3 Surprising Things Jesus Said About Money

3 Surprising Things Jesus Said About Money

but most people think about what Jesus
said about money they think about giving verses like acts 20:35 where we learned
that Jesus said it’s more blessed to give than to receive and no doubt Jesus
said a lot about money but in today’s video I’m gonna focus on three
surprising things that I learned that Jesus said about money and hat tip to
Crosswalk.com that’s where I found the inspiration for this article so I will
have that original article linked up down below alright so the first
surprising thing to me is that Jesus basically said that how we handle our
money is a test so we’ll go ahead and look at Luke 16:11 and here we have Jesus
saying so if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth
who will trust you with true riches and we see something similar in Matthew 25
in the Parable of the Talents and basically the gist of the parable of
talents is that you have a guy who has some wealth and he has three different
employees that he gives his wealth to to manage it while he’s gone and then he
comes back to see how they did and the ones who stewarded that money well he
gave them more to take care of and the one who didn’t manage it very well he
actually took away what he had and gave it to the one who handled it the best so
what I take from all this is that God is testing us with our money to see how
we’re gonna handle it to see if we’re trusting Him with it and I don’t know
about you but I want to pass a test alright next surprising thing that Jesus
said about money is that we should pay taxes and I wish I could pay taxes the
way Jesus did in one of these passages so if we look at Matthew 17:27 we have
Jesus saying “But so that we may not cause offense go to the lake and throw
out your line take the first fish you catch open its mouth and you’ll find a
four drachma coin take it and give it to them for my tax and yours” yeah you just
can’t make this stuff up I love it and then in Matthew 22:17 Jesus gets a
little bit more kind of specific with all this and it says tell us that what’s
your opinion is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not and these
are the Pharisees talking to him now but Jesus knowing their evil intents and “you
hypocrites why are you trying to trap me? show me the coin used for paying the tax”
and they brought him a Denarius and he asked them “whose images this and whose
inscription?” Caesars they replied and he said to them “so give to Caesar what is
Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” so as much as we all probably hate paying taxes Jesus said we should pay taxes alright next surprisingly Jesus said of our money is basically that we should budget our money in Luke 14:28 through 30 Jesus says this “but don’t begin until you count the cost for who would begin construction of a building without first
calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it otherwise you
might complete only the foundation before run out of money and then
everybody would laugh at you they would say there’s a person who started that
building but couldn’t afford to finish it” yeah this is a tough verse for a lot
of us financially because I think it makes us realize that we can’t just do
whatever we feel like doing we have to think through it a little bit
I think this verse also goes right against the idea of spending more than
we earn and living beyond our means especially to impress other people so
maybe this is buying a nicer car than you can afford maybe it’s buying
whatever all these clothes to impress people they don’t actually have money
for yeah it can be a tough pill to swallow but I think God’s trying to
communicate something to us in this verse now there are tons of other verses
where Jesus talked about money and referenced money so I’d love to hear
from you what ones you would add to this list so let us know down in the comments
down below and if you’re new to our channel what we do here is talk about
practical ways to manage our money wisely and then we talk about the
biblical principles that tie in and wrap this whole thing up together so that
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today have a great rest of your day adios


  1. SeedTime Money says:

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  2. Chris Massey says:

    People underestimate how brilliant the mind of Christ really is.

  3. Raquel Gomez says:

    Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? This is a discussion about money

  4. William Heuber says:

    Jesus never said anything about money!! He didn't exist!!

  5. Walter Cook says:


  6. angeni Wells says:

    Real Rich's can't be seen.

    Taxes are against the Constitution!

    God is a Lier!

    Jesus is a Lier!

  7. Nancy mertens says:

    I sent the 2 LUKE references to my daughter in FL who her & her family read the Bible more than once a day, trying to reflect with being more
    Christ-like each day as a family?❤️

  8. T Hyslop says:

    This can only apply during the time when they had money. Today we have currency a completely different ball game. One a store of value, the other something that can be debased and loses value.

  9. Gabriel Giron says:

    Amen ???

  10. Gabriel Giron says:

    Greed is a big thing here in northern calif Palo Alto Calif ???

  11. Gabriel Giron says:

    Keeping up with the Jones ???

  12. Todd Olson says:

    What are you a government shill… Taxes??? Christ didn't say pay taxes, he said give unto Caesar that which is Caesars, and when he payed THEIR taxes, he paid them with found monies. Not anything he actually labored for. Many taxes paid today are ill gotten gains, paid through ignorance, deception, and racketeering. I'll name three which the avarage man is conned into paying, which, by the way, is against the constitution.
    1. The income tax fraud
    2. Taxes upon a mans private mode of travel. And when I refer to a man, I'm also referring to women as well.
    3. Property tax, this is, agin, a con game made up to gain revenue through decit. We are not, by law, required to pay this property tax on our dwelling, our homes.
    America is waking up, but many are to inept to further their understanding. Even if they are handed the information to prove all, they will scoff at it, and turn a blind eye towards truth.
    I will, however, give insight to the fraud perpetrated toward the income tax scheme, by way of this web sight.

