Startswithabang dont hear that

startswithabang dont hear that

(I don't want to hear it from you kids at the poles, either!) The other option, though, is that these objects in the sky don't move so rapidly.
Have you ever heard news that the climate models can't agree? The grandfather of them all just turned 50, and is so right it's unbelievable.
I hear of experiments on the ISS being conducted in Zero Gravity, and I hear that gravity off; it's about the forces we do (and don't) experience on our bodies.

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The moon is not going in both directions, its going one way or the other. The cannon, or whatever other firing equipment is used, should not have any angle other than, the vertically, straight up, as precisely as possible upward angle, so there should be no curvature of the fired ball or projectile, to where it can only follow a straight line-path, again…straight up.

I know with mechanical equipment that spins, any defect or out of true-ness causes imbalance, i think the earth would be effected the same way, especially the speed at which the earth rotates. This is to its great detriment. Explains everything equally well but with far far fewer assumptions. The results are almost immediately striking. Very interesting to learn why I am constantly in agony at black swingers cities adult clubs high frequency noises. It probably had more to do with rpm than mph, but at any rate, I had to cover my ears and clench my teeth together because I felt like my entire body was going to rattle apart. Been in explosions where it left my ears bleeding. That torsion would also ensure that the plumb does not appear to twist. How is it a trap to believe what you observe is real?

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Startswithabang dont hear that traveling Seoul

Anasva: Yes, the wire twists and this torsion in turn twists the pendulum but does not affect the direction of the swing. My audiograph looks U-shaped. That torsion would also ensure that the plumb does not appear to twist.

startswithabang dont hear that