4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out w/ Kate Northrup

4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out w/ Kate Northrup

Marie:              Hey it’s
Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life
you love. I’ve got a question for you. Do you ever feel like you self sabotage around
money? Ever wonder if you have some limiting beliefs
from childhood that are holding you? Whether you’ve got mountains of debt or
you just can’t seem to get ahead? Most of us have a next financial level that
we would love to get to. If that sounds like you, you are in for a
treat today because you’re going to learn about four money beliefs that may be holding
you back and how to fix them. Kate Northrup is the bestselling author of
Money: A Lost Story, Untangle your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want. She created financial freedom for herself
at the age of 28 through building a team of more than 1,000 wellness entrepreneurs in
the network marketing industry. Her philosophy is that if you free yourself
financial, you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet. She’s been featured on the Today Show, the
Huffington Post, Glamour and more. Miss Kate Northrup, thank you so much for
being on MarieTV. Kate:           Thank you so much
for having me. Marie:                     I
just got to say once again. Money: A Love Story, amazing book by Kate. If you don’t have it, go out and get it
ASAP. Lets talk money because we’ve been friends
for years and I love talking about money. I think it’s an amazing topic, it’s an
integral part of our lives and I’m really passionate about it. So many people, especially this time in the
world, so many people are struggling financially and a lot of people aren’t, so there’s really
a possibility for us all to get to that next level. I’m curious. Why are you so passionate about this topic? Kate:           I really see money
as a tool for people to be able to show up in a bigger way. Money is neither negative nor positive; it
just is a tool for us to make change. If we’ve got a lot of financial chaos going
on, we’re worried about how am I going to put food on the table, how am I going to pay
the rent, where’s the mortgage going to come from. That takes up a lot of bandwidth, a lot of
our creative bandwidth, a lot of our power bandwidth and we’re not able to show up
in the same way as if our financial lives were in order and taken care so that we could
then come over here and do the things that are higher leveraged that are really of service. Getting it together financially is really
just a vehicle for being able to show up more fully in your purpose. Marie:                     I
agree with that 100%. You know my story where I started off thousands
and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and it sucked; it was really hard to
think about how to create everything when I was “am I going to have enough to pay
rent or to eat” or anything like that. I know for you, you’ve come a very far way
in a short couple of years, personally financially. Can you tell us a little bit about your story
and how big of a change you’ve made in these past couple of years? Kate:           Sure. I moved to New York when I was 22 and I promptly
got myself into about $20,000 worth of credit card debt, probably a little bit more at some
points, and I didn’t even know that that was the number until several years in because
I had my head dipped so deeply in the sand avoiding looking at it. I was just like “I’ll just spend and spend”
and they were on things that were business stuff and courses; it’s not like I had a
closet full of Jimmy Choos, but it was still way beyond my means. I noticed I was so unconscious about money
and I was so avoidant and I was so scared to look at the whole truth. Marie:                     I
have a question for you. Would you get bills that they would come in
and you just wouldn’t open them and you’d stick them in a drawer? Did you pay minimums? Kate:           Yeah. I knew what my minimum was on every card and
I had a lot of them, so it was like this shell game where I would just pay a little more
than the minimum which made me feel like I’m making a little progress, but I really wasn’t
and I was just in this quagmire and I felt really unauthentic because I was out running
a business, I was teaching women about different streams of income and thinking in new ways
about cash flows, but behind the scenes, I had all this financial chaos and I knew I
wasn’t taking responsibility for it. For the whole thing, it felt really awful
and it was that way around the time that you and I met and I was hiding it. Marie:                     Really? That’s so interesting. You were hiding it from most of the world
publically and so how long did it take for you to reach that breaking point where you
were like, “I’ve had enough, I got to handle this, I can’t do this anymore, it just hurts
too much”? Kate:           It was about four
years. I always was a good earner so it was never
like I couldn’t eat or anything. I could always just keep me little nose above
the surface so I could still breathe and it was about four years that I finally sat myself
down and said “You know what? Enough is enough,” and I realized that I
was holding myself back from being able to be in my full ability to make change in the
world by being in financial chaos. I knew that was a way I was keeping myself
small and so I just finally decided to do something about it. Marie:                     Let’s
fast forward. What are the numbers? How much debt did you get yourself out of
and how fast did you do it? Kate:           When I really made
some significant changes in my life, I was in about $20,000 and six months later, I had
paid it all off basically in one fell swoop and doubled my income and doubled my savings
and it was amazing what happened when I just got my rear in gear and made some critical
mindset shifts which we’re going to talk about today and it all worked out. It’s kind of shocking. Marie:                     Isn’t
