2019 Grow Your Dough Challenge 🤑

2019 Grow Your Dough Challenge 🤑

– You asked for it, it
begins right now, baby, the grow your dough challenge
of 2019 begins right now. (R&B music) What’s going on y’all,
my name’s Jeff Rose, welcome to Wealth Hacker TV. This is a channel committed
to teaching you new ways to grow wealth that is not taught to you by your parents or in school. And today is a fun one,
because we’re talking about growing your dough. Yeah, baby this is what
we call real dough. All right, so what does this all about? So several years ago,
I did what was called the grow your dough challenge. And this whole challenge was to get other bloggers to participate. And we all took a thousand dollars, we invested it the way that wanted to. We chose the investment platform
that we wanted to choose and we picked our investment. And at the end of the year, we were going to see who
could, you guessed it, grow their dough, the biggest,
the fattest, the largest. And it was a fun
challenge that we all did. And there’s a couple of
components with that though. It was fun, but for me the
reason I wanted to do it was I wanted to show people. All the people that come to me and say, “I don’t know where to start. “I don’t know how to
get started investing.” And I wanted to show ’em,
heres’ how you get started. Not just me, but I got other
bloggers that are showing you in other ways to get started so that you don’t have any more excuses. Now when I did it, I had a lot more fun, actually it was more of a
headache, but it was more fun. And I actually opened up,
I think it was six or seven different investment accounts
at different platforms. So once again, it just reinforced that, you tell me you don’t know where to go. Well, I’m gonna show you
seven or eight different ways that you can get started. So for all of you that
keep making these excuses that you don’t know
how to start investing, I’m done with it. Talk to the hand with
your investment excuses. In this introductory grow
your dough challenge, I’m going to show you the
different investment platforms that I opened my accounts. So I went a few steps further than others. So I took a thousand dollars
times seven or eight, forgot how many accounts I opened. So I took a thousand
dollars opened an account here and an account there
and account over there. Once again, I wanted to show you that maybe you don’t like this platform, maybe you don’t like
this investment strategy, and you want something else. Well I’m showing you
that can you can open up different accounts at different platforms. So for those of you that
haven’t opened one account yet, come on now, I just
opened up seven or eight. So excuses, I’m done with
it, I’m done with it. All right, we’re done with
excuses, let’s move on. In all seriousness, I’m gonna show you the different investment platforms that I’ve opened all of my accounts at. I’m gonna talk a little bit about the different investment strategies that I’ll be incorporating
in each of those accounts. We’re also gonna highlight
some of the other YouTubers that are taking part in this
challenge so you can follow their grow your dough
challenge throughout 2019. And then I wanna talk a little
bit about what you can expect with the grow your dough challenge
in the next year to come. Because I’ve got some really cool ideas that I think is gonna
help you not only invest but learn how to hack your wealth, because that’s what we’re
all about right now. So let’s go check out the
different investment platforms that I’ve opened my accounts for the grow your dough challenge. All right, so let’s take a
look at where I am opening all my different accounts. And I think I said seven
or eight at the beginning of this video, no there’s actually nine. Yes, count ’em one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine different
accounts that I’ve opened. Remember all you making
excuses about not being able to open up one account? Anyway, so the first
platform that I am opening an account with is Fundrise. Fundrise, I’ve talked about them before, they’re a crowd-funding
real-estate platform. I’ve got a thousand dollars in there. I’m doing the long term
investment strategy. So I hope y’all check that out. Investment platform number
two is Lending Cloud. So we’re doing peer-to-peer lending. I’ve got a thousand dollars,
opened up a new account. Yes, another account. With Lending Club going to
walk through the process of choosing those notes. Expect a video on all of these to come. So that’s part of an announcement, we’ll get to that here in a second. Investment platform number
three is M1 Finance. I have another video, were I talked about me opening my first M1 Finance account. You can check that video out. So M1 Finance, what I like about them, it allows you to buy individual stocks. There is no trading cost,
makes it kinda cool. So with M1 Finance
another thing about them that makes them somewhat unique is that you can buy fractional shares. Now because of that, I thought
what investment strategy would I use for M1 Finance. So with them, I’m going
to use the FANG strategy or buying FANG stocks. So FANG is an acronym for
the top five tech companies that exist out there. So FANG, you’ve got
Facebook, you’ve got Apple, you’ve got Amazon, Netflix and Google. So with this I’m going to
take the thousand dollars, I’m going to buy an equal percentage of each of those stocks. So we’re gonna divvy those up. It will be equal percentage
and dollar amounts in bank stocks in M1 Finance. Investment platform number four. And this one’s kinda
cool because I actually have never opened an
account with them before. Or I guess I actually opened an account, but I never finished the
process, this was awhile ago, and that is Robinhood. Robinhood is another very
