25 Things That Rich And Poor People Use Completely Differently

25 Things That Rich And Poor People Use Completely Differently

– It shouldn’t be that hard
to think of differences between rich people and poor people. These days you can barely turn on the TV, or check the news without
hearing about inequality. It’s a serious issue no doubt, and it has the potential to
turn our society on it’s head, if it’s not addressed. However today, we’re gonna be doing something else. In a rather, lighthearted way, we’re gonna take a look at
the things that rich people and poor people actually have in common. Okay not, entirely in common, but, while both groups use these
things in one way or another, they typically use them
completely differently. Before I continue, one thing to note, is that this list is going
to add a bit of humor to a, normally quite heavy topic. That was intentional on our behalf. We believe that even good
humor and good nature jokes can be used to invoke critical thinking about the way that the
world is structured, and the things going on around us. Well, at least that’s what we, hope, we can do, with this list. I’m Michael with this 20 eh
(laughing) – [Tristan] List 28! Continue! – (laughing) I I went to ado, I went to say ado. I’m Mike with List 25, and without further ado, these are 25 things that
rich and poor people use completely differently. (upbeat music) 25. Loans. – Rich people use them to make money, from interest. – Poor people use them to pay their bills. – We didn’t discuss how
we were gonna do this but – I thought you said you
were taking the rich? – Yeah I am taking the rich – So that would mean I take the poor.
– I’m taking the rich! Yeah I – Where are you taking them? – I don’t know somewhere probably nice. – Oh that’s fan you no, you take em somewhere terrible, so they, can learn, and then maybe have some sort of humility. – I’m pretty sure that rich people can still eat Wendy’s. – No, I meant like somewhere crappy crappy, like, – Popeye’s. – the underside of a dock. – Popeye’s is terrible. (coughing) I haven’t had Popeye’s in a while. – Cause it’s terrible. – This video is brought
to you by Popeye’s. – It’s terrible. (laughing) – 24. Thrift stores! Poor people buy clothes there. – Rich college kids buy costumes there. – It is a good place for costumes. – Yeah, you can also flip things. – Wait what? Oh! – Yeah.
– I thought you meant go in, and, – No buy something,
– Well don’t do that. – buy something cheap at a thrift store and then sell it for a higher price. – That’s terrible. – Nah it’s, it’s capitalism.
– You! Oh boy! 23. The emergency room. – Rich people go there for
unexpected medical events that need immediate attention. – Poor people go there when
their medical condition can’t be ignored any longer. – Feel like this one has
some flexibility on it. – We gotta change it though. – Yeah. – Our health system sucks. 22. Hobbies. Poor people use them to pass
time between shifts at work. – Rich people use them to
pass time instead of work. It’s true! – Yeah. I don’t, yeah! There’s nothing to say on that one. – Not really. (laughs) – Nope. So anyway. – Other people are doing
the work while they’re they’re doing their hobbies. But some people’s hobbies is making money. So. – That’s not a literal hobby. – It is. It can be fun.
– Well kinda, but that’s still, that’s still work. – It’s the thrill of the game. – 21. Rental properties. Poor people rent them. – Rich people make money off of them. – Yeah. – Real estate. – Not for the poor? – Always inventst in property. – Always inventst in property. – Invesnt in property.
– Tristan for 2019. 20. Candles. – Rich people use them for decoration. – Poor people use them for light. – I could probably think of
some time where rich people have used them for light. – Hurricanes. – Yeah. – Fancy dinners. – Mhm. Fancy dinners in a hurricane. (laughing) – 19. Dumpsters. – The rich put it. – The poor take it out. Sometimes they sleep in them. – True! – From experience. – Right. (chuckling) – That one was a little dumb. – I almost died! – Right. – Did I tell you? I didn’t tell you guys. So when I was homeless
I slept in a dumpster. And uh, there were two dumpsters. One was cardboard only, and one was uh, like food and trash. So I didn’t that one was
gross I didn’t do it. I slept in the cardboard one only. – Nice.
– And, – You’re not made of cardboard! – I know! Shh! – That was dumb too. – And so I woke up to being lifted, so I popped up, so if I didn’t wake up, I would’ve been dumped and crushed. I was very close to dying. – Lot of people have
been dumped before bud. – Rich (laughing) 18. – [Mike And Tristan] ATM’s! – Rich people use them to
get out a little extra cash. – Poor people take out
lots of cash at once to avoid having to pay multiple fees. – I don’t really like ATM’s. – Atums? – I don’t know why I don’t like ATM’s. – What?
– I guess, I don’t know why I don’t like ATM’s. – They’re easy ways to get your cash out if you need it.
