# 1 Secret To Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

# 1 Secret To Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity


  1. Alejandro Vargas says:


  2. Awakening Seeds says:

    Blessingzzz to ya

  3. coble442 says:

    Remember that God and Jesus loves you. Even I love all of you. Have a great day. ♥♥♥♥

  4. Nedas Mockevičius says:

    Red lipstick looks absolutely astonishing on you! Also, thanks for your thoughts😊

  5. Amit Sagar says:

    Hi Josie, How are you????

  6. Amit Sagar says:

    Thank you so much Josie…

  7. Olympia Fraten says:

    love you josie. my creative imagination is manifesting my new business to grow to the highest standards

  8. Beth Lillie says:

    💗💗💗 love u josie

  9. Amit Sagar says:

    I feel good when I see you Josie…

  10. Benny Bees says:

    Thank you, Josie!!

  11. CEO KD Bandz says:

    Great video I love your works your amazing I look up too you your soul is Pure Lovvvveee!!!

  12. Darius Bogan says:

    Josie you made me cry! I love you Casual, your so Completely Amazing! May the Spirits guide Your Light into a continuous Direction of self drive and Great Faith!!!

    Love and Light Eternally with U Ma'am!!!

  13. VCS DopeMusic says:

    Thank you for teaching Us 😊 GOD Bless You 🙏

  14. chrisbacos says:

    Great video and just the shot in the arm I needed today.

  15. Christopher Zabbey says:

    Thank you Josie for the amazing lesson on using your imagination to create wealth, abundance & prosperity.
    It's really interesting and inspiring.
    I look forward to watching more of your videos.
    May the good Lord inspire you more and more and more

  16. dkuncoveredblog says:

    Powerful video.
    Love you Josie x

  17. Trinity Fier says:

    Hi Josie! I was just wondering if you could make a video about how to let spirits know that you want to talk to them and also to let spirits know that they should be comfortable talking to you? I really like the study of mediumship and I would like to know more. I have watched other people's videos but yours are so much easier to understand and you are also such an amazing and positive person! ❤️

  18. Deloris Goepel says:

    hey joise? I have 3 spirit guides holly giah and a male…my male is ny fighter he has swords around him and looks scary but risks his life too protect me.. it kinda sounds like earth angel michale I keep hearing and seeing michale so is it possible he could bemy spirit guide? I wasent supposed too be born because my mom was sick in the stomach..

  19. Susanne Baker says:

    ur a great person,u bring calm & positivity to me,&it helps immensely, thank you*


    💖 you are beautiful thanks for the inspirations you inspire me every time I see you.

  21. Starr Hall says:

    Thank you

  22. Carol Ramlakhan says:

    Great video Josie.. The law of attraction is powerful ..

  23. sllidste says:

    PEACE N LOVE ♡ Blessings pretty lady Josie, I just love your energy 😉

  24. Anfal Aljadlan says:

    Thanks Josie at the right time for sure God bless

  25. KING GRIND 999 says:

    Smilez thank you for your knowdelge😇😇😇😇😊

  26. Chris Wertz says:

    I've heard parts of this from a number of sources. I think my spirit guide's trying to tell me something.

  27. Michelle Padilla says:

    Thank you Josie 💋🙏💜💜💜

  28. Radha R says:

    Thanks Josie.. love from India

  29. Mandy H. xoxo says:

    Amen God bless! ❤💓💛💜

  30. chel Blr says:

    At the end of every video when you blow a kiss out, I send a flying kiss right back at the screen;)

  31. Chai says:

    Thanks Josie. Much love 🙂

  32. Molly Mayor says:

    Wow so crazy in the last two weeks I have brought paint, the colour is called pink haven. I am disabled and my body won't cooperate so I went and purchased a spray painting machine which means I can paint what I want without to much strain on my body.
    I wanted to re paint my furniture , I loved it when I purchased my home full of shabby chic furniture . So I decided two days ago to paint my front door pink. It looks amazing , it takes me longer to do things then normal but I did it , I decided I can't change the world but I can change my life little by little . My second grandson was born on Friday 6 weeks premi with a cleft lip and palette , so I've been crocheting premi booties and bonetts because that's all I can do for him right now. So I am also going to be making a bunch of them for all the sick babies in the nicu . So thanks josie you always inspire me and lately the 11:11 has been appearing like magic lol xoxoxo