popular investment platform unless you’re talking about having a 3% savings account, whoops! So Robinhood is another
investment platform that allows you to buy
stocks with zero commission, zero trading costs. And I thought, all right,
so what should I do here? And I thought this one would be a fun one to be more speculative. And that is such a fancy
word that just means that I’m gonna roll the dice and we’re gonna have some fun
making some fun risky picks. So we’re going for high
return, high impact, which probably means I’m
going to lose my butt. But it’s all part of this fun challenge. Investment platform
number five is E*trade. E*trade is, I don’t know
how long they’ve been around but when I think of online brokers they’re one of the legacy
ones that has been around for quite some time. So since they’ve been
around for quite some time I thought with them let’s
use an investment strategy that’s a little more
proven, more tried-and-true. So with that one, I’m going to
be selecting dividend stocks. Now I don’t have any
criteria on these dividends like if they’ve increased their dividends every quarter or every year
for the last some years. I’m just gonna find some good
blue-chip, some Fortune 500 type companies that
you’ve probably heard of, products and services that you
probably have in your home, and we’re gonna do that. So be on the lookout
for what dividend stocks I’m picking in E*Trade. Investment platform number six. This is another tried-and-true, been around for quite some
time and that is TD Ameritrade. So TD Ameritrade, this
is another tried-and-true investment platform that’s been
around for quite some time. And I’ve been really
kinda wracking my brain, what do I want to do here. If I’m doing speculative,
going higher risk in Robinhood, how can I balance that
out and also teach you all what it’s like to pick
stocks and what to look for. So with TD Ameritrade
I thought with this one I’m going to invest my money
a little bit more safer, as if I was investing my money
and I wanna buy companies, stocks that I’m familiar with. Maybe these are companies that I use, products that I’m familiar
with and I wanna buy stocks that wouldn’t make my mom freak out. I wouldn’t want my wife to get a statement and ask “Who in the world is this?” You’re buying stock in, who are they? So once again, these
are going to be stocks but they’re going to be stocks
that are not very high risk or at least compared to the high risk and I’m gonna roll the dice in Robinhood. So investment platform number
seven is Ally Financial. Now this is an account
I’ve actually had open for quite some time. When I first opened this
account, they were TradeKing. Ally has bought them out and
now they’re Ally Financial, Ally Invest, Ally bank I don’t know. Ally Invest, but with this one I thought, “Oh my gosh, how many different investment “strategies can I do?” So let’s have some fun with this. With Ally Financial, because
of their very pretty colors, I think they’re purple, I
thought, “You know what, “let’s go ahead and
get the wife involved.” Let’s get the missus. So what you’re going to
see here is my wife Mandy is going to pick some stocks
and we’re going to see if she can grow her dough compared to me. And we’ll compare this to
my TD Ameritrade account. So kinda like my picks versus her picks. So be on the lookout for a future video, where we walk through the
picks, the stock picks that she has for Ally Financial. Investment platform number
eight is Betterment. Now Betterment is an investment
platform I talk a lot about here on the channel. I also talk about them on my blog. And why I talk about
them is that Betterment allows you to open an investment account whether it’s an individual
account, a joint account, or a Roth IRA and you don’t actually have to pick the stocks. You don’t have to pick the ETFs, which are the investment
tools that they use. With Betterment you open the account, you select what is your financial goal. What are you trying to
accomplish, what’s your timeline? And then they build
that portfolio for you. So I thought okay, let’s
go ahead and do this. Let’s open a Betterment account, let’s see based on my investment goals and what is the portfolio
that they select for me. So I’m gonna walk you
through that process as well. So Betterment is another one added to your grow your dough list. Investment platform number nine, if you wanna call this
giving into peer pressure, then fine, peer pressure, I’ve given in. I’m opening an investment
account with Coinbase. And actually technically I already had an account with Coinbase. But I’ve got a thousand
dollars in a Coinbase account. And yes I am buying crypto. Now I don’t know, do I have
any business buying crypto? Probably not, I’ve heard of Bitcoin and all the others out there, but I’m not really big into
crypto and many of you are because I see the comments all the time. So because of that, I’ve
got a thousand dollars and we’re going to buy cryptocurrency. And I think I’m just gonna spread it out, like the five or six different ones they offer there in Coinbase. They’re probably more, you’re
probably hearing me say, talk about crypto and you
realize Jeff you have no idea what you’re talking about. True story, true story. But I’m going to learn more
about it because guess what? I’m investing into cryptocurrency in the grow your dough
challenge, so there, you got me. Are you happy now? I’m gonna skip number ten,
I’m gonna come back to that. I’m gonna go ahead and go to number eleven which is maybe eleven,
twelve, thirteen, fourteen, I don’t know. But what I’m also going to
do is I’m going to open up investment accounts with my kids. Now at the time of this recording, I’m definitely thinking
my eldest son who’s 11, maybe my middle son
who’s turning nine soon. I don’t know if my seven
year old is ready for this. I’ll ask him and see if he’s interested, but I thought it’d be kinda