– I know! So why don’t I like ATM’s? – You’re weird. – I’m weird. – Why don’t you like ATM’s? – I’m trying to figure that out! I don’t like ATM’s! – Do you like ATM’s? Let us know in the comments below or,
– Don’t! – That’ll be a boring conversation! – Or are you Tristan? – I’m gonna comment below. – Are you Tristan? Let us know in the comments below. – Now we’re gonna attract Tristans, no one wants to attract Tristans, (laughing)
Tristans are terrible! 17. Mobile homes. – Rich people use them as vacation homes. – Poor people use them
as permanent housing. – That’s not true, I mean there are plenty
of middle class people that use mobile homes. – True. – For vacation homes. – Oh. If you get the chance (clearing throat) maybe after this video? After you’re done going
down the rabbit hole that is List 25 videos. – Cause everybody does that. – Everyone does that. Check out the uh, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he just did one on, I believe it was last week, at the, time of this filming. He did it in a really
good one on mobile homes. – Hmm. – It was really good. 16. Ski masks! – I’m afraid where this is gonna go! – Oh it’s going exactly
where you think it’s going. – Rich people use them for skiing. – Poor people use them for, well, you know. As a note uh, seriously, who uses ski masks for actual skiing? We neither seek to
justify nor defend that. It’s worth noting however
that while poor people tend to commit crimes for, which a ski mask could be relevant, rich people tend to
commit white collar crimes for which they are, rarely – Prosecuted I think. Yeah!
– prosecuted. – Which one is worse? We’ll let you decide that! Let us know in the comments below. Wow we’re gonna have a
lot of comments today. – We are from Tristans, and from, oh god so many Tristans. 15. Military service. Poor kids join to stay out of poverty. – Rich kids join out of tradition. – Yeah? – I don’t know. – That one’s pretty accurate. – You say as if like
I’m the expert on this, I’m just reading what’s
on the teleprompter. – I don’t know if you’d be
allowed in the military. – I’m not allowed in the military. – I’m not either. – Yeah, for one I am flat footed. – Uh, are you? – Yes. – Gross. – And two, my Chiari malformation will not allow it.
– That’s why I thought. – Yeah. Actually I don’t, does flat footing even like, make you ineligible to be in the military? – I can’t cause of the Psoriasis. – That’s all I was told. – The Psoriasis uh, I can’t get all the vaccinations and if you can’t get all the vaccinations you can’t be deployed. – Huh.
– So. – [Mike And Tristan] But! – On a good note, – You win this time terrorists, Mike with List 25 won’t
be coming after you (laughing)
any time soon! – Well not, not through the military, I’ll just, I’ll go over there and like, you know, go rogue like James Bond. – Knock knock. BAM! You guys ready to learn some lists? – Here’s 25 ways we gonna
punch you in the face! 14. Outdoor showers. Either you’re a hillbilly, – That’s offensive. Or you’re just rinsing off
next to your pool house. (laughing) – I showered outside uh, When I was – Hillbilly. – No! – It I was camping. I was in the desert for several weeks. How else are you gonna do it? 13. Restaurants. – There you go. Rich people use them as an
opportunity to do something. To experience new tastes! – Poor people use them to get full. – You know, I’m pretty sure rich people
do it for the same reasoning. (laughing) – Maybe! – Pretty sure rich
people go to restaurants – Maybe they don’t get full
– so that they can eat and feel full. – Sort of, but, you know, maybe not to the point of bursting. – I have known several rich people, and they have gone to restaurants for the purp
– Brag why don’t you? – And they have gone to
restaurants with the intention of getting full. – Name dropper. 12. Clean water. – Oh boy. Rich people use it to flush their toilets. – Poor people drink every last bit. – Guess what?
(laughing) Rich people also drink clean water. – Look, we didn’t say it was a – I didn’t think that we
were gonna be offending rich people. – It’s not a serious, it’s not a serious list. 11. Dogs. – Rich people use them
to win competitions. – Poor people use them to
protect their house at night. This one I will say they both probably do, cause rich people want
all their stuff protected. – Yes. – Yeah. – And they both probably
– And, – love their dogs. – Yeah, dogs are great. 10. Poor people’s time. – Rich people use it to make money, employing. – Poor people use it to pay their bills, working. – In case you didn’t figure that out. Time is the most valuable
thing in the world guys, it’s the one irreplaceable thing. Money is infinite. – Well I mean there’s the Hope Diamond, that’s pretty irreplaceable. – Mkay just, (laughing)
