3 Steps to Create Your Dream Life in 2020

3 Steps to Create Your Dream Life in 2020

Welcome to Year 2019. First I want to wish
you all a Great New Year, a year where you will be able to accomplish your dream. What if you don’t have a dream? Then nothing
is going to happen. So, we should all have a dream. Dream is very important. I am not
talking about the dream at night, by dream I mean your future as you want it to be. You should first decide how different you
want yourself to be – job wise, money wise, relationship wise, health wise – you have
to know what you want. If you don’t have it, then nothing is going to happen. Every day when you wake up in the morning,
you should know how you want the day to be. “I want the day to be no different from
yesterday or tomorrow in terms of getting more money, or getting more job satisfaction,
or more health, or more relationship.” So, you have to know. You have to create your day as you want it,
provided you have the commitment, provided you are willing to work.
So, from day one, January 1st, if you become alert, then you can create your dream life
into a reality. In the previous video clip that I made, I
talked about the inner is the outer. If the inner has a dream to become someone, it will
happen. So, change the inner. How do you change the inner? It’s a challenge. You need divine support.
What do I mean by divine support? There is God, that is who is infinitely compassionate.
You are able to wake up in the morning and walk, be able to breathe. How does that happen? It’s because of Grace. So, you thank Him,
thank God for that. Then your karma will not allow you to pray
to God. It is very difficult even to light an incense stick or a lamp, or to put a leaf
or a flower as an offering to God. Most people won’t be able to do it. Why? Because of
your bad, negative karma. You have to love God. If you love God, everything will happen. You have to treat God as if he is real. Now
you think that God is not real, you are real. Your negativity is real, your laziness is
real, your foolishness is real. So, you have to first get rid of that, discipline yourself.
I said you have to go around a church inside, a statue of Jesus, or if you are a Buddist,
then go around the statue of Buddha, or if you are a Hindu, then there are so many Gods.
You can go and pray to any God that you want. I recommend one God/ Goddess, that is Shreem
Brzee – just go around her. Just make a picture of her, print up a bigger one, and
then go round and round and round. Miracle doesn’t belong to the human domain;
miracle belongs to the domain of God. What happens in the miracle? Your negative mind
dies, and then an unlimited miraculous mind begins operational. So, do that. It’s very simple. There won’t
be anything simpler than this. But what is required is you have to get rid of your laziness,
and go against your karma, and then light a lamp, show an incense, give a piece of M
& M, pray, cry. If you cry, there will be immediate response from the divine. Just do this. I am not giving you anything
outside, I just thought that I would give you very simple technique. Even if you stay
there in the temple for 5 minutes, don’t allow the mind to wander. There is a technology – just walk placing
your steps with consciousness, concentrate, put one step, then another step. Say a mantra Shreem Brzee, because everybody
needs money. Shreem Brzee can give everything. Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee
Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee You are lazy, you don’t want to walk. You
just want to sit on your lazy couch. You do that. Think as if you are going around. Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee
Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee
Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem… Brzee…
Shreem… Brzee… You will know, if you have an fMRI machine,
it’s a very expensive machine, -if you lie down, you can see what happens when you do
Shreem Brzee. We have been doing studies on Shreem Brzee,
how it can produce dramatic changes at the DNA level. Soon they will be published. So, what I am saying is not superstition,
it is pure science. So, do that for 2019. Your life will change. Then the second step 2: Watch your thoughts. You don’t want to think the same old thoughts,
check them. Check your thoughts frequently. “No, I don’t want these thoughts. Why
am I having these thoughts? I am thinking about stupid things.” There should be a mechanism to stop stupid
thoughts; it’s called Stupid Thoughts Inhibitors. As soon as you stupid thoughts come, it will
inhibit that thought. What is that? Stupid thought inhibitor? Awareness. I am creating, finally, finally
settled on a device which we will soon be able to bring it up, that will give you an
alarm, “Oh my God! You are thinking a stupid thought!” So, be alert. Write down your thoughts. That
itself is a meditation. Write down your thoughts for, just sit down for half hour and write
down your thoughts. Then write down your thoughts that you want to manifest, write it down.
Even if you want to make, let’s say, Rs200 more, or Rs.300 more, it will happen because
you keep writing. These are very simple ways of changing your
life, changing your 2009. Then we have time watch which is called Hora Watch – AstroVed
has an App or Hora watch. There are good times and bad times. During bad time you get bad
thoughts created by the planets. Just watch your thoughts and check it against the hora.
Then you will know for yourself which hora is good for you. Hora means hour, which hour
is good for you. Then during that time then you program your mind with dreams. So, if you follow any of these things, or
all of these things, it certainly will change your 2019. I will guarantee you that your
bad, negative karma will fight against you not to do any of what I have said.
What can you do? You have to fight; you have to be a warrior.
You have to fight against bad luck, your bad karma, and that is within you because you
have a will power. God helps those who help themselves. If you don’t want to do anything
and just allow the karma to roll, it will. I am not here to give you a lengthy talk and
waste my time and your time. These are more than enough needed techniques that I have
given to you. Just follow these and then change your life. God Bless.


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