fun as a teaching moment to open accounts with my
boys and to talk to them about buying stocks and what companies that they can invest
into and what companies are they excited about and
also gives them something to track from now until
the end of the year. And hopefully for years to
come so they are familiar now with how to invest. So once again, I don’t
know if that’s going to be all three of my boys, or just two, but that is something else
to be on the lookout for. I’ll be opening accounts with them soon and then I’ll be recording
videos with them as we talk about buying stocks and
them choosing their stocks. So be on the lookout for that. All right, going back to number 10. I really can’t take credit for this one. I think this was one
of the other YouTubers that brought up this idea. But the idea was that instead
of investing into stocks, doing the traditional investing, what about taking a thousand dollars and doing some sort of
side hustle with that and see how you could grow your dough. And you know GaryVee talks a
lot about this on his channel. I just love that whole
mentality of doing the hustle and going to flea markets and yard sales and flipping that stuff
on E-Bay and Amazon and all that good stuff. So I thought, you know
what, let’s give it a try. So I’m going to take a thousand dollars and I’m going to do some side hustles. The one I’m really excited about, I don’t know if I’ll continue
this for the rest of the year but I love trying to flip shoes. I’m kind of a shoe guy. You see these Jordans, these are Jordans, these are Jordans too, ’88
retros Air Jordan 4 baby. Yeah, I like shoes. Right now, I’ve been monitoring
the Nike Sneakers app. If you have that app, they
let you know what upcoming shoes are getting ready to drop. So whether they’re new Jordans or they’re just some of
their new featured shoes that they only have a limited supply on. So I’ve been trying that, I
haven’t been as successful as I would hope. I have bought a few that looks
like I’m gonna have to return because I’m not gonna make any money. But either way, I’m starting with shoes. It may evolve to something else. And that’s the beauty
of doing a side hustle is that you can try different things. But the way I’ll track
this is I’ll just create some sort of spreadsheet,
show how much I spent, show what the profit was
and at the end of the year I’ll calculate whether I made
money or if I lost money. If I lose money on a stupid side hustle for the rest of the year they’re dear lord take away my YouTube
channel, please take it away. I better make me some
money as a side hustle. All right so those are
some of the different investment platforms I have opened up. I wanted to talk a little
bit about the YouTubers that are taking part
because I want you to follow their grow your dough challenge
throughout the year too. Because you’re not only
gonna learn from me, you’re gonna learn from some amazing financial money YouTubers. All right, now I wanna show
you some of the YouTubers that are taking part in this challenge. This is not all of them,
check the description below, and you’ll see all of them. I’ll have a link to all their channels that you can check out. So here are some of them right now. So Graham Stephan is a guy
I’ve been following here. He’s got an amazing channel. Gosh, that’s a big following
in a short amount of time. So he is taking part in this. Another awesome YouTuber, Ryan Scribner. Another guy who just started
his channel not too long ago and already has over 300,000 subscribers. I mean, this guy’s also crushing it. You got Joseph Hogue,
another Finn Connor in here. So he’s part of the personal
finance blogging community which I am all about. And his YouTube channel has
been crushing it the last year. Another good friend of mine
Bob Lotich from SeedTime Money. You can check out his awesome
blog too at seedtime.com. So he’s also taking part. And just a few others
like WhiteBoard Finance another in here and then I’ve
got a list of others here that you can maybe see there. Maybe not all of them, but either way you’ll check out the list of
everybody that’s taking part in the description. It’s gonna be fun. I have a feeling that
once this thing gets going we’re gonna have other
YouTubers jumping on board too. And also there might be
some other blogs jumping on. So they might not be on
video, but you’ll be able to read about their grow
your dough campaign for 2019. All right, so that is the beginning of the grow your dough challenge. I am so pumped. If you haven’t yet, subscribe,
so you can check out what is going on. As far as what to expect
for the rest of the year, I kinda already mentioned
this in the beginning, but you’re going to be watching, be viewing behind-the-scenes
videos of each of the different investment platforms. I wanna show you what it looks
like to open these accounts. And what that looks like and
just how hard or how difficult, which it ‘aint difficult. So to show you how easy it
is to get started investing. I’m also going to show you the numbers. As we go along for the
year, I wanna show you how the returns are going. And we can talk about what’s going on, what accounts are doing
better than the others, and just to show you what
it’s like to be an investor and what it’s like to manage
the emotional rollercoaster when it comes to investing. We’re now at a great time
to do this because right now the market’s a bit frantic right now. So this is not a full on bowl market. We’ve got a lot of volatility and just to show you what that looks like. I’m just so pumped about this. I’m pumped that you are
part of this journey and I can’t wait to show
you the first videos of us actually getting invested. So be sure to subscribe, check it out, because the grow your dough
challenge starts now, peace.


