2019 Income Requirements for CR1 Spouse Visa

2019 Income Requirements for CR1 Spouse Visa

2019 Income Requirements for Spouse Visa In order to successfully be approved for a
CR1 or IR1 Spouse visa
that allows your foriegn spouse to enter the USA
and take up permanent residence with you, US immigration
must be confident that you, the US sponsor, have enough
financial strength, to support and feed your future
family. They must be convinced that there is no chance
your new family would need public benefits such as welfare,
or food stamps to survive. Half way through the Spouse Visa process,
currently about 9 months in, the State Department’s
National Visa Center (NVC) requires you, the sponsor to
demonstrate your financial eligibility by submitting
your financial evidences. It is critical to understand BEFORE you are
at this stage, what the financial requirements are, to avoid surprises
and denial. Especially
as the annual income requirements have greatly increased this year from
last year, at much greater bump, than we’ve seen in decades. I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and I help you
get through a confusing and frustrating Immigration process so you can have a happy life together
in the USA with your foreign partner. And in case you are concerned that your income
may not be enough towards the end of this video, I will teach
you how to get around that problem by use of a joint sponsor. Now, lets talk about “What are the Financial
Eligibility Requirements for a CR1 Spouse Visa?” In order to successfully petition for your
spouse to immigrate to the USA, you, the US sponsor
must demonstrate enough income coming in, to support your spouse, and household. The financial requirement is that your income
equal must be over 125% of the poverty income level
where you live. Each year the Department of Health and Human
Services publishes their Poverty Guidelines. The new Poverty Guidelines have risen about
$560 from last year. As of February 2019, for residents in the
continental US the Financial Eligibility requirements for Spouse Visas are as follows. Required Annual Income
$21,138 if 2 Persons in Family or Household $26,663 if 3 Persons in Family or Household
$32,188 if 4 Persons in Family or Household For each Additional person add $5,525 The Financial eligibility thresholds are lower
for active military, and higher for residents
of Alaska or Hawaii. Proving your Income. Normally you provide your most recent Federal
Tax Return, 3 to 6 pay stubs showing ‘Year to date’ earnings,
plus a letter from your employer confirming your
job, and what your expected annual pay is. If your income might be low, but you have
money in the bank’ your cash assets, can be used as
a alternative for annual income. ‘Cash’ assets are assets which can be easily
converted (sold) to cash. For example: stocks, bonds, certificates of
deposit, cash in the bank You may have a lot of other assets such as
your car, boat, coin collection, business or investment property
but because these can NOT be easily turned to cash immigration
will not accept them as alternatives to annual income. The one exception to an asset that is hard
to convert, but CAN be counted is your home. If the market value of
your home is higher than your mortgage you may use
the equity just like a cash asset. $5 cash assets is the equivalent of $1 annual
income For example, if your household is just you
and your new spouse, you need to have $21,138 annual income,
but if you have no income, BUT do have cash assets,
you would need to have $21,138 times 5 or $105,690 of cash assets
to qualify. Alternatively a combination of income and
assets could work. For example, if your income is $10,000 per
year, the calculation for how much cash assets you
would need would be $21,138 annual income requirement, less the
$10,000 income you have leaving a shortfall of $11,138. Then $11,138 times 5 or $55,690 is the amount
of cash assets you need to qualify. What if you don’t have enough income OR assets? In that case you can ask a relative or friend
to act as a joint-sponsor. Just like buying a car, your joint-sponsor
could ‘co-sign’ your loan. When you use a joint-sponsor the total size
of the household increases. Now we combine all the people in your household
plus those in your joint-sponsor’s. For example, you ask your father to joint-sponsor. Your household is just 2 persons, you and
your new spouse. Your fathers household is your father, mother,
and the two children still living at home. Thus the combined household would be 6 persons,
and the combined income of both sponsor and joint-sponsor would need
to be $43,238 or more to qualify. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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