Story what youre hooking

story what youre hooking

All good stories need a hook — or an interesting angle early in the story — that draws the reader in. In journalism your hook is what makes the story relevant.
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What does she want? Keep the momentum of your story going by focusing on action, rather than explanation. He needs to search for his father, hide from the monster, or discover the treasure.
story what youre hooking

It sounds like it based on what I know of hooks. IT HAPPENS IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER by Ellen Jackson. If you think of the premise as a promise, then the first chapter is where that promise will initially be either kept or broken. This is the unique aspect of your story premise. I got the vibe that she wanted me but I didn't do anything because it would have pissed him off. Create and sustain the interest of "story what youre hooking" readers. How would you write about a fire that happens in a village? This review explains megafuckbook well organized scam the first chapter is arguably one of the most difficult chapters to write in the entire book. You want to sustain that interest for the duration of your story, story what youre hooking. The good news is both of these scenarios are quite common. Indicate the story problem. Katie, This is so timely for me.