it amazing when that happens and when you actually tell the truth and stop lying? It is so huge. I know it can feel so scary. It’s not about money but back in my early
20s when I was engaged to be married to someone that I knew I wasn’t going to married, but
I was terrified of breaking it off because our finances were co-mingled and I was just
so scared. I only lasted about six months in a lie but
living that lie, I think we’ve all experienced that on some level where you know something
is not right, you’re hiding something big but you don’t have the courage quite yet
to break through. I love this topic because we’re going to
dive into these money beliefs; they’re almost like money lies that we’re telling ourselves,
and if you could just tell yourself the truth, there’s this incredible opening that can happen
and literally your whole life really can change just by changing something on the inside. Kate:           And fast. It doesn’t have to take a long time. Marie:                     I’ve
had some stories from clients, from friends and people that we’ve had some tough money
conversations, not tough between us personally, but just being there and supporting them through
it and watching how quickly things can turn around. I’ve had some people that have been in $100,000
or $200,000 in debt, even if that number doesn’t go away as quickly as yours did, it goes down
really fast but more importantly who they are in the world changes significantly. Kate:           That’s the whole
point; it’s not about the money. Marie:                     It’s
not about the money and it is about the money. Let’s get into it. You say we’re going to focus on four beliefs
today and the first one that hold us back is someone else should or will do this for
me. Kate:           We take our financial
power and we just give it to somebody else. It’s so much easier to just say “will
you just do this for me” or “hey boss, can you just do this for me” or “hey prince
charming, future husband who hasn’t showed up yet, he’ll probably take care of it for
me,” so I’ll just bide my time and keep being irresponsible until that point. For me it was that I hoped that my mom would
just take care of it for me someday. It’s so embarrassing to even just say that
right now but it’s true; I wrote about it in my book so it’s out there. That is symptomatic of us really feeling like
we’re not enough to do it and it’s just saying “this is too scary, I don’t have
what it takes, I’m not smart enough,” and so we wait and we never turn on our full potential
because we’re hoping somebody else will swoop in at some point and save us. Marie:                     It’s
a big one. There’s certainly been areas in my life where
I was thinking that someone else was going to handle it for me and I’m pretty sure money
was it back in the day and now it almost feels like a different human being that used to
think that way, but it is a big one. Belief number two: I’m not good with money. This is a big one. Kate:           This is a really
big one. Have you ever seen a baby be born and be able
to talk and walk? Marie:                     No. On YouTube sometimes. Kate:           But that pretty much
never happens. We’ve all learned the skills we have and so
to think like you’re just not good with money is holding you back. Our beliefs become our actions, we act in
accordance with what our beliefs are and then our actions obviously create our results. That’s just kind of a basic equation for
life and when we think I’m not good with money, we’re setting ourselves up for failure and
we actually avoid taking financial steps because we have that thought. Instead you can take really small actions
to start to build your confidence, and the one that I did, again I was really pretty
remedial with this, so when I started off, I was like “I just am going to check my
bank account balance everyday,” and when I do that, I’m going to give some gratitude
for the ways my life is abundant. I knew if I could just check in with money
daily and start being in that relationship and paying attention to it, it would be powerful. When I started doing that every day I set
a little Google calendar alarm, 8:30 am, ‘check your bank account balance.’ My income increased and I stopped spending
more than I made. It was just like paying attention pays off
and I started to be better and better with money because I was paying attention to it. Marie:                     I
love that. Also, the things that we tell ourselves, we
joke around a lot about it here on MarieTV. There are some times where we’re shooting
an episode and literally I’m flubbing this line that I really want to get across again
and again and we’re all joking and every explicative comes out, and I say “I got
this.” I tell myself “I got this,” and wouldn’t
you know nine times out of ten, I’m like “bam” and I get it and I deliver that line. It’s the same thing with “I’m not good
with money.” If you tell yourself you’re not good with
money, you’re never going to take the steps to do anything about it and it’s almost
like you just got blinders on and you’re never going to take them off. I love that simple step of just checking in
daily and the other thing I like about it is it can remove the fear. I know for me there was a time when opening
my checkbook was really scary and it actually produced physical sensations of wanting to
throw up because there wasn’t enough in there, at least that’s the story I told
myself. There was actually enough in there because
here I am, I didn’t disintegrate and I wasn’t getting taken off to jail or something, but
that was the feeling. Kate:           We can train ourselves
like Pavlov’s dog to spend that time with our bank account and look at it and then automatically
say, “I’m going to name three things in my life that I’m grateful for that feel abundant.” You’re training and rewiring your brain so
that you’re associating looking at your money with feeling good. Marie:                     I
love that. Money belief number three: people with money
are greedy or it’s not spiritual to have money. Kate:           I know that this
is one you actually covered with Marianne Williams in your audio, which was so fantastic. When we have a judgment against somebody for
