10 Richest Kids In The World

10 Richest Kids In The World

facts first presents ten richest kids in the world number one Jaden Smith Jaden Smith is the son of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith if this doesn’t make him rich enough well he’s also earning a lot of money in his own career when he was just eight years old he starred in The Pursuit of Happyness with his father in 2008 he starred in The Day the Earth Stood Still in 2010 he starred in The Karate Kid and in 2013 he starred in a movie again with his father after earth he also has a music career and he’s released an album finally he has his own clothing line his own personal net worth is estimated at 8 million dollars number 2 Daniel and Birkhead Marshall Daniel and Birkhead Marshall is the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith since her mother’s death she has been living with her father Larry Birkhead he was Anna Nicole’s boyfriend and a photographer at 6 years old she started modeling for guests kids she was in line to inherit 44 million dollars from her mother’s estate if she would have warmed the long-going court case between her mother and the estate of her late husband J Howard Marshall after being in the court system for a decade a judge ruled against Danielle Lin she has appeared on several biography movies as well as reality television shows with her own income and the income that she inherited from her late mother’s estate her estimated net worth is ten million dollars number three Suri Cruise Suri Cruise is the ten-year-old daughter of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise according to several reports Suri has not seen her father in over three years while Suri is too young to have any money of her own her father is worth 470 million dollars and her mother is worth 25 million number for Milan Tia Paloma penalty Valenti Apollo Maupin alt is the daughter of actress Salma Hayek and billionaire Francois Henry Penn alt the CEO of the fashion conglomerate occurring her father is worth 15 billion dollars and her mother is worth 85 million while she hasn’t actually earned any of her own money is a twelve million dollar house in her name that’s a lot of money for a seven-year-old considering how much money her parents are worth she’s likely to inherit a great deal of money number five los chicos gates Bill Gates has three children he has two daughters Jennifer and phoebe cates and a son Rory Gates Bill Gates has a net worth of eighty 1.5 billion dollars and that continues to rise each of his children has an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars after their father passes away they’re expected to inherit a great deal more number-6 Eve Reid and Aaron Jobs these are the children of the Apple Empire the late Steve Jobs at the time of his death Steve Jobs net worth was 19 million dollars after his death his wife Lauren Powell inherited his fortune while their children don’t have a net worth listed by Forbes magazine chances are they have trust funds and stand to inherit a huge piece of the pie when their mother passes number 7 George Alexander Louis what are the 10 richest kids in the world this little boy is the youngest one – George Alexander Louis is also known as Prince George of Cambridge he’s the son of Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge his parents wedding was one of the most watched events on television all over the world and the press continues to write about them daily the next most publicized event was the birth of baby George this adorable little boy is just three years old and he has a net worth already of 3.6 billion dollars his younger sister Charlotte has a higher net worth of five billion dollars number eight mullah Hasan mullah Hassan also known as the Crown Prince of Morocco is the oldest son of King Mohammed the sixth of Morocco and Princess Laila Salma of Morocco he’s currently only 13 years old and he has an estimated worth of 1 billion dollars it sure pays to be born into royalty number 9 Nick do I see Nick do I see is a computer programmer from England and he is most famous for being the inventor of summly which is an automatic summarization algorithm he created this when he was 15 years old being so young he is the youngest person to be a venture capitalist in technology in 2013 he sold some Lee to Yahoo and his current net worth is 30 million dollars which he earned on his own since he continues to work and create software programs his net worth is likely to skyrocket over the next decade number 10 Brooklyn Romeo Cruz and Harper Beckham Brooklyn Romeo Cruz and Harper are the children of Victoria and David Beckham David Beckham is a famous soccer player and model and Victoria is a former Spice Girl posh spice and she is also a model as well they’re both well-known television personalities – their parents are worth a combined 770 million dollars and their assets are currently being divided due to their impending divorce Brooklyn 17 years old Romeo 14 years old cruz eleven years old and harper five years old don’t have any of their own money yet however it is reported that each child does have a trust fund and they stand to inherit a great deal of money one day subscribe for more spoiled brats


  1. Peachez N CREAM says:

    Wealth is not all that whats all that is JESUS
    Christ CAN I GET A AMEN🙏

  2. Click FN says:

    Who still uses yahoo

  3. XxMoonlightYTxX says:

    One day I'll be rich like em. I PROMISE MY SELF ILL WORK HARD ON SCHOOL

  4. howell Howell says:

    Why you call it spoiled brat you jealous all up in their pockets you have a nice day if you can

  5. Allen Farmer says:

    I just checked my bank and I’m 1,000,000 $ away from being a millionaire!!

