100% Proof We Are In End Times – WW3 & Dajjal (NEW 2019)

All prophets sent by Allah came with a special message to humanity Warned us of an approaching day of judgement. No one can know when the day of judgement will occur However, God has taught his messengers some of the signs that alert one to the fact that the hour is approaching These signs play a very important role They reinforce one’s belief in the Prophet and our reminder of the Day of Judgment There’s no doubt. We are living in some strange times These times were long foretold by our prophet believe it or not. We are now right in the middle of the end times because our prophet said in the end times the Barefooted Arab Bedouin x’ will be competing in building tall buildings 20 years ago Dubai was only a dry desert in the arab. Peninsula But it is now considered as one of the most advanced cities in the world This was predicted by our prophet 1400 years ago the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is at the moment the tallest structure in the world But it will soon have competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has signed a deal for 8.4 billion Saudi Riyals the building of the Jeddah Tower The prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes and they both from Bedouins and they were unclothed and There were Bedouin Arabs are not that competing in two buildings now This is very interesting because if you were a rationalist at that time you think the one who’s competing in two buildings would be the super powers of the time which were the Romans and the Persians the Arabs in many cases used to build buildings in the ground because it was so hot Some of the houses were in the ground and they just had tents The Prophet said that the hour will already have casted its shadow when we can see Mecca with its mountains with holes And it’s buildings reaching the mountain tops Only a real prophet could make such clear and accurate predictions the Prophet also said that in the end times Female singers and musical instruments will become popular With popular has meant that these things will be achieved on a global scale Today we can see numerous female artists who have attained worldwide fame this has never happened before in the history of mankind and Again you can see the words of our prophet being fulfilled right in front of our eyes In the end times people will dance late into the night Muslim men will resemble unbelieving men Muslims will slowly but deeply appropriate the traditions and ways of the Christians Believers turn into unbelievers and will sell their religion for non essential things of this world Women who will be dressed yet will appear to be naked they will seduce men and will be inclined towards them With something on their heads that looks like the humps of camels leaning to one side Closed but You know some of the swimwear if you look at or some of the gym where if you look at Who are you in business not clothing? cassie at an area clothed but naked Or if you look a more Moderate tafseer if you like clothing will be very tight. Oh, it will be see-through Oh There will be cuts and slits around the sides and so on and so forth so that although it pretends it doesn’t show it shows and the Prophet said I’m a here follows Allah to Adam with the sleep that they will not smell the fragrance of Jannah Although with the smell of Jannah can come from sofa yet. These people will be made forbidden for them Is that smell that fragrance of Jannah? People will walk in the marketplace with their thighs exposed This sign is very obvious, especially in Western countries Keep in mind these events are very recent just a hundred years ago Even in these countries the women were modest clothes The Prophet said most certainly people from my nation will consume liquor which they will describe with some other names This is a prediction and a reference to the different brands of alcohol that are available today Liquor stores are strewn throughout the city of Amman By law bars and liquor stores must be owned And run by Christians no Muslims allow However, Muslims are perfectly free to patronize them and they do Our customers are both Christians and Muslims. We don’t really have problems here There will be many women of childbearing age That will no longer give birth women continue to delay having children according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The average age for first-time mothers increased from 24 and 2000 to 26 and 2014 The Prophet said these women will enter the workforce out of love for this world. And this is why they will delay having children Researchers believe the trend of waiting to have children will continue as more women focus on career before starting a family and as they pursue fertility options like egg freezing In the end times there will be snobby and standoffish this among people There will be an abundance of food much of which has no blessing in it This is clearly a reference to fast food which has absolutely no nutritional value Wealth will increase so much so that if a man were given ten thousand he would not be content with it But the wealth will be shared out only among the rich with no benefit to the poor. The rich will get richer and richer Today the top 1% wealthy people have half of the wealth in the world