20 Surprising Facts About: Money

20 Surprising Facts About: Money

There are 168 different currencies in the
world and billions of dollars worth on new banknotes are printed every day across the
world. Here’s some of the most amazing facts about money. 1. Before coins were invented in 1500 BC,
people used to trade in all kinds of strange commodities, such as gold, rice, fish, barley,
salt, tea leaves, cows, blood, and even bat guano. In America the word “buck” to mean
money comes from the days when people used to trade various animal skins, including buckskins
as currency. 2. The art of making money is precise and
complex. Each coin has to be exactly the same as the next, so that people accept that they
are worth the same amount of money. Traditionally coins were made by either striking metal between
two engraved dies, or by casting them in moulds. However in the 18th century coins were made
by new steam powered machinery, which greatly increased the number of coins that could be
produced in a day. 3. The production of bank notes however is
a bit money complicated. Originally bank notes were black and white but now almost all of
them are brightly coloured and feature highly complex designs, which makes them harder to
counterfeit but also instantly recognisable as a national currency. 4. In 1923, hyperinflation caused German currency
to lose almost all of its value. It became so worthless that people gave it to children
to play with or even used it as wallpaper. 5. India has a banknote of zero value. They
look exactly the same as other banknotes but are worth exactly zero rupees. You might ask,
what’s the point? Corruption in India is widespread and a major concern. Many government officials
in India require monetary bribes for all sorts of permits and services. The zero rupee banknote
serves an important purpose, it is given to officials who request bribes as a statement
of peaceful non-cooperation. Each zero rupee note bares a declaration that states “I promise
to neither accept nor give a bribe”. It’s sole purpose is to make a statement. Ironically
this makes the zero rupee banknote both valuable and worth absolutely nothing at the same time. 6. In most countries and currencies one pence
pieces cost more money to make than they are actually worth. The US treasury spends 2.41
cents to mint each penny, making a huge loss. Because of this the Canadian government stopped
producing pennies in 2013. 7. The world’s largest counterfeiter of US
currency is North Korea. They produce high quality fakes that the American Secret Service
have nicknamed “superdollars” because they so closely resemble genuine notes. 8. The production of banknotes requires zero
trees, no paper is used at all. All paper currency is made from a custom blend of cotton
and linen, usually around 25% cotton and 75% linen. 9. 90% of US banknotes contain traces of cocaine. 10. Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of currency,
her portrait has graced the currencies of 33 different countries, more than any other
individual in history. Canada was the first country to use the British monarch’s portrait
on their banknotes in 1935, when it printed the, at the time, 9-year-old princess on its
$20 notes. 11. More monopoly money is printed every year
than real money. 12. If you have just $10 in your pocket and
no debts, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans. 13. A cheque is only an instruction to a bank,
it therefore, can be written on absolutely anything, and as long as it has all the necessary
components, it will be honoured by the bank. Cheques have been written on doors, stone
slabs, bananas and even cows. 14. Banknotes are pretty gross. A study showed
that 14% of banknotes contain fecal matter and 94% contain pathogens. Viruses and bacteria
can live on most surfaces for about 48 hours, but they can live on paper money for up to
17 days. 15. Icelanders pay for things using credit
and debit cards more than any other country in the world. 70% of all business in Iceland
is done with plastic, compared to 39% in North America. 16. Australia makes its banknotes from Polymer,
which is a type of synthetic plastic. They last for 2.5 times longer than traditional
cotton and linen banknotes and are surprisingly more eco friendly. They are also harder to
counterfeit. The UK will also be switching to plastic banknotes in 2016. 17. Some coins have grooved ridges around
their edges. They serve little purpose today, but they were originally added in the days
when coins were made from precious metals such as silver and gold. People used to scrape
the edges off the coins before spending them, then sell the precious metals they scraped
off. The grooved ridges were added to stop people doing this. 18. A vast majority of the money in the world
is not physical money, it is simply numbers in the computers of banks. 19. Money which cannot be backed by a physical
commodity such as gold is called Fiat money. Fiat money includes digital funds, paper banknotes
and coins, these kinds of money are only valuable, simply because a government declares it an
official currency. However other non-government backed fiat money can become valuable, just
because there’s a high demand for it, such as the emerging Bitcoin currency, which has
no centralised control body. The only thing that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
valuable is the simple fact that lots of people want it. 20. And finally, if all the gold in the world
were melted down into a single square block, it would only be 21 metres on each side.


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  9. Estelita Scott says:

    "Value" is a perception. Marketing plays a very important role in the demand = value of something.

    But I simply don't like the idea of a false sense of demand. With the internet and fake "people " or imaginary identities, how are we to know the difference between a REAL demand and sales propaganda (like when people get free stuff and give reviews saying how they love a product, when in reality, they would never spend their own hard-earned money on such junk). So, short answer is, no to online currencies online. Things are so inflated without any real explanations. Is that not madness? I love a free economy. But, in the hands of evil people, capitalism retains it's bad reputation for marginalizing the disenfranchised poor and even the working class who are enslaved by the rich and extortioned by the lazy poor people. Why should your labour be worthless when you go shopping? Why should you pay so much taxes because heroin addicts need a fix and welfare to fix it? The problem with the "economy" is that oil and water don't mix. Socialism and a free market can't co-exist without one of the economic classes being out-smarted and outclassed.

