10 Lies Poor People Believe about Money Which the Rich Don’t

10 Lies Poor People Believe about Money Which the Rich Don’t

10 Lies Poor People Believe About Money which
the Rich Don’t believe When it comes to money, most things we were
made to believe are lies and that’s why millions of people are poor. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you
10 lies poor people usually believe about money, how that make them poor and poorer
and how you can get rid of those lies, believe the truth and be wealthy. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this Lie No. 1. Money isn’t everything
Wait a minutes. Someone who eats, drinks and wear clothes
that cost money will tell you that money isn’t everything. Someone who travels from point A to B, pays
his children’s school fees, pay for electricity, insurance, mortgage, etc. will tell you that
money isn’t everything. Someone who gets nothing except he pays for
it will still think money isn’t that important. Maybe money truly isn’t everything but most
times when poor people say “Money isn’t everything” what they are actually saying
is that money is not important. What’s the truth? The truth is, money is one of the most important
things in life. The problem with believing that money isn’t
important is that, if you believe that money isn’t important, you won’t have the strong
desire requires to create wealth. To create massive wealth, you must first believe
that money is very important. Lie No. 2. Money doesn’t make you happy How poor people often reach this conclusion
is funny. If you think money doesn’t make anyone happy,
go and meet a man who hasn’t eating since yesterday because he has no money. If you think money doesn’t make anyone happy,
go and meet a woman whose child died because she couldn’t afford the hospital bills. If you think money doesn’t make anyone happy,
go and meet a man who wakes up every day to go to a job he hates with all his life, just
to pay bills. What’s the truth? The truth is that, you can’t be truly happy
until you’re able to comfortably get all your physiological needs and some more. The problem with believing that money doesn’t
make anyone happy is that this mindset discourages you from being passionate about creating wealth. You may not need a billion dollars before
you’ll be happy but you need a significant amount of money to comfortably cover your
expenses before you can truly be happy Lie No. 3. The rich are fraudulent
Of all lies poor people believe, this is probably the worst. This is the worst because if you believe that
the rich are fraudulent and evil, what you’re saying is that you can’t be rich because
you really don’t want to be an evil person. What’s the truth? Now this is the truth, people are either good
or bad base on their values, not necessarily because of their bank statement. Many poor teachers are liars. Many poor lawyers, Accountants or Doctors
are fraudulent while many wealthy people are honest and righteous. You don’t have to be fraudulent to be rich. Being fraudulent is a choice. Lie No. 4
I need only little money I have heard many people saying “I don’t
care about being rich. I just want to be comfortable”
What this people are saying is that they only need little money. Unfortunately, you can’t be comfortable
with little money in a capitalist economy. Here’s the truth;
Our modern world is extremely expensive. You simply need a lot of money to be truly
comfortable. Stop believing the lies that you don’t need
much money. You do. If you believe you don’t need much money,
you won’t strive to create wealth. If you believe you need a lot of money, you’ll
have a strong desire to create wealth. Lie No. 5
If you work hard, you’ll be rich If working hard makes anyone rich, factory
workers would be among the richest. While working hard is very important, it’s
only part of the equation because you can’t be rich simply by working hard. What then should you do? Get financial education. Learn how to create and sell values instead
of selling your time. Learn how to use leverage to build wealth. That’s how to be rich. Lie No. 6 If you’re lucky you’ll be rich
Many people of the world wait for luck but it never go their way because it’s a false
hope. What then is the truth? Luck does exists but not in your room. Luck is in the bush and you can only find
luck if you pursue your dreams with all tenacity and commitment. Don’t wait for luck. Its lives in the bush. Go get it there. Lie No. 7
Money is the root of all evil The scriptural version of this statement says,
“Love of money is the root of every evil” which means unholy desire to get rich no matter
how or what. This is not to condemn being rich as many
Biblical characters were even very rich. To believe money is the root of all evil is
to believe money itself is evil. When you believe this lies, what you’re
unconsciously saying to yourself is, “I don’t need an evil thing”
The best way to see money is like an instrument. Money is like a weapon. The weapon in the hand of a soldier is a good
instrument to protect a country while the same weapon in the hand of an armed robber
is an evil thing. Money is a good instrument in the hand of
righteous people so if you’re a good person, you should desire to have a lot of money because
there are too many goods you can do with money. Lie No. 8. It takes money to make money
Poor people usually believe that it takes money to make money and that’s the reason
why the rich are getting richer. What is the truth? Well, it doesn’t take money to make money. It takes financial education and courage to
make money. If you seek financial education by reading
good books on money and you’re willing to take actions, even if you have zero dollar
as you watch this video, you can become rich Lie No. 9. The paper notes is the money
When poor people talk about money, they mean the paper notes. That’s why they gamble and pray for luck
in the first place. What is the truth? Well, the truly wealthy man is that man whose
life or business brings value to other human beings. You’re only rich to the degree of your value
creation. How can you make the world a better place? How can you solve some human problems? How can you create values? Those are the questions that can lead you
into the real wealth because the more value you’re able to create, the more physical
cash you can get. Lie No. 10. If you were born by rich parents, you’re
lucky because you’ll be rich Sorry, the opposite is the truth. If you’re born by a rich man, you’re unfortunate
because you won’t have the pleasure and pride of building your own wealth. You see, at the end of the day, what makes
you feel successful isn’t the cash in your bank accounts. What makes you feel successful is the miles
you’ve covered and the obstacles you went through to cover those miles. If you were born into a family where everything
is figured out for you before you were born, you are likely to grow up depressed because
you have got no opportunity to get your hands dirty. In summary, stop believing that it takes money
to make money. Stop thinking the rich are evil, stop thinking
you can live on little money. Stop believing that hard work alone or luck
can make you rich. Seek financial education, dream big and be
willing to take massive and determined actions. You enjoy this video, don’t you? We’ll like to give you another interesting
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