1. Growing Forever says:

    200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #5

  2. Metta says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!!

  3. Willilam Karngar says:

    Tuff.. Love it

  4. Ruiz kamerusita says:

    thank you

  5. Cnee Smith says:

    I printed these and read them daily! I just started this a week ago. I will update with a testimony.

  6. James Jeremiah says:

    I am grateful for these videos. Thank you.

  7. Sage4life says:

    I really love this slower version…

  8. Mayashi Truss says:

    Abundance around me, through me and in me. I was born to be prosperous. All things I seek, are now seeking me. My abundance is limitless.

  9. Kumalo Tarigan says:

    I am very grateful for this one

  10. Barbara Bouchenoire says:


  11. Vivian Baxter says:

    This is a truly a Master Piece! Thank you for all of your Time and Effort. Well Done!

  12. Luz M Phipps says:

    Thank you for the great insight about the inner spirit of Abundance and the richness of prosperity. I'm grateful and say thank you to the Vast universe the 24/7 as a way to be in the mood of openness to the Blessings awaiting for me and rest of the Cosmos, Thank you.

  13. C Mack says:

    I love this it is Very Helpful. 10-03-2015

  14. Toni Gray says:

    good stuff…..

  15. Donald Cole says:

    Speak well over yourself and encourage yourself positively everyday, change your attitude to attract wealth and good health.

  16. Beatrice Michelle says:

    I am rich and prosperous child of the universe. I am open to receive all the gifts of the universe. I have unlimited abundance. I am grateful and have so much gratitude towards my wealth and my prosperous life.

  17. Anita Minnow says:

    i have unlimited abundance and wealth. im rich and powerful

  18. Son of God says:

    I am a mega wealthy person in universe

  19. Nevaeh says:

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  20. lovely 11 says:


  21. Jaime Xavier Sitoe says:

    All the money in the world belongs to me.I am tree of money.

  22. Kofee ' Hall says:

    I Am Prosperious
    I AM A Millionaire
    Deut. 8:18
    Thank You Universe

  23. Polaq says:

    Dude, idk how it works but it works. I live in Poland and I saw this video 2 weeks ago. We have a different currency (polish zloty), but I still imagined USD in my wallet, because I saw them on your video. Guess what- now I have 100 $ in my wallet, my aunt returned from the USA last week and she called me to help her with setting up her wi-fi connection. What else can I say… It works! and it works P R E C I S E L Y and will deliver your $$$$ even across the ocean. THANK YOU UNIVERSE and thank you for this video <33

  24. Dj Kicks says:

    I love this thank you.😆

  25. Ashira pupa says:

    this is soo amazing,i was feeling anxious,bad,desperate before listening to this,but now i feel great,happy and positif,thanks a lot, God Bless you

  26. Shyam Khadka says:

    I have spent months studying abundance after which we found a fantastic website at Max Miracle Method (google it if you're interested)

  27. etheve marie says:

    money flows To me every day and every where. thank you.

  28. RandomVideoCircus says:


  29. Maria Markogiannis says:

    very great affirmations, started making more money has been a month listening to your YOU Tube, thank you Kevin…the more I am grateful for, the more will be given to me

  30. Sondra Powers says:

    Additional solution ok scare task compensation circuit left recipe away.

  31. Alaba Eke says:

    Yes yes!

  32. Ronaldo Manlangit says:


  33. Marilyn Rieder says:

    I am the winning of the lottery Jack now in name of God money coming to me now in name of Jesus Christ

  34. Marco M. Juarez says:

    As a man & woman thinketh, so is are they. Limitless abundance and prosperity and health flow through me now…now… now. And I share my prosperity and wealth with other who also create wealth. Thanks a lot for these positive, wealthy and successful videos.

  35. Anita Carter says:

    Abundance and prosperity is our birthright… There's plenty of abundance for everyone! 🙌🏻💁🏻💛💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  36. Anita Carter says:

    Dream BIG!!!! 👍🏻😉💰💰⛱🚢🏰🥂🏡💰💫✨👑🎄🎢☀️🌴💥⭐️☀️🌈🥂🍾🍸✈️ I am open to being wealthy! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😁

  37. Jeanny De Guzman says:

    By the father God who art in heaven by you're name of almighty power oh my lord,pleased I need you're help,today is announced in lottery who to win,I hope these day,i received money I hope I'd be the 1 of winner lottery announces 🙏🙏🙏💛💚💙❤💜💖

  38. Ruby R says:

    Listen 200 + times, 1 million dollars?

  39. Ruby R says:

    Just got checks for $75 + $71, after listening. GL, all!! ..

  40. Shyamulu Shyam says:

    L am one mam

  41. Sunny Wakefield says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  42. prathapan pk says:

    Thank you lam a millionaire thank you God

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