Ebay doesnt want sell used adult clothes

ebay doesnt want sell used adult clothes

Four years ago she started selling old clothes on eBay . Thanks to her People just don't want some things, like your old t- shirts. There was.
eBay Mom Makes $3K Monthly Profit Selling Thrifted Clothing Jaimey wanted a way to contribute to her household income while While clothing is her focus, she doesn't limit herself to one type of Also, her old daughter has been fetching labels from the printer ever since she could walk.
It is when you are selling gently used clothing that you need to be meticulous in your Whether you are selling baby, children's or adult clothing, incorporating....

Ebay doesnt want sell used adult clothes tour

Steal the money from the Seller. For the most part yes, everything is ok now.

ebay doesnt want sell used adult clothes

Janice Marie Garner says:. Worst-case scenario: None of the aforementioned options worked for you. Ebay and Paypal suggested I invoice the buyer for the extra shipping, so I did. No problem send the item. A potential buyer emailed me to notify me that I had put the wrong picture on the auction page. If you refuse to refund, ebay just has PayPal take the money they have been holding after you spend your money on shipping and gives is back i they want to. They should have stuck to a nationalized border business model. Basic Appropriate for most guides ex: How to Buy a Mattress.

FLIPOLOGY - 10 (Lesser Known) Women's Clothing Brands to sell on eBay Poshmark and Etsy /Vintage

Ebay doesnt want sell used adult clothes going

There are many great groups of helpful people on facebook. Sleeve: Start on the underside of the sleeve in the armpit and measure to the endpoint of the garment. Ending up with a disappointed customer is not what you want. The user interface should maintain familiarity AT ALL TIMES and be VERY, VERY, VERY customizable, not barely customizable. And BTW, small businesses can sell clothing in their webstore, without requiring approval... Poshmark has the worst customer service and their technology is so bad. The following items, as long as there's no inappropriate content in the listing or any indication that the item was worn as underwear:. Most helpful reply first.