having something and it’s very common with money, there’s this whole lack mentality of
rich people are greedy, they’ve stepped on other people to get there or something. First of all that’s assumption. We never know really how people got where
they’re at and chances are pretty good that they worked hard to get there and they deserve
it because of the time they’ve put in. When we judge them, automatically our subconscious
mind will never allow us to have the abundance or prosperity that we want if we’re judging
other people for having it. Why would it let us be the evil person that
we’re saying they’re bad because they have money or they’re selfish or they’re dishonest? Anytime that comes up, and also, anytime it
comes up “it’s not spiritual to be rich or to have money,” money is a stand in for
what we value. If somebody wants something that you offer,
like B-School for example, and they value it according to the amount that it costs,
that’s a service. That’s an exchange of value for value that’s
tremendous and the value they’re receiving in their life is huge and then you get to
receive that in exchange. That’s all that money is; just trading value
for value. When we add value to somebody else’s life,
to me that’s a spiritual act to say, “I see that you have a need and I have something
I can help you with” then to receive an exchange for that is how it should be. That is the flow, so if we start to see money
as a means of value exchange and as a means of how can I look at the world and say where
can I add value, where can I help somebody, then the whole thing begins to be rewired
and we realize, “I will become more prosperous to the degree that I am able to add value
to somebody’s life.” Marie:                     I
love that. That’s beautiful and I get really up in
arms about that whole judging people not spiritual to have money. Money belief number four: I’m not ___ enough.” Kate:           I’m not ____ enough;
it could be “I’m not smart enough, I’m not talented enough, I didn’t come from the
right background.” Whatever it is, it’s immediately taking
you out of the game. Anytime we don’t value ourselves, what ends
up happening is when we’re out in the world, even if we’re providing really good value,
if we’re not seeing our worth, we’re not going to get the value and exchange for that. No one will value you more than you value
yourself. We need to learn to value ourselves and you
can really practically, the whole self love thing, when I hear about it- Marie:                     Do
you roll your eyes? Kate:           I do and I teach
it at the same time because it’s really important and pretty much I think the solution
to anything is loving yourself more but “how do I do that and what does that even mean.” Really practically what you can do is get
out a journal and every night for at least 21 days because that’s what studies show
it takes to form a new habit, write in there three things you value about yourself or three
ways that you added value to somebody’s life that day. You could be like “I was so funny today
on MarieTV” or I could say “I did a Skype interview today and I know I added value to
whoever’s going to watch that one.” Whatever it is, what we’re doing is we’re
building that muscle and training ourselves to notice things that we value about ourselves
and things that are valuable about us, and ways that we’ve added value to somebody else’s
life which will tune our radar in so that during the day, we’re seeing more opportunities
and we saying “I could add a little value over there, there’s an opportunity there,”
and it makes us better business people and it makes us better humans. That’s a great way to train yourself and
write those three things down every day and it’ll make you feel the next day “I did
something.” It’s a fabulous way to celebrate yourself
and to increase your value. Marie:                     I
have to say I love this one. Not so long ago, we did an episode about valuing
your worth and we were aiming that at artists and creatives, and it was shocking and beautiful
to me and heartbreaking at the same time to see how many of us struggling with that. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. You could feel like you’re just starting out
on your financial journey or your career journey, or you can be further along and there’s times
for me where the little fear comes up. I love that suggestion also because adding
value to someone’s life could mean smiling. It could be an act of kindness. It can be taking a pause and making a phone
call and letting someone know that you love them. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a business
transaction; it can actually be really a beautiful act of kindness and love and compassion that
you put out into the world. Kate:           And the value we
receive back, the abundance we receive back might be financial and it might be something
else. You and I both know that abundance is a lot
of different things; it’s our health, it’s our relationships, it’s our peace of mind. A life that’s rich and wealthy is a lot
of different things beyond your bank account. Marie:                     Kate,
this was awesome. Thank you so much for coming. What a rich discussion and hopefully we’ll
keep talking about this and we’re going to keep talking about this in the comments
right now. Now Kate and I have a challenge for you. What is one money belief that’s been holding
you back? It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your
financial journey; we’ve all got one. What we want to hear about also besides the
money belief that’s holding you back, what’s one action you could take that demonstrates
you are ready for a new level of abundance in your life? Tell us about it in the comments below. As always the best discussions happen after
the episode over at MarieForleo.com so go there and leave a comment now. Did you like this video? If so, subscribe and share it with your friends. If you want even more resources to create
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catch you next time on MarieTV.


