Camping without hookups

camping without hookups

Could you please clarify to me what exactly means ''hookups''? Tent and RV camping (without hookups) is available at the park service'year.
The majority of our camping will be without any hookups. We dont run A/C or a microwave or electronics. Mostly just some night-time indoor.
THANK YOU for all the tips; we are going on our first ever RV road trip and I find your website insanely useful. Q. I am looking at free campgrounds but....

Camping without hookups flying

A camper arriving in an RV can "hook it up" to the water and power provided. That was with heavy use.

Camping without hookups -- traveling easy

Instead, campers in RV's would rely on the batteries and stored water in the vehicle.. The RV Forum Community. Be well and happy trails. List of Items Needed for a Camping Trip in a Travel Trailer. What Should I Take? What do I need to hike Half Dome?

camping without hookups