don’t think so.


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