  6. Skylerwing XD says:

    5:29 u said spoiled brats to us that affected my feelings

  7. Izzy Gd says:

    My networth is …………39centsss

    Beat that gates kids


  8. Ruby Cooper says:

    He's so snobby

  9. Jay Corz says:

    support here newly neighbor idol

  10. Muhammadi Mugare says:

    Am rich I have 31 Dollars and 13 years old

  11. FAZE Tub says:

    I am the richest kid in the world to

  12. FAZE Tub says:

    I am the 8 top richhh am his big btoyhet

  13. Jason Moyle says:

    I would not call david and victoria beckham "models"

  14. I En says:

    It’s OK to be rich as long you put God first and don’t worship your money and use that money to bless His Kingdom

  15. Alsh ALSHwaikh says:

    Am rich but

    In my dreams 😞

  16. Angie Gardner says:

    It's a damn shame,Larry Birkhead used Anna nicole Smith for fame fortune and money and coincidence Larry allowed Danni lyn Birkhead Marshall obviously to have Anna nicole late husband name on his daughter for money reasons wow shocking

  17. tammy musto says:

    I Wish I was Rich

  18. Ben Nings says:

    im rich kid.

    u know sugardad!


  19. laugh spirin says:

    Anyone thought that they're just known rich because they're famous and there could be a possibility that there's richer kids out there that don't want to be famous so they don't make it into this list.

  20. Anna Miner says:

    This video was made in 2016, and he said the impending divorce and the Beckhams, but as far as I know they’re still together?

  21. Blue Bandit says:

    I only have $123.00 yet a 3 year old has 3.6 billion dollars

  22. Blue Bandit says:

    i also love how at the end he just goes:
    Spoiled Brats

  23. Jayne Pete says:

    Its great not having much money and lots of time with my husband. At the end of the day …stuff is just stuff. The last furniture i bought was a beautiful unit and it cost £5 including delivery. Doing things up for next to nothing makes you feel good and the things you make are unique. 😃

  24. Your local Therian says:

    I Have More than I should… but I am Very Thankful For what I have be thankful ☺️

  25. First Last says:

    Narrator said they are priced 😀

  26. Joshua Tigga says:

    Most of them have there parants money but few have there own
    Whoever have there own with out
    The help of their family or their names they are truly the person of their own

  27. bogart pogi says:

    Lol wtf I'm watching.. when I was born I have net of 0.25$!!!!

  28. The Lurking Turkey says:

    Hah none of them has a toy car, I’m richer

  29. Sky Liu says:

    im free

  30. Willpower1213 says:

    Poor in heart


    I'm so rich enough because my family is by my side. And I have God and we are complete family

  32. Johnathan 1 says:

    Don,t call me Spoiled brat punk you are a spoiled brat🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😤👺👺👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  33. Marvin Nawal says:

    I'm Rich in my Family, Friends, Happiness. Thank you God 😍

  34. Sarwaat Ariz says:

    I am rich enough

  35. S I S says:

    It don’t matter if ya’ll are rich or not bc what’s important is ya family and friends and other more important things…

  36. Sunel Lol says:

    Make that cash rain baby

  37. E-Leazy says:

    Steve jobs net worth was not 19 million dollars at the end of his death, it was 10 billion dollars at the end of his death

  38. Kawaii Marshmallow says:

    “Spoilt brats” 😂

  39. Gunguy3658 Robloxz says:

    That Family Richest

  40. Roena Skates says:

    Go Jayden! 👏👏👏👏👏

  41. Vivi HMP says:


  42. Cheryl Wood says:

    I love your video I was thinking that you can check out a you tube channel I love it's called fgtvee

  43. QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose says:

    Why the Beckan are getting divorce, it's so passé getting divorce, shoot deal with it and solve it!!

  44. _혜류띠 says:

    I got BTS
    I'm rich enough

  45. FullBlown says:

    future rulers of our govs

  46. Alexander Delarge says:


  47. Tadiwanashe Maradza says:

    Don't forget to pray to God

  48. ART & PLAY MDM luv says:

    Hope not spoiled brat

  49. Craig Clements says:

    I don't need to be rich I just need my parents

  50. Hidde Seinstra says:

    Dude i have probably 5 dollars on my name

  51. Olive Uwineza says:

    I love how he said spoiled brats at the end of the video.

  52. Charlie Hands says:

    posh and becks are getting divorced? weeerrrrttttt

  53. Robert Lowe says:

    It does not matter how much money you have it matters how nice you are

  54. Robert Lowe says:

    Of course prince george is rich because he is in the royal family

  55. Dian Ross says:

    Im not a brat!

  56. Arul Raj says:

    I like Jaden Smith.