  13. I have a channel I guess? says:

    Jesus isn’t real
    Just stating some facts

  14. Laurianne Smith says:

    Interesting! Glad l found this by accident.. it could be a hint! Thank you!

  15. Jay E says:

    Dave Ramsey’s lesson on biblical teachings of money in this video. Right on information.

  16. nunya bidness says:

    So because my hard earned money has the US seal on it means it belongs to the US government?… ?

  17. Hooveswrinkles Fivelittletwinkles says:

    I would add how in the New testament it says nothing about tithing! and in the old testament when I was talking about tithing it was actually in terms of paying taxes.although I do believe that we should support our other brothers and sisters in Christ I do not believe in supporting churches who do not preach 100% from the Bible. That being said tithing is not part of it.

  18. jim thomas says:

    Who actually saw and heard " jesus" say anything??????

  19. Donette Folk says:

    Jesus hasn't say anything period.

  20. Damian Sepulveda says:

    Jesus is made to be a religion. I am a man like a fellow creature of not religious but of spirit.
    Preaching your interpretation means nothing. As soon as the scripture have been tranlated from one langue to another the words have become defiled. There for good for nothing!

  21. Liberalism is a disease. says:

    This all comes back to giving 10% of your income to some preacher who is going to buy helicopters trucks nice cars and all the other vain things that money can buy. Protestants preachers are scam artist.

  22. Donette Folk says:

    When you look at money ,What is it ? Man cut down trees and make money. All the trees they cut down and money is so important to survive then we all should be rich and need for nothing. All this world hunger, wars killing etc… Is so unnecessary. Peace be still, Leave the trees alone and come together to make this world a better place. It's just paper ?

  23. Chance Lawrence says:

    I think most people misinterpret the verse where Jesus says to give unto Cesar what is Cesar's. I don't think it means "pay your taxes," I think it means give EVERYTHING back to Cesar that is Cesar's, all his money; don't use his money at all. Did Jesus use Cesar's money? At all? No, He did away with the whole paradigm.

  24. Taj Jawan Singleton says:

    I needed this

  25. mark spannar says:

    All churches should pay taxes!

  26. Laurianne Smith says:

    Its a silly situation l myself did just. 20 years ago. I did to much too soon too fast and ends up with more than l could handle. So my husband and l changed the way we spent money now that the our three kids are grown. We don't shop anymore. I realizes l had more than l could ever use. So l've been in the process of going thru everything we own and separating it. If our kids doesn't need/ want it , its goes to a church charity. Only way l can give back to those that have nothing…

  27. Julie Braunschweig says:

    Live within your means.

  28. Lovely Storm says:

    No. Jesus said – give Cesar what is Cesar’s Only becuz the Romans demanded it… So wouldn’t go to prison.
    Be careful who you give your money too!
    A widows Mite means more than rich men’s & give to the Poor. Money root of all Evil. Too many Churches today r just a business

  29. Lovely Storm says:

    And…. Jesus threw the money changers outta the Temple. Over turning their tables in anger

  30. Barry North Mississippi prepper says:

    So God you think said pay taxes to kill babys ok. Rest I agree on.

  31. Judy Burge says:

    1Timothy6:10….for the love of money is the root of All evil:which while some coveted after,they have erred from the Faith, and pierced themselves with many Sorrows.
    Money have been introduced as a tool to help each of us to the development of the obedience that our Father instructions shows us to do in the words He has given..when we obey, and be the good steward of this blessing to make more money, to be led in how to do with it as the words of our Father instructions would have for us to do, then more is given, But the word clearly says it is a Root of All evil when we coveted and go into darkness..then we reap Sorrows, and death..

  32. Judy Burge says:

    By things of darkness, we become jaded in our thinking, and go to drugs, alcohol, sex in very demeaning manners, selfishness, self gods,self centered, above everyone else, greedy, demanding,no regards for others, violent,self righteous, and the list goes on and on.. SELFISHNESS…WORDS MEAN THINGS…WE ARE TO BE SELFLESSNESS.. THINKING OF OTHERS NEEDS, MORE THAN OUR OWN…

  33. Nikki Zander says:

    :45 sec…. You are transcribing it incorrectly. what Jesus means by worldly wealth is how you treat fellow man and beast and if you treat them honestly you can be trusted with people's personal effects without slander. Use the land in trade never has Jesus ever talked about using a democracies coins as true wealth. If you have two robes then you must give one to someone who does not have one.he did not say give this man money so he can go buy a robe. I don't believe you are getting your information from a true Christian setting if it has any connections with King James or NIV and it has been written by man and not the word of God.