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    My husband and i spent the first 6 years of marriage in huge financial need. Anytime something extra came up such as a car repair or buying a car or kids clothes etc we needed help from his parents. My grandma helped as well and was more understanding. My grandma also gave us the opportunity to work for the money which felt more like an even exchange, although she was very generous in her payment for our work. My inlaws however would not let us work for their gift which I understand and am thankful for. Its just that their gifts always cane with strings attached. I didnt work because we got pregnant right away and also had health problems. Inlaws would scoff at my health issues and gossip with other family asking “why doesnt she get a job??” There was never good communication. It really hurt to need their help yet hate excepting it. I was just earlier talking about this with my husband. A big fear surrounding wealth is what it will do to our relationship with his parents. Even apart from money it is not a good relationship. We feel limited and misunderstood by them. Again their is very poor communication. We try but they wont open up or seek to understand. They want peace without doing the work. We cant just pretend because nothing will change. We will still “say the wrong thing” and it be taken the wrong way and vice versa.

    Anyway we have gone back and forth for the past 3 years on whether or not to cut ties.

    Financial freedom would allow and much cleaner cut from them but i dont want them to think our reason for no longer communicating with them is because of money and us not needing theirs. Thats not what the relationship is about. Many other things are wrong. But they would believe money was the only reason we kept talking if money is what allows us to leave.

  4. Patrick Barnaby says:

    Studies are wrong: It does not take 21 days to develop a habit- It takes a lifetime – Read Atomic Habits by James Clear.
    Great Video about 4 wrong beliefs. I'm now working on changing what I'm saying internally.
    "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
    " – James 1:22

