4 Ways to Make Money from Home (2019) | Easy Ways to Make Money

4 Ways to Make Money from Home (2019) | Easy Ways to Make Money

4 Ways to Earn Money from Home (2019) | Easy Ways to Make Money Hey everyone welcome back my name is
Nate Valline with natevalline.com and in this video i’m gonna show you four ways
you can earn money from home in 2019 so there’s quite a bit of information i
won’t go over so i’m just gonna jump right into it so the first method that i
want to go over is something that you’ve probably seen zipping around town and
that’s these lime electric scooters pretty simple process that you can do
with lime when you go to their website you just go up to join us and then you
can go to charge scooters and so what you’re doing you’re not actually riding
the skeeters but what you’re doing is charging the scooters so when you
download the app everything’s GPS base and i’ll tell you
that the battery power on a scooter and so when you see one that need is in need
of being charged you go you pick it up and take it home charge it up once it’s
fully charged you put it back out on the street that simple so when you’re
sitting at home you might as well get Dean might as well be paid for charging
these scooters right so that simple get paid right away and all you have to do
to get started is fill out this quick form and get going so the other one is
also bird scooters it’s very similar concept you know it’s Lyme’s competitor
but you can also go to charge with bird and same thing you just do a quick
signup you you get the Chargers and you can charge scooters while you’re sitting
at home pretty nice so that’s a very easy way to make a couple extra bucks
for not much work now the next method I want to go over is a company called Tex
broker and so what Tex broker does is it brokers out writing jobs for you that
you could sign up to do and make some money writing content this could be copy
research it could be whatever a post you know definitely ranges in the variety of
what you’re writing now there is a hack to this that I’ll explain here in a
little bit but just to kind of go over it more you know it does pay pretty well
for what you’re doing doesn’t take a lot of time or effort and what happens is
when you sign up you have to submit a sample writing a piece of sample writing
and it’s either like one or two paragraphs and you’re graded on that
sample and depending on that grade you’re you’re given a quality rating and
so at the lowest rating you would earn 0.7 cents per word at the highest rating
you would earn five cents a word so at a thousand if you were to write something
a thousand word piece let’s just do the math times 0.05 you’re gonna make 50
bucks so depending on how good of a writer are you are you could knock out a
thousand word piece of writing in no time and make 50 bucks as long as you’re
at the highest quality rating but now say what if you’re not so now let me
talk to you about this hack what if you’re not a strong writer or you you
have a little bit of doubt of the quality of your writing
well something you can go to is a company called
fiber you may have heard about it but what it is is it’s a website that offers
a lot of cheap inexpensive artistic creative services and so you could come
up to like writing let’s see let’s go with some technical
writing here as an example so scrolling down here these are each different
people that will do technical writing for you so it starts as low as $5 and
goes up from there depending on what you need and who you’re working with so one
of the things you can do is come to fiber hire someone to write your sample
particle sample writing submit that make sure you get a high rating out of the
gate so that you’re earning as much as five cents per word and then that way
you’re starting on the top making the most money at the start and so that way
you know you’re taking advantage of everything that you can the most best
best use of your time now from that point on you know if you are someone
that enjoys writing you could then take over the writing after that and earn the
money directly or again you could use Fiverr and just hire them to create your
articles but if you’re to do that you definitely need to crunch the numbers
make sure that you’re actually making money you know if you’re buying having
hiring someone on Fiverr for five ten bucks to write a piece of writing for
you you’d want to make sure that you’re gonna earn at least double that I would
imagine ten to twenty dollars to make it worth it right so that that is another
way now to be totally transparent these first two methods I have not done so and
I’ll tell you why the line scooters and bird scooters they’re not in my where my
house is I live in a small town they are not here I have used the line scooters
around Salt Lake City they’re a lot of fun to zip around the apps easy to use
so I can only imagine that being a tester and you are a charger
using the app that way just as great text broker the reason I haven’t done it
is I just honestly haven’t had time to invest myself into that and writing just
has not been my thing but I have done a little research on text broker I’ve
looked in the Better Business Bureau hard to say and as well as several
reviews everything like that and it does sound like it is a legit company people
are having good experiences with it and I am confident that what they say they
will do they will do now with that you know I recommend these as something to
try out but again I haven’t tried it myself personally so hopefully you know
have a terrible experience based on my recommendation I don’t think you will
but just wanted to throw that out there because I don’t want to mislead you in
any way now this next method the third method
that won’t go over is something that I am doing and that is user testing so
what user testing is is there several companies out there try MIUI is one and
user testing calm is another but what you do is you get signed up it’s free to
sign up as a tester and then you are offered the ability to sample and
provide your feedback on website tests so new website new websites might or
these tests might include your impression as to how the website looks
and feels and works they might be testing out a certain aspect of their
sales process or their membership site different ways like that and try my UI
and user testing there there might talk to favorite that I’m you
I have signed up for some others I’ve been using user lytx calm I’ve also been
doing user feel calm as well as what users do calm so so far all five of them
have been a great experience all very similar and what they will do is if you
go to get paid the test is typically they will pay you about ten dollars for
approximately 20 minutes of work so if you were to do three of these in an hour
that you’re making $30 an hour so that’s not too bad as you know we’re just
putting aside an hour or so to do these tests to give your feedback and narrate
your experience with these they’re they pay you promptly after that typically
through PayPal but again a great experience a great way to make a little
extra money without putting putting forth a lot of time or effort and so
that’s exactly what these three first three methods are it’s just a way to
make a couple extra bucks a couple hundred bucks for a month without
putting out a lot of time and effort now this next way this next method the
fourth method I’m going to go over is gonna step it up quite a bit this is
where you would really be able to make a full time income online and from home
and that’s with affiliate marketing and that’s where my main focus is myself
right now and so with affiliate marketing what
you’re doing is you are selling other people’s products and services for
Commission so as you you know introduce prospects to them if they buy you get
paid either a set dollar amount or percentage of that
of that price that they’re buying purchasing it at and so by doing this
it’s you can create a lot larger sum of income as well something that’s going to
last long term and so when it comes to affiliate marketing
the quickest way you could get started into it is through a website called
Clickbank you may have heard of this you can get signed up for free and when you
once you create your free account you get logged in this is a dashboard you go
to the marketplace and here is where they list out all the categories so
different niches that you can search proper products on and services and so
depending on what neat Miche you are working in you can find a product in
there promote it directly you can take the link right from here and start
promoting it immediately either on like your social media your website your
YouTube channel or your email list whatever at work whatever however you
want to do it now if you really want to be serious about it there is a proper
way to structure your affiliate marketing business and I’ve done a video
on that and I’ll link to that video if you want to check that out
but again the best way if you’re wanting to do a make a full time income online
doing affiliate marketing really what you want to do is create or find a
affiliate marketing system and what does that mean by a system well that means
that you’re promoting a primary product that you can get plugged into and when
as you’re putting out effort promoting that one product you then are also
having the ability to earn multiple streams of income on like-minded
products to that primary product to earn you additional sources of income and so
that way for each visitor put in they’re getting shown three four
five different product offers which then ups your chance to convert to a sale and
earn a commission and also gives you that chance to really grow and create a
full time income so what I’ll do is I’ll put a link in the description for my
number one recommended method for earning full-time income and excuse me
earning full-time income with affiliate marketing in the description below if
you’re interested in that click that link go through the steps and you’ll
learn everything about what I am focusing my efforts on right now and so
with that I’ll wrap this up if you hope you got some value out of this video
hopefully gives you some ideas on how you can make a little extra money from
working from home in 2019 if you did like this video please like it give it a
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video thanks bye

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