  34. Carrie Peduzzi says:

    Well if you listen to the lord and doing what he tells you to do with it he will compensate you with more than you can ever spend here on ?

  35. jmzsil says:

    What about Jesus was living under the law. One Of the Commandments was to have no engraving image weather in heaven earth are desperate low. So the engraved image on the coin was blasphemous to have maybe? And since God owns everything, Good that have been his point?

  36. Jes Christian says:

    This is not the original version of the scripture.

  37. THX 1138 says:

    This is an excellent video. It made me wonder if Jesus knows what the winning Lotto Jackpot numbers are going to be? Not that he needs the money. What would he do with it – buy a Ferrari? He can already go anywhere he wants just by sort of floating around on a cloud or something. Sometimes when people win a lot of money they thank God. But when they lose, I don’t think many of them blame God. They probably think getting mad at God will hurt their chances of winning later on. Then, when later on never happens, they still don’t blame God because they think he might get mad at them and cause them to have a traffic accident or something. No one wants to be jinxed.

  38. John Salmond says:

    Jesus persistently said rich people were not going to heaven; he persistently said love of money was evil.

  39. William Register says:

    God says not to serve money, says you can NOT serve Him and Money. This is plain. He makes it clear that money is not to be messed with. The test with money is not being deceived by it. Using it as little as possible. But you all work and serve every work day for money. Are you not scared to hear him say he never knew you? He says it is easier for a camel to go through the needle than for a rich man to get to heaven, what makes you think you can amass money and still make it to heaven? How do you have such confidence, especially knowing the monetary system directly causes so many ills in the world?

  40. mikko mattinen says:

    1st. no one can serve God and money, or work for God and money. pls read the entire "sermon on the mount" to get a new Job for God. preach the Gospel and work for Love, not money. <3

  41. Daniel Sandin Ledang says:

    I know jesus was a good man.

    BUT, i have my thoughts that he would prefer a humanity working without money also.
    I have that feeling that this is the way we should start thinking now, i know. Climate change also is a big thing to fix, but then after i am now sure we should focus on a better co-operation. Education towards a life where we do live in a much more Altruistic way or a total altruism for all.

    This will take time, but all is possible humans.

    Only if you all believe in it to, if you understand that any action can be explaind.
    A altruistic life for all is easy to explain and understand, why we have to take something by helping others is not.
    Is that a pure way of life?

    You might say it would not be possible because of greed or selfishness, but again. Everything can be explained and then i think also why someone is greedy.

    We create the meaning of life.
    When we find a way to co-operate without currency or trade we will reach our new evolution towards the future.
    We will work less but still also have a greater standard of life for all.

    Still as some said, if you do what you love then it would not be called work.
    To do something meaningfull is much bigger than any pleasure you can keep for yourself or a few individuals.

  42. Great Light Media says:

    This is grossly misleading as the person speaking here is not God, nor is he speaking about money. What is being talked about here is the notion that one cannot serve God and money at once. The managers shrewdness made him a deceiver as he tried to make his debts look like they had been managed though they were not. It is easy to pull one section out of this and add meaning to it. Do yourself a favor and read this in context to see the real message. Luke 16: 8 “The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light. 9 I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

    10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will give you property of your own?

    13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

  43. jackie church says:

    One cannot enter the kingdom here or later with all the riches the concerns of this world cars houses boats and such with the concerns of dept and all the worldly seekers a camel had to set all its things to the side to crawl under the gates of the city they coulnt get through carrying all that is on the back of a camel

  44. jackie church says:

    You choose if you want to live for the worldly riches or for the thongs of heaven giving to the poor and the widows and orphans feed the poor and help to bring them from the lost state they are in

  45. jackie church says:

    God blesses people to give more if you give peace you get more from God if you give forgiveness you get forgiven by God if you help your neighbor you get more ability to help others and your own self even when you open the door for anyone everyone even pushing your cart to the coral at the store ehats in your heart is what god sees .

  46. jackie church says:

    God writes his law on your hearts and you know what to do if you say you dont know then your heart is hardened god says to treat others as yourself bless those who curse you pray for those who hurt you if someone ask for your shirt give them your coat also

  47. jackie church says:

    Jesus Christ said his father's comments are love the father with all you strength and might and the second law is like it love your neighbor as your self you wouldnt do to yourself all the things the ten commandments say not to do but besides the law God writes those things on your heart that even if you say you dont know your spirit knows and you do know .

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