Opinion blogs naughty pharma blog

opinion blogs naughty pharma blog

Here you will find blog posts about the profession and on issues that affect practice. Naughty pharma? Pharmaceutical Journal Blogs.
Naughty or nice, pharma always wants more. .. one good "Key Opinion leader" (KOL) as equal to pharma sales reps: . Also, in July, my blogger colleague Rich Myer -- a "big fan of Merck" -- wrote a blog post.
Read the rest of the story on Christopher's blog. . I was eager to begin the protocol I decided to take the prescription to a retail pharmacy....

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The drug industry, however, also plays a big role in this "validation" process AFTER trial results are published. This further underlines the need to ensure your website is optimized for mobile. We swim in the same streams, and generally speaking the similarities outweigh the differences. This triggered active participation and a whole sled of valuable suggestions of candidates.

opinion blogs naughty pharma blog

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  • The pharmaceutical industry "would benefit from studying and judiciously adopting some of the more innovative ways that other industries interact and build band affinity through their community models," says ComBlu, a firm which builds online and offline communities. For the most part, I think he's right.
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Subscribe to the Newsfeed. Express Scripts just published its "Inaugural Drug Trend Quarterly," which provides the "first comprehensive overview of U. However, politics have made it difficult for me to move away from the bench despite my talent for innovative research ideas. I was unable to locate an ID specialist in my area who was a participating insurance provider, plus normal human procrastination set in. So, I think these two points resulted in people, including myself, feeling that you were pushing your award onto us without enabling us to truly participate? Which of these things are going to change back, and how?