⚔️⚔️Laws of Success: The New Secret They Didn’t Tell You ? Being Rich Doesn’t Mean Having Money

⚔️⚔️Laws of Success: The New Secret They Didn’t Tell You ? Being Rich Doesn’t Mean Having Money

Hey listen up I got one secret for you. I’m looking for some hunters. Hello and welcome back it’s Kevin Rabeling. This message is all about something that is
going to blow the lid off the things that you already know about ‘the Secret film’, and the
law of attraction, about wishful thinking. This is the secret to making all of that come together. If this is the first time you have listened
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for you and this will help you build on your success in your beliefs. Okay so let’s talk a bit about this one. This is important. I want you to listen carefully. The movie the Secret came out a few years ago. The
video was a smash hit. All of the experts got on there and talked
about the secret message. What you think about comes about. What you believe and the law of attraction. All that was a very, very, great news;
great stuff, great inspirational stuff for many people. Are you rich? Did it change your life? Are you’re living in the lap of luxury now
after watching that video? I mean there’re thousands or millions of people
have watched that video or bought the book. Did it all come true? Are you happy? Well let me tell you why you’re not happy. Why you didn’t get everything you wanted. Because it doesn’t tell you everything. The whole thing, the secret behind this is
that you need to be putting the right action in place and the right action is all about
the quest. It’s not a place, success is not a place. It’s a hunt. It is a hunt. You need to find the seed. You need to hunt. You know successful people, wealthy people
when they’ve got a million dollars in the bank or ten million or whatever in the bank,
do they stop and sit on the beach? Most of them don’t. Why is that? Why don’t they stop? Why don’t they stop once they build a church? Why don’t they stop when they’ve got the field
going that they want? What is it? What is it? Why is it that these people reached this point
and they said this is it I’m successful, but they keep going? It’s the hunt. Inside of you is the need to hunt. Inside all of us is a very ancient need to
hunt for something else. To hunt and hunt and hunt. It is primal. It’s right back when we were related to the
things climbing in trees and sneaking on the ground. We need a quest. We need a challenge. We need something to go for. We need to go hunting and we need to do it
every day. If you don’t set a goal and take action that
scares you, that makes you push through your limits, then you are going to slowly erode
and erode and erode and you are gonna be disappointed. And it’s gonna go and make room for some hunter
that can do it. This is serious. Right? This is really the secret behind it all. You can wishfully think all you like, but all
that is going to do is create you pain if you don’t hunt it. If you don’t really emotionally connect and
hunt down what you need. You’ve got to listen to me on this. This is really important. We are designed to have this seed of discomfort. This is what gets us going and moving us forward. If we’re not working on a new hunt, a new
quest, a new emotional goal that is so big and so scary and so challenging slowly inside
we start to burn up. The energies are being used up somewhere. We start to get sickness. We start to feel disease. We start to feel is quiet. We start to feel anxious. After a while we don’t feel like, oh I don’t
want to go out of the house anymore. Oh someone sent me an email that said, ‘ah’. And you start to feel lack of confidence,
lack of spirit, lack of movement because you’re not on the hunt. You need to be hunting. You need to set a goal, a quest a mission. You need to be chasing something. You know recently I achieved a high emotional
goal for myself. I achieved that goal. It was difficult impossible when I set it. Very, very hard goal for me to achieve. I didn’t think I could achieve it. Honestly, I didn’t believe that I could do
it but I told myself I could do it. And in the end I did achieve it. I achieved exactly what I asked for. Straight away afterwards, for weeks I felt
really sad and depressed. Why should I feel depressed? I had achieved what
I wanted. I realized at that time that I had stopped
hunting. That’s why I felt sick, sad, depressed. I wasn’t hunting for something else. I’d been sitting there. Okay, I had a little rest and had a week or
so for rest but I should have got straight back into the next
biggest goal. Now I have a big goal, another big searching
goal. And I’m on the game and I’m moving forward
and I’m feeling good. I’m energized. I’m up at 4 o’clock. I’m doing what I need to do. I’m exercising every day I walk 15 kilometres
a day. I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m flat out hard at it because I’m on a quest. You see, what I’m talking about? This is really, really, really serious. You gotta have a quest. Successful people never stop, ever, ever,
ever stop. As soon as they do they get sick and die,
because it is not about a place, it’s not about a bucket of money. Success is about the hunt. it’s
about that. It’s really important. That’s why religious scholars and
people like this and scientists keep working. They keep going. After they’ve reached retirement age they
don’t stop. Why? Because it’s the hunt that’s keeping them
alive. It gets them out of bed. The Dalai Lama gets up at 3:00 a.m. What time do you get up? What’s your hunt? What’s your quest? This is really serious, alright? This is life and death. Your life and death. Take it seriously. Hey, listen up. I got one secret for you. I’m looking for some hunters. If you are ready for the hunt, feeling stuck,
looking for something to do to drive you forward, I would love to talk to you about being a
top hunter. And I would love to be hunting with you. I’m only looking for a few good hunters, if
you want to be part of our tribe, if you’re interested in in me helping you achieve your
goal getting your hunting spirits back, absolutely come and join us. But do it quickly
because I’m only taking a few people. Click on the link below to come to our website. And I’ll see you on the pack.

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