  33. Michel Dubois says:

    Such beautiful uplifting message , delivered by such enlightening energy being that produces waves of prosperity trough me and trough others I an shure ! Like a gracefull human butterfly ! Hey Josie , where do you hide your wings ? LOL I love your pure heart too ! Thanks for enlightening my heartly life , your eternal friend , Mitch

  34. MegaE5150 says:

    Oh how cute Josie! Can I use this technique and wish for a hug and kiss from you? And then see it manifest into reality? Hahahaha! OX!

  35. xxuncexx says:

    But it was just my imagination (once again) runnin' away with me!

  36. Everine Larose says:

    Thank u Josie

  37. tiaara josph says:

    thx Josie u r wonderful u getting more closer to oneness

  38. Mary Chanu says:

    Please I need ur prayer for my financial problems

  39. It’s me Search4thelost says:

    Great video thank you so much Josie. 😗

  40. IdolEyes84 says:

    Thank you Josie 🙂 I love being creative and imaginative. I think as we get older people want you to be in a routine and to grow up and just make money by working hard. So much joy is taken out of life doing mundane things and not letting your creation take over. I need to make time to be creative. I love singing and had a good imagination when I was little. I want to go back to the fun things. I think that's what makes you happy.

  41. abdool ahmad says:

    thanks you

  42. Kim w.w. says:

    You are beautiful inside and out Thank you! This video helped me manifest and it feels so good.

  43. Angel Burt says:

    ♡ YOU to the MOON and back JOSIE~ thank you for being a positive experience in my life ~1♡ Angel

  44. Nirali Thakkar says:

    Ur words are always inspiring Josie..thank yoy

  45. jocelyn malingin says:

    thank u for the positive vibration love love love 3

  46. desert fox says:

    Thank you, Josie.
    I agree 100%! A really inspiring video!

  47. little miss77 miss hutch77 says:

    Hello xxx gawjus

  48. M P says:

    I swear I can see your aura through my phone ! 💖

  49. Sophia Kopasakis says:

    I have a question. Is listening to music a great way to manifest?

  50. Nitin Sharma says:

    Mam, give some suggestion to identify negative energy and how protect .

  51. Kevin Wealth says:

    I like this!

  52. carrot water flow xd says:

    ^-^ ♥

  53. Olivia Nuuyoma says:

    Hey Josie…..can you do a video on superpowers? Please.

  54. orphic says:

    What do you do with black magick

  55. Palladium Hunter says:

    Thank you for sharing your videos Josie.

  56. bestdogsparky says:

    Thank you so much for this video, so inspiring and just what I need! I love your work, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with all of us.

  57. ShanaJahsintaWalters says:

    Is your hair naturally that color. I really like it. You rock it so well.

  58. Sheryl Taylor says:

    Thanks Josie for another inspiring video 😇💜

  59. laura b says:

    I have an indigo room by coincidence. And a lot of chances left. But a lot of failures despite all my degrees. So im lacking drive.

  60. quemino says:


  61. satnamo says:

    I have the power of God to consciously imagine the life of my dream.

    What I seek is seeking me.

  62. Crystal BBeautyxo says:

    Thank you sweet Josie!

  63. Thomas Baird says:

    Thank You Josie a great video.:)

  64. julie harries says:

    I saw my guardian angel last night it was wonderful x

  65. Cathybroadcast20028 says:

    Amazing thanks Josie 🙏🏾😊

  66. Georgia Browm says:

    Thank you Josie kiss kiss

  67. PlayTrbo says:

    I told universe to send me a person to give me some spiritual guidance that i needed. a week after your channel randomy popped up

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