मुंबईचा सुवर्ण गणपती – Mumbaicha Suvarna Ganpati | Wealthiest Ganpati Pandal | GSB Seva Mandal

मुंबईचा सुवर्ण गणपती  – Mumbaicha Suvarna Ganpati | Wealthiest Ganpati Pandal | GSB Seva Mandal

‘Ganesh Utsav’ is the favourite
festival of the Mumbaikars. The whole of Maharashtra celebrates it with.. ..all enthusiasm but, Mumbai tops it all. This festival starts, at the beginning
of the Bhadrapada month, And whole of Maharashtra is surrounded
by a spiritual atmosphere. But the passion of Mumbaikars is unmatchable. “Ganpati Bappa Morya” People welcome Lord Ganesha in their homes. But in Mumbai, people are more
excited and keen towards.. ..communal Lord Ganesha worships taking place. “Ganpati Bappa Morya” Of all the public body or communal
Ganpatis, in Mumbai.. ..one of the well known is, GSB Seva Mandal. This idol which is taken care by the
Gaud Saraswat Brahmins community, ..is also known as the wealthiest idol in Mumbai. The speciality of this community is, the offering they get in the form of money
or ornaments from the devotees.. ..is used to make ornaments for the idol. The other components of this idol,
like its crown, the sheshnag, the throne.. ..and the lion idols besides the throne. The hand of Lord Ganesha and
the modak is all made of gold. The other speciality of this place is
the food that served to devotees. The devotees who come here to worship.. ..are offered ‘Maha Prasad’ thrice a day. Irrespective of their status, Or keeping in mind
their caste, creed or religion All Devotees are treated equally
and are never denied the prasad. Oblation are given to Lord Ganesha thrice a day, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lunch or the ‘Maha Prasad’
is made for more than.. ..20 thousand people and is
served on a banana leaf. This important feature of this ‘Maha Prasad’ is, before distributing it there is
an Aarti that takes place. And then the oblation is put forth to the Lord. The oblation, is put in the ‘Holy fire’. And there after the ‘Maha Prasad’
is served to the people. Another speciality of the GSB community is, The ceremonies that takes place here. One of it is the ‘Tulabharam’. ‘Tulabharam’ means offering
grains or commodities.. ..equivalent to ones weight to the temple. This ceremony which is practised in most of.. ..the temples in southern parts of India,
is only seen in here. The customs here, are different
from the ones in Maharashtra, and we see the south
Indian culture celebrated here. Every devotee here has tears of joy. This Lord Ganesha who is
celebrated with full enthusiasm, is then immersed in the water after 5 days. Even though, there are thousands of
people present during the immersion.. ..there is a lot of peace and calm. All of this takes place in a very
decent and delightful manner. Where on one hand, Ganesh Utsav is, an equation of excitement, drums
playing and loud sound.. ..the GBS Ganpati puts forth another
example of worship and celebration.


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