  57. MAGDALENA Magda says:

    Crus KIND hat kajak FÜSSE……..

  58. Anam Aamir says:

    Ok now these kids are buying stuff AND IM HERE FIGGURING OUT WATS 2+2 TO GES RICH

  59. Sarah Cheesman says:

    Money don't make u happy, love friend and not. Sl life makes u happy u can have millions but its not going to stop u getting cancer, depression, or anything else

  60. Sarah Cheesman says:

    Number 9 u r go boy u r a lucky boy

  61. abhishek sharma says:

    British royal kids are worth billions of $ 🤣, even queen's net worth isn't that high .

  62. RealRacing3 ProGamer says:

    My name is jayden

  63. Afshan Niaz says:

    I am because Allah my family is with me

  64. Sul sur says:

    Where's Padma laxmi's daughter Krishna? She got lot from her 2 fathers and 1 mom.

  65. Kloe Mungia says:

    I got family and god. They would go crazy if they went poor and starting losing everything.

  66. Omokuwa Agbabokha says:

    I have God and my family what more do I need with God everything is possible and with God I have everything

  67. smartin smartin says:

    I mean it's ok to be rich but what matters most is that everyone is happy and has God on their side and family that loves you and always has your back😇😇😇 what i'm trying to say is you could replace money but you can't replace your own family


    Yeah. Why do we all have to be different? There are poor children out there. Too boring😞😞😞😞😞

  69. Julie solé says:

    Deux filles de deux mamans sagittaires (comme moi) ey😉

  70. Yuuko Takeuchi says:


  71. Angel_Youtube says:

    💖you don’t need money to be cool💖 justed be yourself👼 be proud of who you are💖😋😊

  72. Lima Temsu says:

    This is really good at all and I don't know what to say

  73. Bean says:

    They may be rich but are they happy?

  74. Jolita zit says:

    The list is not accurate. Half of them have their own money, half no. How can you rank all of them in one list?

  75. kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!! says:

    Being happy is the only way of being rich

  76. Kiara Gabutero says:

    actually not to mention that I'm an only child and of course if your an only child then your spoiled and I am too

  77. Elaine Cloutier says:

    All these billions out there, and there's people who have no food and there dying. I wish I was rich! I would know what to do.

  78. Tryna Kelley says:

    Can i have some please?

  79. Sen Pamei says:

    lucky kids wish they use the god's blessing wisely

  80. Wayne Drummond says:

    I'm so poor I can't afford a net.

  81. Diamond4U1000 says:

    Where is Melanie Trump son?

  82. Ylleny Marto says:

    their are not rich they dont even make money u know what rich mean rich is u make it on your own not ur parents i am happy i have a family that is not that rich

  83. sylviaaloise akinyi says:

    I don't even have a net worth, the only thing I own with my name is my birth certificate 🥴🥴

  84. Laura 1.3 says:

    He's just too rich.
    We are rich

  85. Kristy Barker says:

    I didn't realize she was rich.

  86. ILLUMANTI KING says:

    Lucky kids😭

  87. breggy breggy says:

    Money isnt all


    this is what the public knows but it probably more richer kids who live a private life cause people will target them.
    Go to prep private international schools bet you find boatload of them

  89. Jyothi says:

    Health is wealth. If we don't have a good health , how can we enjoy these comforts , In front of health nothing is great , l am glad that l hv a good health and l hv a good environment around me and that is enough
    I'm happy with wt l hv 😊☺😉 I'm great ful to God cuz some people may be rich but if they don't have a good health there's no use.

  90. Caroline Sheen says:

    Jayden I wish just t meet you am your biggest fan

  91. Janne Smedegaard says:

    Who cares?????………………

  92. World Today says:

    I am 9
    And I have 2500 rupee

  93. Monica Carrillo says:

    La hija de Salma Hayek le pagan una cirugía cuando sea mas grande. Horrible!!

  94. G D says:

    Thank you for sharing this video it was very motivating and I'm so happy for these children that they are having high quality lives because life is supposed to be fun and we're in the physical body we have to enjoy life and it's okay to have net worth of millions or even billions of dollars as long as you have a kind heart.😁🥂💜

  95. Rosemary Wood says:

    I'm the richest person in the world because i have the Lord i am blessed THANK YOU LORD🙏

  96. Yu Chang says:

    My Mumbai’s 28millon dollar

  97. Janice Emmerson says:

    Didn’t know vic and David beckham was getting a divorce, think that’s wrong

  98. james hughes says:

    “Spoiled Barts!” Hahahahaha

  99. barbara joh says:

    I'm health , l'm happy I have small money to eat and dress anything I wish I think I'm More than rich

  100. Angela van Es says:

    These kids do not look happy!

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