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    Flooding this line you know what I find really interesting is that there is a saying that a watched pot of water will never boil and so for her to say that she was watching her bank account every single day and kept checking in and it was growing doesn't really work for everybody as a matter of fact that's how I found out that my bank was stealing from me and then I switched banks told the new bank who I had had previously before who closed my account after being a loyal customer for 17 years because of inactivity for 4 months and they never even notified me that they were doing it not through email not through phone call I guess they thought well this one's dead so we'll just close the account when she was really messed up when you think about it I don't like doing business with people that don't care about the people there doing business with and unfortunately that's what we're dealing with however I had been a customer for 17 years and I knew that if I ran into a problem I could contact them but when you cyber bank and you really don't need to go in and you're not balancing a checkbook because you've gotten addicted to the whole Debit Visa or debit Mastercard and some people have automatic overdraft protection you start to run into a very sloppy way of living you shift into a unawareness and even if you check your account you will see that they stagger your deposits and withdrawals and they have many reasons for why they say that happens but I don't buy it I started to realize that there seems to be something amiss I kept making deposits but it didn't seem like my balance was changing for the better and this is the beginning of what I started to experience with my last bank so I live in my car I live in Walmart parking lot for 23 months I use the Uber and the Lyft which doesn't really give me much platform to be able to make money I have things I need to do on my car and the more you use it the more your maintenance I tried to buy quality items for my vehicle knowing that they need to stand the test of time they need to actually last it can't be frivolous and it can't be based on money it has to be quality and that's the smart way of shopping in my opinion sometimes it's actually more economical because if you're buying something cheap while you're going to have to replace it more frequently in a long run you end up spending more than you had intended so as it is and as our society as we have a lot of selfish people and people don't see that transportation is a service orientated business as a matter of fact they don't understand how it works and the companies with advertisement have misled them to believe that we actually work for the company that means all liabilities and expenses or buried by the driver the company contributes nothing it's just a meeting place for person with a need and a person willing to fill that need this particular area where I'm at now which is in the Charlotte Metro area is over saturated with drivers because we've had such a growth in the last year-and-a-half but extremely huge amount of individuals moving here over the summer lift you can make an immediate transition into driving from one state to the other and there is a little bit of a delay with Uber so it really has created some issues around quality rides and quantity but the caliber of individuals that are from other states are coming from places where the struggle was real and they brought that energy and attitude here I feel over time that will be balanced out once the initial programming in anticipation of how they used to live or sis how things really are balances itself out I have been at best able to keep myself afloat and run into some very trying times where it was a challenge but I have recently been trying very hard to see progress in what I'm doing this of course is not who I am believe it or not I'm an intuitive so my gift is around Plant medicine your body and nutrition I have not been able to find a place where I really fit in and therefore that means I need to create and I am an extremely creative person I'm actually Visionary with a lot of ideas but there's a lot of things that cannot be exact it living from a vehicle and because the cost of a hotel room or even a small place to live would consume pretty much everything that I would be able to bring into work there would be nothing left for resource to be able to make those gradual changes and open up a cyber business so if you have any ideas that would be great now I hear you mentioning that she's running her own health network perhaps I was meant to write on this video and maybe there will be a connection here that might actually help me Propel myself I don't know but I'm definitely going to give it a try I am extremely optimistic individual but that doesn't necessarily translate in my reality though I continue to stay upbeat and do my best end result with the money as I ended up realizing that every time I made an instant pay to my account it will be in my best interest to remove the money because whether it's the bank or whether it's me it's a codependent relationship and I don't feel that my money is safe in the bank any longer we also are going through transitions and a lot of these institutions are being unveiled for what they truly are the last company that I bank with explain where my deposit went the night before yet the one that I had made in the morning after showed up as a matter of fact she was being very aggressive with her typing and then eventually had to call the 1-800 number to talk to someone in customer service she never did explain to me where the $25 went but that's a large chunk of change from one account I can only imagine if they were taking $25 from every one of their customers how much money they would be able to transfer to an offshore account and get away with it after claiming bankruptcy these types of institutions to my knowledge can be instantly forgiven with no liability it's no different than the pharmacy and medical practitioners in my personal opinion it took 45 minutes for her to finally turn the computer screen towards me and say it's right here like as if to say it's been here the whole time but in the very beginning the only thing I had was $25 and that was from my morning deposit so I will have to say that I feel it depends on the individual and for me that did not work so I took matters into my own hands and now I use the bank only to receive my money and then it's removed I'm going to leave my email address in the event that your guests might have some valuable information to share that may help me improve my life because I definitely have a lot to offer thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for allowing me to share

