Today, we’re talking about 12 good words. That is…12 synonyms to use instead of the word “good.” Okay, so before we get into our lesson, here’s something that you can do that is not just good… It’s great! Join our social media classes! They’ll give you a lot of information. We’ll ask you questions. And generally, they’ll help you practice a lot of your English skills. The word good…is okay. But it’s not great or wonderful or outstanding. Here are some other words that will help you change things up and express yourself better than just using the word “good”. Number 1 – Valuable We use “valuable” when we talk about the cost or worth of something, or someone’s importance. Number 2 – Excellent This word means extremely good. It’s very commonly used, and it describes someone or something that holds superior quality. Number 3 – Exceptional This is kind of similar to excellent but perhaps even more so because it means something that is unusually good. Number 4 – Outstanding Another similar word to excellent and exceptional, it means something that is remarkably good. Number 5 – Superb Superb means impressively beautiful. So many times we use it to describe how nice something is or how nice something looks. Number 6 – Divine Divine is related to something godly. But we also use it when we want to emphasize that something is out-of-this-world good. Number 7 – Brilliant Brilliant was initially used to describe something that shines brightly. But this can be extended to a performance or an idea that outshines the others. Brilliant is used in that context a lot more in British English than in American English. But it’s still very common in both countries. Number 8 – Impressive Something that is impressive has the ability to blow your mind or make a great impression on you. Number 9 – Admirable Admirable means someone or something worthy of a lot of respect or admiration. Number 10 – Flawless We use “flawless” to describe someone or something that has no defects or faults. Number 11 – Wonderful Wonderful is used as a synonym for excellent. Basically, we use it to describe something that is much better than good. Number 12 – Great Great is another synonym for exceptional or outstanding. Okay, let’s practice what we’ve learned today. But before we do, please like our video if you feel like you’ve learned something new. Here we go! I want you to choose one word from today’s lesson. Then, in the comments below Write a sentence about…this picture. I’d also encourage you to read each other’s sentences because this will help you reinforce your understanding of these words. And if you need more time to write, you can pause the video while you’re writing your sentence. See you next time!


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