Western corporations are plundering developing countries The decoration of mosques will be a matter of pride in competition Abundance of police squads and oppressive officials who wield whips the size of the tails of cattle Men will begin to look like women and women will begin to look like men Prophet predicted same-sex marriage and that’s a sound hadith He said the end of time will not come until a man marries a man and a woman marries a woman boys today Ireland became the first country in the world to pass a constitutional referendum Allowing same-sex marriage, this is the moment same-sex of quarters And we have no evidence in human history that that was ever We have no evidence that any culture has ever sanctioned same-sex marriage But he said it will be one of the signs at the end of time Nikkah here means clearly marriage because homosexuality existed so he wasn’t talking about homosexuality or Sahaba he was talking about marriage You know he predicted that the The buildings of Mecca would surpass the mountains you could have thought of that in the 7th century of Arabia Who could have thought of that? He predicted that people would go out of their houses with Things on their thighs that would tell them what was happening back in their families He said that people would talk to share economy Which in Arabic? Is this that’s the that is what a shout-out finality which is the universal sign today for telephone And he said a man will talk to his shit. Ah Coonan You know, that’s how people say it right the Arabs call it shadow Kuna The prophets Elijah and predicted many many things that have come true that in the 70s in the seventh century in Arabia It just would not have been possible to predict those things or they won’t even occur to people The Prophet said children born outside of marriage would become commonplace in Colombia have more than 8 out of every 10 children are born to unwed mothers But the actual percent of us births to unmarried women has gone up a lot 2,000 to 34 percent of all births 2013 forty point six percent of all births in the u.s In nineteen sixty five percent of children entered the world without a mother and father married to each other by 1980 it was 18 percent by 2000 it had risen to 33 percent and 15 years later the number reached 41 percent the Prophet said in the end times Obesity would become prevalent while the explosion of overweight and obese people in the developing world is largely down to the emerging economists those that have Have gone through a transition from being low-income economies to middle-income economies in the last generation and that has produced a large middle class of people who Have rising incomes and they can buy the foods they want and they’re undertaking more sedentary lifestyles Smog will appear over cities because of the evil that they are doing India’s second largest city New Delhi remains shrouded and dangerously fixed smog problem Affecting a huge swathe of northern China at the moment with a pollution cloud Hanging over this country from the Russian border in the far northeast all the way down to the central cities The Prophet said great distances will be traversed in short spans of time Voices will be raised at mosques Rain will be acidic or burning acid rain is any form of precipitation? with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acid It can occur in the form of snow fog and even dry materials has settled to earth Most acid rain is caused by human activities That there will be dishes and they will be communicating constantly and then people will break the ties of kingship The word for dishes is literally a dish and The word that’s used now the words for satellites and their dishes and they communicate academic general that says there is a correlation between people saying our home watching satellite TV and not having communal family ties anymore a Lot of people will be depressed and will wish to be dead Depression is now a global epidemic in fact if we look in the u.s We now find that nearly one in four Americans will experience the agonizing debilitating pain of depressive illness by the time they reach age 75 Depression is the main driver behind suicide which now claims over 1 million lives every year worldwide Holding on to Islam would be as if one is holding on a hot coal a Man will be a believer at night and they disbeliever in the morning Does this sound familiar? These signs leave absolutely no doubt about the prophethood of Muhammad. May the blessings of Allah be upon him It’s impossible somebody could predict all these signs 1400 years ago except a prophet of God these hadith were recorded thousands of years ago in manuscripts that have been carbon-dated back thousands of years by scientists So nobody can even claim that these signs were made up to fit current events what these signs also proof is that there is absolutely no doubt left that we are living in the end times all The minor signs that have been prophesized have come to pass right in front of our eyes as you saw in this video This means we are on the brink of seeing the major signs of the end times the question is not when is the last hour The question is What have you prepared for it Yes, Anakin s1 is sound in any move around the law Huama unity color unless Articuno Paraiba One of the first