    11dreamweavr11 at gmail.com

  11. Eloah DRmwvr says:

    This is part baby cuz of course YouTube is monitoring how much we put down in our comments but I did go back for a second to hear what she said it's value for value and that's my issue is I'm not dealing with that circle of people I'm not in the Stream of where people desire that's the only thing they want is a ride so that's where the issue comes from and you'll see some of that here in Part B

    I will have to disagree with the observation that some wealthy people are actually extremely selfish I've met a lot of them in my car and those are the ones that don't usually tip no one said they had to but even $8 would be helpful because that would cover some of my expenses and I'm sure someone here is going to say what a bad attitude and relationship she has with money I suppose you could say that I've been working pretty hard and I was taking care of my son up until he left April or May and then I ended up trying to take care of myself so we all know that we pay for convenience that isn't cheap it adds up even though I don't live the same life other people do and I do try and take care meaning I Do by take out not really fast food drive-thru ever and a lot of times I will opt out of both of those options and go to a health food store and try to buy organic and I might eat a bag of grapes I might eat some celery I might eat hummus everything I do is in this car except for showering and going to the bathroom I was in the midst of The Dark Night of the soul and I'm coming out now on the other end and seeing a small progress in a short amount of time just by removing my money from my bank account of course when you make money you have to spend and some days are good and some days are mediocre the apple tree doesn't grow overnight from seed so I am making an effort I would just like to start being connected with people who believe in the things that I believe in and we're actually making some changes in this world my issue is I'm mingling with people who don't value what I do and try to get as much as I can for absolutely nothing or very little I guess they think it's included in the ride I actually did have someone say that to me oh wow a ride and free guidance and I looked at him and I said nothing is free in other words it shouldn't be it should be appreciated and some token of gratitude should be shown but he was one of the people that did not tip is the way for people to give a donation because the information I give can be pretty life-changing for example I had a man in my car that is from Slovenia his wife is in West Virginia and he is here in North Carolina I was picking up on issues that his wife was having medically and giving him some information that I thought would be helpful but he wasn't aware of who I was picking up on and kept telling me that I wasn't picking up on him and he was right I was also picking up on certain things with him and gave him the information I thought would be useful which he did confirm for me he was amazed at least outwardly and before he mentioned what he thought it was worth monetarily which of course I can't go by he mentioned that he really would like me to meet with his wife and that he would be willing to pay me and out of joking I said how much do you feel it would be worth and he said at least $200 and then when he got out of my car he said if nothing else at least a nice meal and he was aware that I live in my car so he wanted my number in order to contact me in the future we had established even him information that would be beneficial for both of them so essentially it's like seeing a doctor everyone is all too ready to pay and then after the ride was ended I gave him 24 hours to see what he would do with it knowing intuitively there would be no show of gratitude and there wasn't I there for contacting him and very politely told him that these are the types of energies and individuals that I choose to stay away from the ones that actually have issues with money and live in a place of lack and I then let him know that I would be blocking any further Communications I felt that that might have been a little extreme but it's important for us to be both yin and yang you have your feminine and your masculine energies one is Mercy and one is severity these individuals have to understand something has to happen in her life that opens their eyes to the way that they're living and hopefully take some to a better place

    I left my email address in the first part of my comment below but I also forgot not only do I not shower cuz the bathroom in my vehicle I do laundry and yes I am having faith my shower so I try to stretch things out and maintain myself I think for a little while I was investing too much in take good care of myself have a storage unit that I paid really I'm only using like a very small car they're just honest and though they had something smaller they will not willing to offer it to me because of course they were trying to make as much money as possible it's just been a real challenge to constantly feel taken for granted perseverance is not an issue for me I'm definitely persistent and sometimes to a fault I think that's when it challenges well and that doesn't get enough attention you have to know when to cut your losses you also have to know how to discern and you have to be able to let go so I have a new philosophy and that is if it doesn't flow let it go. My slate has been completely wiped clean and I am an absolute free agent willing to make any adjustments that are necessary to help pull myself out of this a little guidance or direction is greatly appreciated

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    I vow to try to always remember to recognize my worth and check my bank account balance everyday and give gratitude for ways my life is abundant.

