1. Growing Forever says:

    200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #4

  2. hazel lantoria says:

    Thanks for sharing ur abundance…

    I want to watch ang heard ur video….

  3. Geraldine Lambon says:

    It feels good makes me feel that im going to be wealthy oneday. And enjoying my wealth

  4. Lynn Sherman says:

    Nice guy help n hand

  5. Lynn Sherman says:


  6. Anita Minnow says:

    money flows easily into my life. im wealthy and abundance and i are one. i have unlimited abundance and i love money. thank u Lord for my unlimited abundance and wealth and i give freely

  7. Rogo Rega says:

    saludos desde HOES English Center

  8. Georgios Antonopoulos says:

    I read many superb reviews on the internet about how Mofedest Miracle (do a google search) will help you to finally knowing the true secrets laws of attraction with it. Has any one tried this popular secrets?

  9. Flint rock says:

    you don't mention negatives in affirmations. all my issues with money? it doesn't matter if you say disappeared or not. it's still issues with money. you mix how the concious mind works with how the subconscious works. the concious knows you mean the issues with money are gone by saying that but the subconscious don't. it takes it as fact. and it's the subconscious that we are trying to restructure here. anyone can make a affirmation video, only a few know and understand how to do it right

  10. Glow Tarot says:

    ads playing during the meditation?? nah not cool

  11. Detective Shon Burras says:

    Abundance and I are one !

  12. Detective Shon Burras says:

    My Supply Is Endless !

  13. Wayne Pret says:

    In love these affirmations, but can you allow space between so we can repeat to ourseld so it become auto suggestion and not your suggestions.

  14. bob person says:

    Ads in the middle of
    meditation…not good.

  15. Anita Carter says:

    I know there is ample prosperity for all..🙌🏻💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵😆

  16. Anita Carter says:

    The universe wants me to have great abundance ✨💰💫 💵⚡️✨💫🤗

  17. Nelly Iqrah says:

    I love my abundance. I am proud to be wealthy

  18. Nelly Iqrah says:

    Everthing i need in life is mine. I am open and willing to receive wealth in all its forms

  19. Nelly Iqrah says:

    Creating wealth is my second nature

  20. Nelly Iqrah says:

    Wealth and i are one. We are inseparable

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