major signs that will plunge our world into dark times is a war so great Which humanity has not witnessed before the next event that is about to occur is the Great War Nabi muhammad alayhi salatu was-salam and he said when Jerusalem is Center stage and flourishing milta, which is where we are now Then look for the Muhammad the Mahatma is a great war the malama is not just a great war it’s a war like no Wars ever be the Ninety-nine out of every 100 of the combatants will die would be killed The only way that ninety-nine out of every 1000 can be killed as if it’s a war with weapons of mass destruction NATO is preparing for war with Russia This war has been planned long before the evil forces that ruled the world today these same evil people caused World War 1 in World War 2 We can prove this claim by a letter that was written by an American general Albert Pike A 33 degree Mason and a top leader of the Ku Klux Klan Pike was also believed to be a Luciferian He claimed he was able to summon Lucifer at will as the Grand Master of the order of the Palladium in 1871 Pike allegedly sent a letter to an Italian political Activist named Giuseppe Mazzini in which he describes a curious dream about three world wars in this letter Pike Apparently outlined specific events leading up to World Wars 1 and 2 additionally Pike pushed for the organization of communism Nazism Zionism and other international movements as tools to escalate these conflicts According to this letter, the Illuminati will provoke a third world war by creating Religious conflicts in the Middle East after this war is ended the letter claims that nihilist an atheist will create bloody turmoil leading the world’s disillusioned masses to follow Lucifer Today we can see clear preparations being made for this war the Georgia Guidestones Is a granite monument erected in the United States? This monument has 10 commandments for the world but to this day Nobody knows the author of these Commandments. One of the commandments is to maintain humanity under 500 million people This proves that satanic powers are behind this and to achieve this they will cause a world war and they will surely succeed in achieving this because remember that our prophet said that 99% of the people fighting will die in this war, but Why do they want this war after this war? The world will see the advent of the false messiah the Antichrist the Dajjal in order for the Dajjal to arrive they have to prepare Israel to make his arrival that there is a fella a mastermind at work for once the rule of all world He is the one who said a man could marry another man and get a marriage certificate you know who the Falaise and Eventually a man will stand up in Jerusalem and declare I am Asma see the Messiah But he would not be Alma seek the Messiah He would be dead job for false messiah In order for him to achieve his objective For Israel to rule the world. He has to make Israel. Very very big like the United States But not not possible if you cannot expand He’s really surrounded by the Arabs Forget it. All the world has to become much smaller Which one will it be? Which one will it be? Yes. The answer is the world will have to become much smaller And that’s why we’re gonna have nuclear war The main goal of World War one was to dismantle the Islamic state and establish a Jewish holy land in Palestine 1914 talk begins in the British Cabinet at the highest levels of promising a Jewish homeland to the Zionists the Zionists were a movement a group of influential powerful Jews in Europe and the goal of Zionism was the establishment of an independent Jewish homeland Preferably in Jerusalem, but after Israel was established the majority of the Jews were against a Jewish holy land American Jews by and large scoffed at the idea of an independent Jewish homeland. They thought this is ridiculous We’re happy where we are. You know, we’re acclimatized. We love America There was no notion and they did understand it would cause problems and whatnot This is why they used Hitler to plunge the world in a second world war and commit a genocide of the Jews Jews in America did not support Zionism until basically Hitler and World War two That’s when they felt the need to have an independent Jewish homeland. This is well documented is not some type of theory This is a known fact World War three will be caused to reduce the world population This will make it easier for them to rule the world This is their new world order with the Dajjal as their ruler as they say to the world We must come back to religious values. This is pax Judaica But their oppression will be greatest of all Because they want to rule over everybody So you must be thinking why they need Israel to make the arrival of the Antichrist possible The Satanists want to build their Third Temple in Jerusalem They need this temple for a global satanic ritual which will allow the Antichrist to emerge the Antichrist is just a human like us he is one of the descendants of Prophet David this global satanic ritual will give him superhuman powers because he will have Control over all the jinn just like prophet Solomon had authority over the jinn Allah says we gave him control Over all the jinn kind those that could build so quickly magnificent buildings and those that could dive into the oceans and extract