Component content dating format

component content dating format

REST content formats for components and elements Date and Time component or element. XML: content type="application/"> date.
This topic shows how to include a date and time's millisecond component in ToString(String) or ToString method, and pass the fff or FFF custom format pattern.
Describes the character set used to encode the component content (for example, Date component was last changed, in UTC format: YYYY-MM-DD...

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The corresponding description files as interpreted as. How to: Convert Numeric User Input in Web Controls to Numbers. The example also illustrates this approach.


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The content you requested has been removed. Date component was last changed, in UTC format: YYYY-MM-DD. Identifies a component within a document. The date stamp has options for display set manually or dynamically in the Date From field. For example, the server may have cached the following generated markup:. You'll need to use a polyfill to get this feature today. The parameter can overwrite the default set on the content server.