2018 Adjustment of Status Sponsor Income Requirements

2018 Adjustment of Status Sponsor Income Requirements

This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Today’s topic is: What are the Income Requirements
for Adjustment of Status to permanent residency in 2018 Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
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and green card Fred was recommended by my friend from Texas
he said he was great so we contacted him, he sure is right. He has helped us from Ella’s K-1 visa
up to applying her Green Card and receiving it. Fred is professional in filling
up the application and made sure everything is correct. He also made sure that
we have all the right papers needed for the application. We have one more step and Fred will help us
through getting Ella’s citizenship. Without his and his staff professionalism
we would probably not get through this process stress free. We highly recommend him for your immigration
concerns and application. Thank you Fred you’re the man!! You are most welcome Jon + Nothella Now, lets talk about 2018 Income Requirements for Adjustment of
Status for Permanent Residency In order to successfully petition for your
spouse to obtain a Green Card after marriage, you, the US sponsor
must demonstrate to Immigration you have enough income coming in, to support your spouse,
and household. The financial requirement is that your income
equal must be over 125% of the poverty income level
where you live. Each year the Department of Health and
Human Services publishes their Poverty Guidelines. The new Poverty Guidelines have risen about
$275 from last year. As of March 2018, for residents in the continental
US the Financial Eligibility requirements
for Permanent residency are as follows. Required Annual Income
$20,575, if 2 Persons in Family or Household $25,975, if 3 Persons in Family or Household
$31,375, if 4 Persons in Family or Household For each Additional person add $5,400 The Financial eligibility thresholds are lower
for active military, and higher for residents
of Alaska or Hawaii. Proving your Income. Normally you provide your most recent Federal
Tax Return, 3 to 6 pay stubs showing ‘Year to date’ earnings,
plus a letter from your employer confirming your
job, and what your expected annual pay is. If your income might be low, but you have
‘money in the bank’ your cash assets, can be used as
a alternative for annual income. ‘Cash’ assets are assets which can be easily
converted (sold) to cash. For example: stocks, bonds, certificates of
deposit, cash in the bank You may have a lot other assets such as your
car, boat, coin collection, business or investment property
but because these can NOT be easily turned to cash immigration
will not accept them as alternatives to annual income. The one exception to an asset that is hard
to convert, but CAN be counted is your home. If the market value of
your home is higher than your mortgage you may use
the equity just like a cash asset. $5 cash assets is the equivalent of $1 annual
income For example, if your household is just you
and your new spouse, you need to have $20,575 annual income,
but if you have no income, BUT do have cash assets,
you would need to have $20,575 times 5 or $102,875 of cash assets
to qualify. Alternatively a combination of income and
assets could work. For example, your income is $10,000 per year. The calculation for how much cash assets you
would need would be $20,575 annual income requirement, less the
$10,000 income you have leaving a shortfall of $10,575. Then $10,575 times 5 or $52,875 is the amount
of cash assets you need to qualify. What if you don’t have enough income OR assets? In that case you can ask a relative or friend
to act as a joint-sponsor. Just like buying a car, your joint-sponsor
could ‘co-sign’ your loan. When you use a joint-sponsor the total size
of the household increases. Now we combine all the people in your household
plus those in your joint-sponsor’s. For example, you ask your father to joint-sponsor. Your household is just 2 persons, you and
your new spouse. Your fathers household is your father, mother,
and the two children still living at home. Thus the combined household would be 6 persons,
and the combined income of both sponsor and joint-sponsor would need
to be $42,175 or more to qualify. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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    if my husband tax return for the past 3 years are negative due to his business deductions and losses would it be a big problem for filling an Adjustment of Status? He got $32,000 annual income from SSD and Retirement..

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    hello fred please i have to send all these document for my alien fiance like taxe return my citizenship and statement bank and statement work

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    Hello. What's the income that we need to declare for self employed 1099 individuals. Is the line for total income or the line for adjusted gross income.? Thanks

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