no. Okay. – Nine. Bicycles. – Rich people use them to stay fit, and save the environment! – Poor people use them to get to work. – Apparently the poor people don’t care about the environment. – Well no no no, I think what they’re saying is, it’s a choice. For rich people. In this context! I’m not saying, this is not, we didn’t write this! – Right! – But I’m saying in this, joking manner? Um, I think what they’re saying is like, rich people are like, I can take my seven Mercedes’s to work, I don’t know how, or I’m gonna ride my bike
– you can pull em on your bike! – Whereas the poor people are like, I only have my bike! This is how I’m doin it! Not that they hate the environment. – Or you’re a student. – There’s probably both
rich and poor people who hate the environment. – That’s true! (laughing) – Eight. Vacation time. – Rich people use it to
go on awesome adventures. – Poor people use it to fix their car. Or their bicycle. – Or their marriages. What? – Only poor people have
terrible marriages? – Yeah because only poor people don’t care about the environment. – I said,
– No we’re way past, – I I fixed that! – Doesn’t matter. There were plenty that
you didn’t fix earlier. – That’s pathetic. I, we fixed it in the intro, this is all lighthearted. Seven. Space. – As in room. Rich people use it to show status. – Poor people use it to keep their things. – Rich people just go into space. (laughing) – Not yet, they’re going to. (coughing)
– Those vacations you were talking about? Space! – Oh! Spacecations. – There ya go. Spacecations. I had the space room in Nintendogs. – See that, Oh! I never got that one. – Yeah because I, used a cheat code. – Ah! – I’m not gonna spend a hundred thous, or raise a hundred thousand
dollars in Nintendogs! – Six. – Old cars. – Old cars. – Rich people use them as luxury items. – Poor people, just use them. – I’ll give this one. I’ll give the list this one. – Yeah. – That’s fine. – Five. Pool tables. – Rich people use them for decoration. – Poor people actually use them. Usually in the garage. – Okay again, – Garre garrege. – I’m pretty sure I have
seen rich people play pool before. – Yeah, but it is a lot of, have you been to people’s
houses where you’re like, oh you have a pool table! I never use it. Oh! Okay. – Oh my god. – Yeah.
– Yeah now that you’re thinking of it. – Mhm, mhm. Yeah. – I always try to use it at their houses.
– I mean we’ve played pool at a rich person’s house. – Yeah, but did they? (laughing) Four. Money. – Rich people use money
to make more money! Woo! Investin! – Poor people, use money to not die. – That was worth the wait. – Three. Canned food. – Rich people buy caviar
for their yacht party. – While poor people buy tuna for dinner. Again. – I don’t like caviar. – I don’t like tuna. Two. Gravel driveways. – Rich people have them because
they match their estate. – Poor people have them because, that’s all they could afford. – I’ve never even heard of this one. – One. Votes. – Oh this is gonna go over
(laughing) fantastic. Rich people, receive them. – While poor people, give them – Actually that wasn’t as
bad as I thought it would be. – No. – But you guys in the comment section, will make it worse. – What? – Yeah. – That’s presumptuous about our, lovely lovely audience. (laughing) Hi. (sighing) – Ow, those lights are bright! I looked directly into them. You shouldn’t do that. Cause I’m poor. – What?! Those would be candles if you were poor. – Oh! True! Alright! – We already talked about this. – Well this, this is how Trist
– So! – follows a part. – What’s your annual income? Let us know in (laughing) don’t. Don’t do that. – No don’t. – Oh man. I have nothing to say about this one. I think it was lighthearted, again, it was all meant as kind of, not as a joke. I feel like that makes it worse. But it was meant in a lighthearted way. We’re not, this was, don’t take this one too seriously. – If you’re interested
in more stuff like this, I recommend the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. – Hmm! – It’s a fantastic read. – I haven’t read it so, – It’s pretty good,
– I can’t brag about it. – It’s really interesting. What do I have in my backpack right now? (synthesizing music) – Well, thank you for joining us at, Book Time with Tristan. Or, – It’s the Millionaire Fastlane! – Weekly Book Club. It’s also an interesting read. – I hate this book club. – This book club is fine. – I haven’t even read it. – Huh? – But as Peter Griffin says, he also books can be used as a hat. – This has been Book Club
with Mike and Tristan. (laughing) Like comment share and subscribe. What’s your favorite financial book? (laughing) – Uh none? – Oh boy! (book slamming shut) (upbeat drums) – [Mike] Enjoying our lists? Be sure to click that subscribe
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    You two are nuts haha like Abbot and Costello meets Sheldon Cooper from big bang theory mike your cool but is tristian always such a spazz?? he's funny but too much like Sheldon meets beavis but with brains lol but this was funny