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    I love this idea and I am so excited to start the challenge. I'm a few weeks behind, but will be starting up next week (end of January/beginning of February), coinciding with launching my new blog and YouTube channel, Squintillions!

  76. Canine 7 says:

    Can u convert a work 401k (not Roth 401k) directly to an m1 finance Roth 401k directly if u haven’t left the job

  77. The Revengers says:

    I bet this challenge will cost a fortune to completely to do.

  78. Aquarium Affinity says:

    Dood this is so awesome !!!! I’m gunna do a maybe 5 different accounts like this with 100$ each ! I’ll see you at the results video

  79. logen nair says:

    Good video man. Most of the investment sites doesn’t work in Malaysia. Can I have some suggestions that I can use to invest from Malaysia?

  80. Meta M says:

    I have Online Course, Youtube channel, blog, a B&B business… no jackpot success yet. Consistency and picking up subscribers and followers are not as easy as it sounds. My bnb business has no consistency for its competition. Oh well…

  81. 4fingazTV says:

    Tela Holcomb's YouTube in the description isn't working just a heads up …

  82. Pat Brown says:

    @JeffRose, I just found this vid….I'm taking the 2019 challenge…I'll open a M1 account. Which account did you use for your kids? I want to get my niece (10th grader) on board. Thank you 😉

  83. Minimal Millionaire Mom says:

    Love the no excuses attitude!

  84. Big Game James says:

    Great idea! First time I've seen this. What were the rules of the challenge? I mean, were participants stuck with their initial stock picks, or could they actively trade?

  85. Carlos Roque says:

    Jeff! What has happened with your investments on these platforms? I am interested specially in Betterment, Robinhood, and TD Ameritrade.

  86. Sharon Sisk says:

    Hey Jeff – How about a Grow Your Dough Challenge update? Curious to see how your different investments are doing side-by-side. ????

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