    Basically what I am sayin is that equality is not fair. It should be survival of the fittest. Our quality of life should be directly proportional to how hard we work. We should reap what we sow. We should be rewarded for our contributions to the "economy". We shouldn't have to have our money devalued at three times the rate at which our salaries increase. We shouldn't have to be burned out and overworked and still go hungry and homeless.

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    Money is a measure of value. An abstract concept. Currency is the familiar federal reserve note or bank note. The physical instrument that represents that measure of value.

    Most money is produced by advancing credit and is not simply created out of “thin air.”

    It is important to distinguish between the measure and the instrument that represents it. The instrument is invariably manipulated so that the same number on the face of a certificate represents different actual values at different points in time. A $100 bank note today has less purchasing power than it did 5 years ago and also when more currency is printed than money created.


    Assume that the total supply of money is $1,000…000,000.00. (one x-zillion, half-mile long chain of zeroes omitted for clarity). At this stage that is the starting point in our discussion the supply of currency is also one x-zillion that is identical to the supply of money.

    A borrower obtains a loan for $1000 that he agrees to pay back with $35 interest.

    The lender makes an entry in its ledger, crediting the account of the borrower. The total supply of money (that is a measure of value) remains unchanged (one x-zillion).

    An employer pays the borrower $1,035 in wages being the value of his work. Alternatively, a customer pays the borrower that is a merchant $1,035 for the value of his purchases. Either way $1,035 in new value was created by activity in the marketplace. The borrower repays the loan (with existing currency).

    The total supply of money is now $1,000…000,000.00 + $1,035.00 = $1,000…001,035.00.
    The total supply of currency remains $1,000…000,000.00.

    The central bank may print $1,035 in new federal reserve notes in order to bring the amount of currency in line with the total money supply. The amount of money created is $1,035 and is not merely $35 that is the amount of interest.

    The lender receives $1,035 being repaid with existing currency plus the central bank may print $1,035 in new currency. The central bank is the beneficiary of the lion’s share, as $1,000 of newly created value accrues to it while $35 of this newly created value accrues to the lender.

    If the face value of newly printed bank notes is less than $1,035 or if none at all are printed the value of the dollar currency will increase. Especially as viewed by outsiders. If the face value of newly printed bank notes is greater than $1,035 then the value of the dollar currency will decrease. Outsiders perceive a dilution, as the number represented by currency is larger than the addition to value of newly created money.

    This example assumes that the wages paid or merchandise sold is the amount of new value created, but in practice marketplace efficiency is somewhat less, with a smaller portion being new value created.


    If the borrower only realizes $813 instead of the full $1,035 that was earned through his effort in the marketplace, due to insolvency of employer or customer, then $813 is the measure of new value created. Even if the borrower repays the full amount of the loan that is $1,035 by making up the difference out of his own pocket the amount of money created in the marketplace remains $813 and only $813 in new currency may be printed. This entire benefit accrues to the central bank, while the lender loses money.

    The lender makes a loan of $1,000 with a negative interest rate so that the borrower repays $1,000 minus $35 deducted in negative interest. In this instance the lender is repaid $965 and loses money, but the central bank gains money and may print $965 in new currency representing the new value created in this transaction, the entirety of the new value accruing to the central bank.

    Any currency printed in excess of $1,035 in the example above is the portion derived from “thin air.”

    Countries that do not adhere to these parameters soon find their currency is worthless. Where an elevated level of demand for currency is dictated by being the reserve currency, such as in the case of the “petro” dollar, these bounds may be greatly exceeded. A favorable trade balance enables these bounds to be slightly exceeded in proportion to the surplus, or greatly exceeded where the trade surplus is large. This action prevents the currency from becoming too strong and harming exports. Trade deficits are snares with political pressure to print more at a time when the amount of new currency printed should be reduced. The limit is reached when the amount of currency printed each month equals the sum of payments made on corporate and personal debts, i.e., all current debts regardless of their nature, during this same period. In a process titled quantitative easing the central bank purchases non-performing corporate bonds and shreds them so that this threshold is not exceeded and the currency remains viable and does not collapse. Policies of the central banks are largely decided by the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

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  95. Jerry Berglund says:

    Its strange that the fact that it was the Swedish Riksbank (Swedish Central bank is also the world oldest) that made the very first bank notes and made it a currency nationwise. THis was allready in the year 1656 A cople of years before the Swedish Riksbank was fonded n 1686. THe merchants that had big huge coins that weigh a lot, could put these into this bank, and get a back note with the amount their coin was worth. And so the notes came to be. Its was smart swedish people. At least we were smart then, now I aint that sure. lol

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