  87. Ada Fitch says:

    I am one of those poor people who you are talking about. Even I know that this is bullshit. In most cases, rich people got rich by providing not only a product or service that generally even poor people benefit from as well as providing jobs. Most people are poor because of poor choices. And actually I shouldn't consider myself poor, because your wealth is whatever skills and abilities that may be valuable to others. It is government controlled centralized currency and other laws intervening in business that controls our wealth. It is forcing us into the money system and limiting regulations that keep us from easily marketing our skills.

  88. Ada Fitch says:

    Also, there is nothing light-hearted about this. I would live outside the system if I could. The problem is not all rich people, it is government controlled by the super-elite rich, not all rich.

  89. Carol Paupst says:

    Hungry & cant afford medicine
    Laugh riot

  90. Dominique Valstar says:

    Mike I'm wondering which vaccinations you can't get because of psoriasis. I have 3 types (hair, the flaky kind all over and the pus one on the hands/feet) and I had all my vaccines growing upincluding hepatitis A B and C (we had a C outbreak, went to Egypt so A and B because of microbiology studies).

  91. Dyan Eula Lyn Castillo says:

    I am very proud of you, Tristan! I remember some years back you said that you are incapable of growing any facial hair… Now you did!!! 😀 wait… How young are you? (and how am I now? hahahah XD)

  92. skater bear says:

    This is lame I'm not either one but I can see it putting down the less fortunate

  93. Jere Lull says:

    On ATMs: when they first came out, I was relatively poor and didn't trust them though I was working as a computer programmer. A decade or 2 later, I almost never saw the inside of a bank, I used them so religiously. Incidentally, I was no longer quite so poor — though I still tried to minimize fees when using them.

  94. Boonsbikes13 says:

    My checkbook

  95. Loktout says:

    Ummm, rich people are rich cause they Work. At school and at their jobs. Many, many hours. And they don't waste their money, they save it.

  96. Sadie Lanah says:


  97. Jesse Fenwick says:

    Get rich books. Rich people write them. Poor people read them.

  98. Julia Naylor says:

    I am terribly middle class and I use secondhand shops for cheap accessories, ornament and books, never clothes.

  99. Julia Naylor says:

    UK ATMs are mostly free and there is currently a controversy over the loss of free ATMs in some places in our country.

  100. Julia Naylor says:

    Poor people go to the library and rich people never read theirs because they are collectable antiques, whereas those of us with in-between incomes, go to the library, read books that they bought in shops, online or as e-books and collect modern books.

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