from it anything he wanted and he asked for so lemon alehissalaam and he had also the Authority to tie up this genie in such a way that they would be Slave for him doing whatever he wants all tied up in a line in a uniform fashion So he had them in his army, and he had the wind in his army And he was a king at the same time and a warrior They came down with magic two angels harut and marut. We’re in a place called Babel or Babylon and the reason they had to teach a few people what it was all about was so that they could Distinguish between the miracle of aina be and the magic of magicians when they were taught they knew very well that this is magic and what Suleiman alehissalaam has come with is the miracle of Anna be they Knew that what they are purchasing the deal that they are making will render them in such a condition in the arc era that they won’t have any portion left for them in the affero if you Take a look at Babylon up to this day. It is the headquarters of magic They are people whether they belong to the Illuminati or whether they belong to the Freemasons part of the same thing who worship the devil Completely and the devil tells them we will give you two things power and Kingdom together with everlasting life The seat of magic is in one of two places You find it in Egypt where the pyramids are because there was a lot of magic at the time of Pharaoh the Temple of Solomon Is spoken about may Allah’s peace be upon Suleiman. His intention was brilliant. He in fact abandoned everything, but he had all the books under his throne They were their soul a man alayhis-salam built a temple It is reported that that taboo The Ark of the Covenant was also kept there to this day And they are saying we were looking for the Ark of the Covenant and in the process They are destroying the Masjid may Allah, Subhanahu, WA Ta’ala Protect the Haram they will place this Ark of Covenant in the third temple Which will give the Dajjal his powers when moosa aleihsalaam was passing away He gave a certain little box known as at a boot. It was a box the Ark of the Covenant In it were some of the Fragments of the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written and a few items inside there We don’t know exactly what there is dispute as to what it was But for sure It was a reassurance and a comfort to the people who had it and when they opened it, they felt very secure They felt very calm and every time they fought they took that Ark with them and when they fought they won the battle Whenever the ark was with them in It it had the tablets that were given by allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to moosa. Alaih-is-salaam. They will use this divine knowledge for evil Their third temple will be built at the same location as the al-aqsa mosque Preparations have already begun for the building of the temple in Jerusalem King, David established our capital 3,000 years ago in Jerusalem King Solomon built our temple which stood for many centuries in Jerusalem Jewish exile from Babylon rebuilt the temple which stood for many more centuries We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay And Today the United States of America is opening its embassy right here in Jerusalem Thank you Thank you president Trump for having the courage to keep your promises good in Trump And thank you all For making the alliance between America and Israel stronger than ever. Yeah A un latina Manoir that tacky dunya who that oneness all wrong To advance the truth The truth the truth and peace are interconnected a peace that is built on lies Will crash on the rocks of Middle Eastern realities, you can only build peace on truth Well, even feel a moonlit of sea do feel only ball in Nomina mostly In a more moral of Sedona while I can lie Those of you who aren’t watching Bible prophecy and the plans to rebuild the temple I have now in my hand a piece of modern prophetic history if you will it is one of 1,000 silver plated temple half shekel coins Minted in Israel in recognition of Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital They are to be used in the third temple On the front is Donald Trump with King Cyrus the Great who two and a half thousand years ago saw to it But the Jews would rebuild their ancient temple Friends, this is prophecy coming true in my hands What incredible days we live in murica is ambassador to Israel has come in for criticism after he was seen posing with a rather Controversial gift David Freeman was presented with a photograph of one of the most sacred places in Jerusalem but the image had been altered to show the Jewish third temple on the site where the Islamic Al-aqsa mosque and the Dome of the rock are currently situated The third temple is a biblical reference to a new place of worship to replace an ancient one, which was destroyed This is the holiest places. We have like man, the third temple is going to come right here So without a doubt you believe there is when it’s no time Oh It’s going to be very very very interesting here tomorrow Yeah, a UN mess with the warm welcome in does an event at the serratus a 100 Will Never be some karo Won’t be so chaotic Another the why should heed Or meaning I see me I didn’t feel like There was a shame for Diwali Indeed our sorry You

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