    Thank you!

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    Great Video.

    One action I can take is to value more what I have to offer to my clients and others to enhance their lives.

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    What I can do to shift that: I can send my son to school with a few bucks so he can treat himself and a friend to a snack at lunch today.
    I can do small acts like that each day.
    Hmmm… 🤔 Just the thought of that shifted something in me!

  57. Patrice says:

    My negative belief is that pursuing more money will take away the little bit of peace I have managed to find exactly where I am. More money means more stress, more responsibility, less family time and less happiness at this point in time. I am dealing with it by thinking of the ways that money will add to my life and recognizing that I will still have free time when I am earning more.

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  76. Colleen Oconnor says:

    I just saw this. I have started implementing the looking at your finances and I don't do it every day but I have noticed more freelance jobs coming in. No money yet but it may have a lot to do with that. I didn't even think of that. I'll bump it to every day and see what happens. Thanks – and I'm in Bschool class of 2019

  77. Monica Sloane says:

    The belief that is holding me back is that I'm a creative and creative jobs don't pay well. That's rubbish though if I'm good at what I do, and I start to value my work properly and charge accordingly. I can invest, I can wait tables in between creative work, and I can build my own business with limitless growth potential.

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  79. Red Hendrixx says:

    My bad money belief: I'm selfish if I spend money on myself or even put myself first. I also had a problem saying "no."
    I used to sneak to buy myself anything, yet I would give my family everything. Being a single parent, I would feel guilty everytime I did something for myself. Almost like I worked hard, yet didn't feel like I deserved to reap the rewards of my hardwork. I practically worked, pay bills, work, pay bills… Most people would look forward to their paychecks, me, I dreaded it.
    My mom told me, "each time you get paid do something for yourself." That worked out half-assed.
    I was still dealing with my emotional money issues, until recently. I just got tired of feeling that way. We are not talking five years, we're talking "now my kids are grown" years. I figured I'd try something new. Cause what the hell I had to lose, I was already rock bottom.
    I began saying abundance and prosperity affirmations and giving thanks multiple times a day. I also tell myself that "I am worthy & deserving of abundance." I mean every single day.
    I feel better, positive, light. Like a heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders. I've also noticed positive changes happening because I'm changing my mindset. Anyways, didn't mean to write a soliloquy. But, hey, here we are.
    Thank you Ladies for such a great video!

  80. Khalarni Rivers says:

    I enjoyed every minute of this. What’s been holding me back is because I’ve been so caught up in trying to focus on the “positive” aspects of life, I’ve been avoiding things like my credit score or the amount of money in my bank account. I’ll make it a habit to look at my account every morning and link that visual and feeling to 3 things that I’m grateful for. Thanks!

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  84. Brooke Herron says:

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  85. yshk viswanatham says:

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  86. yshk viswanatham says:

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    ….fail ……
    No confidence on you you are not educated human .fail fail this program .

  87. yshk viswanatham says:

    Three years work on research they get all benfits but they won't pay single dallor I ask them 93 times what they give to me if they educated then they will do correct work otherwise they will fail in work .who believe in their work small amount no big amount nil this is their position what can I do now ?

  88. yshk viswanatham says:

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  95. Travis Ahmed says:

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  96. Thor's SthrnBtrfly says:

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  97. Jeanne Watson says:

    my terrible money belief is that i am just about to make a ton of money – something is about to turn and then all my debt will get paid off but i see myself spending and spending and i know its standing in for something. is it self worth? is it loneliness or emptiness – i know i have to figure it out and get on top of it now because otherwise when i do make a ton of money my financial woes will only increase as i have more money to spend! gosh!!! just worked out a few things there in typing it. horrifying but maybe seeing it in black and white will make it easier to address.

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